4Story Online Defence Warrior Guide

4Story Online Defence Warrior Guide by BiGG OnE
Hi there I’m BiGG, you might have seen me around in the game, I will attempt to contribute my guide to this forum section.
Defence Warrior
The defence warrior is what most refer to as the “Tank” in the game we are the ones that take damage, the meatshields if you like. We carry a 1-H sword and a shield, that’s the defence warriors trade mark. either one of the 3 classes (werebeast, fairy and Human) can perform well as a warrior that much has been proven already. It would seem logical to choose a werebeast due to its basic strenght and hp stats, and I did, but if you like another race don’t let anyone stop you.
Pro’s and Con’s
Skill Build
– Basic
– Attack skills
– Defence skills
– Stance
About skills in general
Your equipment
– Weapon level
– weapon properties
Your armor
– My STR set
– My Vit/HP set
Pro’s and Con’s
As any class in this game (well most of them) we have our Pro’s and Con’s
Pro’s, you can take damage like no other class, you will have no problem doing repeat quests solo at any time, given you have the right equipments. You should not die by mobs unless ganged upon by Magic damage dealers. You are the mobber of the party, become good at it. this becomes especially true at higher lvl mobs as at lower/middle lvl any class can mob really.
Con’s, You can take a lot of damage but you deal less then any other class out there. that makes a warrior hardest to lvl of all (my personal opinion), if you solo that is. If ever offered a party with someone having an AOE skill TAKE IT! because thats what we don’t have..an aoe worth mentioning.
Same as any other class, you follow repeat quests and do the story quests. the story quests are usually the welcome break from repeat quests. The first 10-15 levels may be a bit hard to get through but after that you will be able to hold your own. Remember again you have no aoe so parties are always welcome. As soon as a new repeat comes around the corner start doing that one. At higher levels mobs are rarly paired in more then 2 and that much you can handle. Go for the magic damage dealers first then the melee if you have that choice.
Skill Build
First page is the basic skills, these are all there form the start except for:
Heavy armor Skill (obtained by finishing a lvl 13 quest)
Two Handed sword Skill (obtained by finishing a lvl 4 quest) (Thx RoyMustang for the tip)
Attack Skills
As a Defence warrior you only focus on the left skill tree, the right side is for Beserkers
 Forcefull Spirit
Its a good damage attack skill, must have skill in my opinion, max as you go.
Vengeful Blow
Another attack skill though not my favorite, it can only be used if the target dodged an attack, thats makes it use unreliable and unpredictable. It’s damage is said to be good though and I may consider adding this at a later time.
For now I added one as it is a requirement for teh floowing skills
A defence warriors best friend, stun skills, disable either your opponent in PvE or PvP.
it’s a must have skill, max as you go.
Sword Energy of Binding
It slows down you opponent a lot. Useless for PvE but very usefull for PvP. you cant stun lock ranged opponents all the time, the cool down of your 2 stun skills (excluding throwing axe) is too long, this helps you bridge that gap and stay and make sure your opponent wont run away. You are Melee so you need to keep them close to you.
Start putting points in this if you consider PvP, if not it can wait till you do.
Defence skills
Funny they call this defence actually as it has quite some offensive skills in here
Get selected skill from both the right and left side of this skill tree.
Roar of ironwall
it is a buff increasing your physical and magic defence, it’s a must have skill/buff.
max it as you go.
Noble responsibility
It’s like a roar skill pulling mobs agro to you. May not seem as usefull early on but will get usefull at higher levels. mobs will increasingly hurt and it will become harder and harder for other classes to keep equipment good enough to survive mobbing. We do become usefull as tankers at a certain point.
perhaps not necessary at first but I say do get it at higher lvl (lvl 50 plus for sure).
Will of Recovery
It removes bad effects, I use it to get blind effects away and Sword energy of Binding.
Not maxed yet but im certain I will. (and I have)
Precise Attack
See what I mean by not belonging in an defense skill page? They probably meant to differentiate between defence and beserk warriors.
This is a must have skill, it works in combination with result of training, max as you go
Open wounds
I’m not very charmed by this skill its initial damage is low and at early levels it only adds little more over time. Beside that it has a cast time, although it says to be 0.29 seconds it seems much longer. I may look into it more when I can get it at a decent lvl.
For now I save my skill points for others. If you do like it…by all means use it
Result of Training
I love this one, it can be used if precise attack was a succesfull strike (I really rarely miss this one) and costs no MP. It gives decent damage as well
Must have skill, max as you go
It decreases your opponents physical attack power, though only a little really. for now i’m not considering it but it may have potential in the end game, meaning at max lvl.
