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ARGO: Channel Guide

There are things in the world that happen without us noticing, and those that we either understand or not. So it is with the ARGO channel system.

Yesterday, we had a super start to ARGO with thousands of players… we’re sure that one or the other of you was wondering where they all were!

The answer is simple. They were all in another channel. ARGO sets up a security system so that all players plug into a different channel when they log on. This helps eliminate overcrowding and the chance that you have to wait forever to kill a particular monster, when there are 50 other players who need to do the same thing.

You’ve surely arranged to meet a friend under the old oak tree around the curve by now, but you may not have realized that the reason you could not see him was that he was simply in another channel.

But don’t worry. You can change the channel you are in, and it works like this:

1. Click on the nice little “M” button in your interface:

2. Click on “Move Channel”

3. This window will show what channel you are currently in. In the list below, you may also easily change what channel you wish to play in…just click and go!

It’s not so hard once you figure it out!

Have fun switching channels^^

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