ARGO Online Pets Guide

ARGO Online Pets Guide by EpsilonTheDark

Hello everyone, this is Dark. I recently have had problems using my pets, but I believe I have figured it out. If anyone has any other bits of information on pets and how to use them just leave a comment below and ill edit it in :D .

First off, summoning your pet. After you equip your pet(and give it an amazing name :D ) and it goes into your personal party you can summon it by right clicking the icon or dragging it to your skill bar and summoning it as you would normally use a skill.

Next, skills for your pet. You can buy skills from the pet merchant and can use them according to your pets level(yes your pet has it’s own level and goes up according to how much fighting it does). Once your summon your pet and right click the skill book you can find the skill in your pets skill window. Where is that pet window you may ask. It is located inside the expanded form of your personal party. You select your pet and then click skills. Now, how to use your pets skills. You can drag your pets skills, just like your mounts, onto your skill bar and use it from there. However this can be a bit annoying to do because your pets buffs lasts for a very short amount of time. (By the way I think they should just make the pet buffs like 5 minutes long since their cool downs are shorter than their duration anyway, and it is just a hassle to continuously re-activating them.) This brings us to our next topic.

Auto Skills
Ok, so you have gotten your pets skills, but you hate constantly having to activate them even more then you do your own buffs and skills. Well, maybe you should consider using the amazing AI feature :D . On your pets skill window there is 3 sets of bars with open skills slots that have percentages. You can drag your pet’s skills there to make your pet automatically use those skills :D . However, I unfortunately do not understand exactly the difference between the Idle and When Attacked bars, and the last bar seems unusable. If a GM or someone could help me out here with what those mean EXACTLY and what the percentages do I will edit it in.

Pet Commands
If you open your skill window and open the action page you can find commands for your pet. However, I recommend not using these commands as they seem to not work like they should or we just don’t have a through enough understanding of them to use them. They seem to not always work, so they may be bugged or glitching. If anyone has any info please comment below.

Thank You for reading this, If you have anything you wish for me to add and anything that could help please comment below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    your pets lvl goes up automaticly when your killing mobs but your pets lvl will not go up if its the same lvl as u example if your lvl 20 your pets lvl wont go pass lvl 20

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do you lvl a pet? by killing mobs?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks This Post Game In Handy!

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