Cosmic Break Item Use Guide

Cosmic Break Item Use Guide by FullThrottle

I figure I’ll put this up since no one seems to have put this up. Follow at your own risk, but pay attention if you want to do well with items.

Fire Pillar – the bane of most players on CB. Pillars are one of the most important items next to blowers/hurricanes you can get out of trees and cacti. Best use for Pillars are behind enemy lines when they’re healing. Throw a pillar their way and no way the healer will be able to react fast enough. Throw the piller and run for your life away from them. Lead them toward your allies and they will fall faster than flies.

Tornado/Blower/Hurricane – one of the 2 best items in the game for obvious reasons. You can push Large arts off ledges, you can push opponents off corners in night highway, you can push damaged enemies toward your allies. The possibilities are endless. Experiment with this for yourself. I’m sure you can find useful ways of using tornadoes. Wink

Repair bit +100 – Most important item you can farm. These things may only heal you 100 HP, but that 100 may save your life. Use when you’re at half to low health; Also they fully heal frog landers under 200 hp.

: This is a rather tricky item to discuss cause it has it’s uses and devaluable uses. Hyper is good for those with guns that have over 1000 ammo, but I don’t recommend using them on an art with missiles/rockets. Hyper is good with almost any gun. Again, experiment at your own risk.

Summon Hipporoid – Great item for causing a bit of chaos near your opponents power spot. Also a good distraction if you’re being chased down. Hippos are best summoned 2 to 3 at a time. If you’re lucky enough to get 4 hippos in a row, unleash them all at your opponents power spot and let them handle the hippo harassment while you camp and snipe people.

Wonder Drugs – best thing a medic can pick up. Stock these if you’re a supporter with a Repair bit. As for arts, lands and airs. I don’t recommend using them. You can but again, experimentation on anything but a support is recommended.

Part Restore – I recommend everyone carry at least 1 of these on them at all times. Especially if you’re planning on heading into the front lines. I’ve had my jikun’s arms chopped off countless times and had no part restore handy.

I think that’s about it. If I missed any items, help me put their ideal uses down.

Edit: Thanks to Mitch.exe for reminding me about the barrier.

Field Barrier – By far one of the most valuble items in the game next to heals. Barriers, if used correctly can let you camp inside caves while your opposition can throw their crap at the barrier and you can plan your next move. It’s also great for covering healers near your PS if the enemy is pushing toward your base. Very good item to experiment with.

Thanks to Hyoka for this

Also note that Beam Rifles pass through the Barrier, and the real name of the barrier item is called “Field Barrier


and FreedomFighter for this

Shell Supply – Fully restore your ammunition to current weapons that you’re choosing.
that mean it can fully load 2 wep, Main and Sub.
so switch to wep that you want to rearm before use it.

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