4Story Online Mission Battles Guide

4Story Online Mission Battles Guide by black phoenix
This is a guide for the mission battles where you have to kill bosses, which are:
Level 10 mission
Level 15 mission
Level 26 mission
Level 31 mission
and others, past 41 mission.
How To enter the mission area
Killing the Boss
Corps Map
How to enter mission area
To enter the mission area you need a suspicious document.
When you reach level 10 you recieve a level 10 suspicious document in the mail, part of the  llevel 10 reward. Other ways of getting the suspicious documents are: trading with people, or looting from mobs.
To enter the mission area, go to the stratergy officer(Sunny for craxion, Noel for Defugel in your HQ , (Headquarters of Blo Brunak magic knight guild for craxion, Magnaksia military district for DeFugels.)
He will give you a quest to talk to the npc in the mission area. Use the the portal next to the stratergy officer, click on the relevant mission area, and when you are in the mission area talk to the NPC who the stratergy officer told you to talk to, and they will give you a quest,  (in the level of documents listed above, it will be to fight a boss).
It is good to try and kill the boss in a party. The ideal party would probably be:
A preist: to buff and heal members of the party
A warrior: To take the damage from the boss, and stun it.
A wizard: To inflict a lot of damage on the boss.
If the party consisted of the classes above, first of all the priest should buff the other members of the party, then the warrior should run up to the boss, and stun it. The wizard and priest should then cast AOE’S around teh boss, to destroy any guards the boss might have. If the warriors stun wears off and the next stun misses, then the wizard should fear, or freeze the boss. All the while the priest should be healing the other mebers of the party. The wizard would also be casting damage spells againt the boss.

There are many more stratergies for killing the bosses, so it may be a good idea to look at any other mission battle guides.


There are more things to be done in mission areas.


The corps map is essential to have in a mission area. It is only usable if you are in a party, so its good to be in a party, even if the other party member is miles away.
The corps map is a map which is basicaly a radar, it shows if creatures are near, or more importantly, members of the other nation. On the corps map, mobs show up in pink, members of the other nation in red.
Mission areas are pvp areas, so its useful to know if a member of the other nation is near, so you can run away if your not so strong, or position yourself to fight if you are stronger.
Mission areas are great for grinding, the mobs give more xp then anywhere else.
Grinding is a good way to level up, it is quick (if you’re grinding in the right spot), and often mission document mobs give good loot.
Grinding is easiest if you are a class with a good AOE, like Priest, Wizard, or Archer. Other classes have AOE’s, but these classes have the ones best for grinding.
There is often a lot of PvP in mission areas. Mainly it is 1 on 1, or 2 on 1/2. The best 1 on 1 PvP classes are: Wizard, Assasin, Warrior, archer
For group PvP, the best classes are: Wizards, Priest, archer.
There are many PvP tactics, for different classes, so look at other guides to PvP as well as this one would be a good idea.
The good PvP properties of each class are:
Wizard: can fear, and freeze, and slow opponents. They also do a lot of damage
Priest: Can heal and Buff party members, and can also stun and blind people as well.
Archer: Can blind, and can also debuff, as well as doing a lot of damage.
Warrior: Can stunlock, also they have good defense.
Assasin: Can hide invisibly, then stun and do damage.
Summoner:The summoned pet can distract while the player damages.
PvP: Player versus Player
Corps:The radar map
Boss: A particularily strong monster, often part of a quest.
Mob:A monster
Loot: The items gathered from mobs.
Grinding:Repeatedly killing mobs, mainly for xp.
I hope you have found this useful, thanks for reading.

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