Vindictus Evie Guide

Vindictus Evie Guide by Cliona


Evie is described as the Mage of Vindictus, but the things Evie can do go further than a simple Mage. She is a Magic and Alchemy user, and is capable of using a Staff or a Scythe. The staff being able to perform powerful spells such as Firebolt, and the Scythe being used to perform combos with a deadly special smash attack, which is used after a normal smash attack. Not only that, Evie can use Alchemy to create a Golem with the surrounding rubble to fight along side her or convert nearby debris into Erg crystals to replenish her Health on rare occasions. Evie also has a unique and very powerful defensive mechanism, completely negating an attack. Evie can also be described as a Witch, and in my opinion that is a better description than a Mage. After all, Evie does have many tricks up her sleeve, and if you want to know all of them, keep reading. Either way, if you are looking to play to devastate enemies with Magic or just want to have a cute and sexy Witch to play as, Evie is a class like no other in any game.
Things to Know

There are a couple of things about Evie that you need to know to your advantage, here I am going to let you know a couple.

While having Staves equipped, normal attacks and smash attacks cost no Stamina. Yup that’s right, Evie looses no stamina using any melee attack, so don’t be afraid to go all out after using a powerful spell like Firebolt, that is if anything is left alive after it. In addition, she also does not waste any Stamina while jumping, [Space Bar], so don’t be afraid to exploit this and quickly jump out of danger.

The next part is her unique defense capabilities, her Mana Shields. She has 5 Mana Shields and every time she is hit, a set number of her Mana Shields is removed depending on the force of the attack. An example; getting hit by a normal mob monster would take only one Mana Shield, while getting hit by a boss monster such as the White Polar Bear would remove a couple, possibly the whole 5. But, if you happen to have a small amount of shields, like one or two, and the force of attack is too powerful, the shields will break and deal damage to you like normal! Luckily, the Mana Shields do recharge at a relatively good amount of time, around 30 to 40 seconds for each Mana Shield, with about 5 seconds in between when multiple Shields are destroyed at the same time. To my experience, you can take a hit or two from a White Polar Bear before actually any damage is done to you. At which point, you can run around and dodge until your mana shield are recharged! Honestly, this is a great gift bestowed on Evie.

Evie is also given an extra equipment slot at an early level. This is great as you will always have at least 2-3 runes to use spells or alchemy during battle, and leaving you just enough space for the basic needs like campfire, potions, or armor repair kits.

Evie has a very low Weight capacity, a poor little 70, so sadly, the only thing she will be wearing is Cloth Armor and maybe a piece of Light Armor at an early level. I would recommend to sticking with Cloth Armor until you attain Weight Mastery at which point you can look forward to wearing Light Armor, and possibly pieces of Heavy Armor. So don’t listen to those people that tell you can’t wear Light/Heavy Armor, because with levels and enough AP, you will be able too to rank the skills needed to wear them.

The Basic Stats

There are two stats which greatly contribute to the role of Evie, first is Intelligence which gives additional damage to Magic attacks, along with being able to pick up heavier objects. Second is Agility, which increases your chances of activating a Critical Hit with Magic Spells. Both of these Stats should be top priority when you decide to rank your Mastery Skills. For your equipment, you want to wear Equipment that gives your the most Intelligence and Agility. I don’t know how much I need to emphasize on these two Stats, these Stats are top priority, and you want to increase them as much as you can!

Those above is true for both Staff and Scythe wielding Evie, as they both have attacks which are governed by Magic, and are very big damage dealers. As a Staff Evie, you will be focusing on those two Stats, and you want to acquire anything that gives you more Int and Agility.

As a Scythe wielding Evie, you will be focusing on both those Stats in addition to Strength and Will. In which case you will want to get Rank A of every Stat Mastery skill, and you will want to wear Equipment that will give you all 4 Stat bonuses, or at least 3 of them at the minimum.

The Staff and Scythe

The Staff allows for Magic Spells, which include; Magic Arrow, Firebolt, Icebolt, and a few others. The Staff is even a worthy weapon to be used in close combat and usually has higher melee damage then its actual magic damage, although no where good compared to the high attacks of Swords and Hammers, and Scythes.

The Battle Scythe allows for Special Attacks, after a Smash Attacks which are; Drain, Spirit Bind, Death Label, and Bloody Thread. In addition, while wielding Battle Scythe, Evie can use the Blink Skill, which is similar to Lann’s Slip Dash Skill. The Blink skills works like a teleporting skill and allows you to move through monsters, so after you finish your strings of attacks, you can warp behind your enemy to completely evade all attacks.

If you prefer being a pure Mage, wielding a Staff is the way to go, as the Firebolt Spell is very powerful, and you can use the Spells from far away, as opposed to Scythe wielding Evie where everything is close and dangerous. So all in all, wielding a Staff favors high damaging Magic Spells from long range, while wielding a Scythe favors close combat and brutal finishes.

The Skills of Evie

In order to create neatness and organization, I have listed the Skills that are unique to Evie in order, under Combat, Training, Restoration, Equipment, and SP Skills.

In addition, I’ll tell you some generic info on what to rank when you make your Evie. First when you make your Evie, you begin with 3 basic skills, Magic Arrow, Firebolt, and Stamina Recovery. These three skills are basic and get used to using them often. At bosses, use Firebolt once it is down, then use Stamina Recovery right after, then put in an additional Firebolt. This is a basic technique you will use often against Bosses.

