ARGO Online Titles Guide

ARGO Online Titles Guide by Neoserial

Ok here I’m going to explain how to really “GET” a Title.
Everyone saw that title can give you some little extra bonus and some adventure point.
Well actually most of you dont realise that you can get really powerful title which will give you really good extra bonus.
For example right now my druid have the “muscular” title which gave me +1000HP +100 MP +15 INT +10 Mental which is the best title for my class. Yes I didnt write any mistake its really +1000 HP and not just +100.

1. First lets check how to choose wich title you need for your classes
For that just push “J” and you get the adventure panel, well here click on “Title” at the bottom (circled red on the screenshot) .After that push many time on NEXT until you get on the title “Dauntless”.

Why this one ? Well actually its just an example but lets choose this one and like you can see this one will give you +1000HP and some other bonus. But you dont have it yet, cus obviously there is some requirement to get this beautiful and interesting title.
Those requirement are framed in Green

2. Requirements
It’s written Panthera, Canis Group 1000
EDIT: For NOBLIAN its something else but its the same technic
What that’s means ? well Panthera that doesnt tell you much but “Canis” that’s obviously remind you something
Yeah those wolf at the first beginning, you renember your first quest ?
You add to kill like 3 or 5 of those Wolf
Panthera, Canis Group 1000
Means that you need to kill 1000 monster of the Canis Group

3. Hunt
How did I knew that it was those wolf I needed ?
Because when you push “J” and choose HUNT (cricled red)


And there you can see that I killed 11 of them by killing wolfs so you understand that when this number will reach 1000 you will get the TITLE.

4. Doing it faster … Well obviously killing 1000 same mobs can be boring so
My technic is to put the “Normal Attack ” skill in the 1 case, Take a powerful gun and push “TAB” “1” again and again.
This will take around 10 minutes for a level 30 dude to reach 1000 doing it that way.

Well for those who dont know where to get back this skill just Push “K” and “ACTION”
You also have the Kill count framed orange like everyone know.
Ok now you know everything you need to know about Title.
ARGO is a really interesting game, those title make the game bigger lots of guys are asking where is the direction of the game
Well here you get your answer, Try to get the most powerful title of the world ^^
nb: now all people I owned in pvp understand why I could be able to kill them even if I were lower level than them.
Think about that, think about pvp ^^
Maybe I make some mistake dont hesitate to correct me, I m going to translate this into my language French
See you in game

EDIT : well guys there are LOTS of title you dont need to choose this one in particular, choose the one you want, follow the step and good luck


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