I only put it at 1 as it is a requirement for the following skills.
Block skills
Stops the opponent from using skills on you for a duration of time. Usefull for both PvP and for bosses you need to fight with nasty skills. Not usefull for grinding reps.
If you consider PvP max it out. I use it in combination with Sword of Energy Binding for the times that my stun skills are on cooldown.
Destroy Weapon
Cancels weapon effects, takes away its attack power but also the influence of its other stats I believe. Never used it for mobs, I see an increasing use for it with PvP. The influence of CS (cashShop) is getting apparant and high upped weapons increases the need for this skill.
Again, if you intend to PvP you may max it as you go.
Wild Dance of Bloody Wind
Well well, its called an aoe but doesn’t come close to any others class’s aoe it gives % splash damage and hits one time. I maxed it to see if it became usefull after last warrior patch. I’m sad to say I dont think its worth. I may get rid of the skill points in it.
Sweep Hell
Our aoe stun skill, extremely usefull in both PvE and PvP
A must have skill, max as you go. Beside stunning it deals damage as well
Our goodies and the buffs that sets us appart from beserkers.
Ignore the point I put in beserkers stance, it was from a time I tested some things (don’t get it back by reducing it to 0).
Battle Stance
Don’t even recall if I really had to put that point in there.
But if you have to it’s a no brainer, DO IT. It unlocks the goodies coming after that.
Warriors Intuition
It shows invisible opponents and sins in “hiding”. For TW and PvP a must have skill
It got better after last patch since you don’t need to reactivate it anymore unless you die.
For mobs you don’t need this one.
Defence Stance
Increases your physical defence by 120% and magical defence by 135%, do you need to know more? A must have stance!
Warriors Pledge
Increases the block rate of your shield, Must have buff!
Max as you go.
Warriors Will
Increases your hp by X%, again a must have skill for a defence warrior. The longer you live the more damage you can take the better your use as tank.
Max as you go.
About skills in general
There are certain requirements for skills, they could be either one of those:
– sufficient character lvl
– Enough Luna (and they do get expensive)
– enough group points (everytime you take a skill on a certain page its group points automatically increase)
– level requirment of previous skill (you usually need to have previous skills at least at lvl 1 to get the following one)
Resetting of skills
Made a mistake by adding a skill or increasing it and need the skill points?
No worries there are oblivion pots which allow you to reduce/reset skill points used in a skill
You can get oblivion potions from identifying tears that drop from mobs.
There are 4 types of oblivion pots:
– Small oblivion potion (Very low grade) lvl 20
– Small oblivion potion (Low grade) lvl 40
– Small oblivion potion (Medium grade) lvl 60
– Small oblivion potion (High grade) lvl 80
Your Equipment
Our main parts of equipements consists of the following
– 1-Handed Sword / Bow or CrossBow
– Shield
– Armor
– Accesories
Weapon level
Since we deal little damage already its worth to invest in as good as possible sword.
If you have access to cashshop it will be easy to get a higher lvl of at least +13 to +16
If you do not have access to cashshop you can still get up to +7 to +10 with normal scrolls, be prepared to spend some Rune though. For budget fighters go for a sword with good blue damage
Weapon properties
Often forgotten is the importance of weapon properties. there are 3 properties which are available and usefull for a sword. these are:
– Attack rating (decreases the chance to miss)
– Physical Critical Hit Rate (increases your critical hit chance)
– Physical attack speed (increases your hit rate)
My Sword
If your weapon does not have Blue properties (yellow if you got all 3 of them) you can try to transfer them onto yours by refining it with weapons that do have the desired properties
The chance that you will be succesfull is low though. Again, also here, if you have access to the cashshop there are ways to increase your chances. Also you can get the catalysts (item with properties to transfer) from the casshop. You need to indentify them though and the outcome is random.
Don’t forget a good bow. With good I mean good properties. The properties of your bow are adding to your stats even if you are fighting with a sword. All it takes is to equip it in the Bow slot. Since Bows can have “Attack Rating” and “Physical Critical Hit Rate” this is very usefull for a warrior. You can equip either a bow or crossbow. Main differences is that a bow is faster but a crossbow gives more damage. Go for best stats.
The purpose of our shields and its effects are a bit controversial. It appears that for the moment . However this is how it works and i have tested it myself with help from Feran and mrkite.
Blockrate only works on Physical attacks at the moment, it doesnt block magic attacks.
When your block rate kicks in (it will show block with damage) it reduces the damage by the physical defense of the shield. The shields physical defence is deducted form the total physical damage and that will be the damage received.
It does not however work on Magic attacks, blockrate nor shields defence.
What IS important as well are the blue stats.
I believe a warriors shield to be able to have 2 Blue properties available:
– Defence Rating
– Block Rate
My shield
Having a high blockrate works well with high physical defence of the shield. If I block a physical attack the inflicted damage will automaticaly be 109 less.
Your Armor
There is only one choice for warriors if you want the better stats, Heavy Armor all the way. If you want to look different perhaps go for light armor but it will have lesser stats.
Not every pice has the same contribution to your defence stats, chest and pants give most, followed by helmet and you get the least from gloves and boots.
So our pieces of armor are:
– Chest Armor
– Pants
– Helmet
– Gloves
– Boots
You are a warrior and with “Defence Stance” you already have a very good defence however never be satisfied with how much you got. The more the better.
Increase the level as much as you can, again go for chest and pants first, then Helmet and lastly Gloves and boots. for non cashshoppers aim for +7 to +9, Do so for lvl 34 equips as you will be wearing those for quite a while. earlier lvl armors you may consider not spending that much and keep lower +
Also for armor options are possible as can be seen below on the chest armor which you can get from the dungeon.
I’m using full 58 dungeon set untill I have the craft set ready.
You can equip 5 pieces of accesories
– 2 rings
– 1 Necklace
– 2 Earrings
For a warrior only the following stats are usefull in my opinion:
– Strenght (increases you attack power)
– Vitality (increase HP and HP recovery rate)
– Dex (increases chance your opponent misses on you)
– HP (increases your HP)
Ideally you look for Str/Vit/Hp or Dex/Vit/Hp (if it excists)
I have 1 STR set for PvE, and 1 Vit/HP set for TW, a Dex set may be helpfull when duelling an archer. i dont have a dex set complete yet so im working on testing this.
My STR set:
(I use 2 identical rings and earrings which are from dungeon drops)
It gives me following stats:
My Vit/HP set:
This gives me following stats:
With “Full of HP” pots + priest buff + Warriors Will (buff) I can get almost 5100HP
How do you fight your opponent as a defence warrior?
We basically have a chance against all other classes out there, though Archers seem to be our nemises. You don’t do much damage so it will take you a while to tear you opponent appart. You can take a lot of damage but Magic attacks DO hurt. Your best chance is to disable you opponent and deal your damage inbetween you disable skills.
I typically will go for following sequence of skills:
If your opponent still lives start at  again. (You will at this ppoint need to use a MP pot) IF all you skills stick (didn’t miss) there is a chance they never touch you at all.
If you do miss you skipp the inbetween attack skills and go for your next diasable skill hoping you don’t get disabled yourself in the mean time.
If you Duel the basic understanding is that you DO NOT use pots of ANY kind. If you are fighting in TW of course use pots all you can. The best timing is if your hp is slightly more down then your pot can restore. In that case the cooldown time of the HP maybe back to 0 in time for a second use.
Other usefull pots are the ones you make from leaves that drop from mobs that increas physical and magical defence for a period of time. Full of HP from tears is also very usefull as it may take 1 to a few more hits to kill you, or better yet the lifesaving difference in HP.
If you do get disabled there is not much you can do as a warrior except pray you last long enough to get out of it. However if it is blinded you can use  Will of recovery to escape from it. Often during TW you will find yourself having more then 1 disable skills on you but at least you can see what is going on again.
The only class i think we have real trouble with is archers, they have just to much going for them. Archers can take away the one thing you need to count on and that is your defence in teh form of buffs. Then by blinding and fear they disable you from a distance. If you do get close to them there is a (high) chance that relflect kicks in and you’l be stunning and killing yourself. If your axe throw misses with a 30 sec cooldown your basically done.
Is there nothing you can do? Yes you can, get good attack rating on your weapons so it reduces the chance you will miss.
I would say any other class you at least have a 50% chance if not more.
Fighting mobs is much more straight forward and actually doesn’t require too much technique. I use no more then 6 skills at the most if I solo and 7 if in a party.
+++++ and in party +
To get mobs to come to you, like if you don’t want to agro too many, use your range
You can either use bow or crossbow, just make sure to equip the correct arrows.
Possible end game skills:
Again its personal preference, but I view these as options at later lvl’s, not just yet
 Vengefull Blow
 Open Wounds
The effects of these may become quite considerable if you can max them out.
I hope this guide will or has been helpfull to some, feel free to drop me a PM or whisp ingame if you would like to know more or have questions
I will make it an effort to keep this guide updated even after the event is over.
We still don’t know everything in this game as there are plenty of levels left to go.
Also if there are special requests of topics you would like to see covered in this guide post them here and ill see what i can do.
Enjoy the game, I know I do Smile

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