When you begin, you should get as far in levels as you can be completing as many quests as possible, always make sure to talk to everyone with a “!” or “?” above their house. When you start out, you should rank Stamina Recovery to Rank D, as it is a prerequisite to attaining Magic Mastery. After that, save your AP until you get more skills. You can rank Staff Mastery to rank E, or D if you think you might be staying Staff Wielding Evie and using Magic, then you should start to put all you AP into Intelligence Mastery. In addition, if you are going to be a Staff wielding Evie and use Magic, it’s a good idea to rank Magic Arrow as much as you can. If you know you are going to be a Scythe Evie, you want to save as much AP as you can and put your Skills like the above said, and try not to rank any bolt spells. Anyway, feel free to read some more specific guides on Evie to know what to rank, enjoy the rest!

Combat Skills

Alchemy: Mana Pistol

Using Alchemy, Evie is capable of creating a Turret which shoots a “Mana Bullet” at the closest enemy, the turret has a max number of shots able to fire at an enemy, Rank F able to fire two shots at a time, and Rank A capable of firing 4 shots at a time. The level of the turret increases as you rank up the skill, dealing more damage with every rank. The skill isn’t a top priority to rank, and I can only see it being used in two different scenarios. One, where mobs spawn a lot, where it would be able to fire at lots of targets, or boss battles, but even then, I doubt the Boss will be in range of the turret, because it will most likely move a lot. In my opinion, the usefulness of this skill is low, and I would not rank it anytime soon.

Alchemy: Mercury Binder

Unlike Mana Pistol, this skill is actually somewhat useful, especially against a large number of mobs. It creates a perfect opening for you and your party by nullifying the enemies movement. With such a skill like this, you can instantly stop an enemy from doing anything to you, and have more then enough time to cast Firebolt to finish them off or continue to deal more damage without the worry of being hit! Very neat skill, but only rank it if you feel it’s useful to you.

Alchemy: Summon Golem

Using Alchemy to Summon a Golem out of almost anything can be fun and dangerous to the enemy. If you are going to rank any Alchemy Skills, this has to be the first one you rank, as there is no better help than a 20 foot giant of rubble crashing down on your opponents. Creating a Golem requires lots of objects in the vicinity to make, but once it is made it is essentially like having an extra party member with you. There are tweaks though, some of the damage that is taken to the Golem also damages you directly, (bypasses the Mana Shields).If you are incapacitated, the Golem will also die.

Alchemy: Summon Fire Golem

Essentially the same thing as said above except the only difference is that the Fire Golem has more health, but also deals less damage. In my opinion, not worth ranking as you want the Golem to deal as much damage to the enemy before the Duration of it ends. Also, if it has more Health, that means it will deal more damage to you directly in the end. You can rank if you want more variety to your Golem, but other then that, the normal Golem should work just fine.

Magic Arrow

Staff Only Skill. Uses 1 Item Slot. This your basic Magic Spell. You can spam this as much as you want at a relatively decent Stamina Cost, and it does a good amount of damage and even more with every Rank. Hitting Rank A with a 24% Damage bonus at a total cost of of 1010 AP is definitely worth it, as you will increase your damage by practically a whole quarter. This is a basic skill to rank as Evie, and it will most likely be your most used skill if you are Staff Evie.

Eagle Talon

Staff Only Skills. A skill that can be charged while running! Simply awesome! Although the damage isn’t that great compared to Magic Arrow, its knock back percentile is great. You should definitely rank this skill after you rank a Magic Bolt Spell and Magic Mastery. This skill will be very useful against Bossess like Kobolds, and even more useful when you fight against tougher mobs, being able to knock them away and cast Firebolt to quickly finish them off. Like I said before, useful skill and always used while running.


Staff Only Skill. Most powerful Spell in Evie’s arsenal, this skill should be maxed out after Magic Mastery as the damage will be even more devastating than normal. It has a large area of effect(AoE) to deal damage so it’s best used when lots of mobs are around. It takes a bit to load and has a sort of long cool-down to be able to use it again, I advise ranking Recovery after ranking Firebolt as you will be able to use Recovery to take off the cool-down timer for Firebolt and allowing you to use it again.


Staff Only Skill. An interesting skill, and really useful against a long line of mobs, no really! If a line of mobs are running at you, use it! This skill can pass through enemies and continue to do damage, and has the longest range of all other Spells, and with every rank you acquire, your damage, knock back, and most of all radius, will all increase. Not typically used, and probably should be one of the last Spells you rank, if at all. Ranking doesn’t cost much, but, Magic Arrow is more spammable then Icebolt and how often do mobs get in a nice line for you? The most I can see Icebolt hitting is 2 mobs, 3 at the max if you are lucky.

Magic Mastery

Requires Rank D Stamina Recovery as a perquisite. A skill you really want to rank up after a basic bolt spell, or as soon as you get it! The skill is very costly, but completely worth it for every AP. It maximizes your Magic attacks by 500 Damage at Rank A, and reduces your stamina cost for bolt Spells by a very small amount. Although the damage increase is great, the AP cost is also very high, 1430 AP to get to Rank A.

Golem Mastery

If you achieved the highest rank of Alchemy: Summon Golem, and have ranked up other skills to improve your Magic Damage, go ahead of and rank Golem Mastery. Golem Mastery is a great skill, at a relatively average AP cost per rank. Although it only applies to a certain skill, it bonuses are completely worth it! Every rank increases its duration, movement speed, attack speed and finally, with every rank of Golem Mastery, it reduces the amount of damage your Golem takes! Like I said before, if you ranked Alchemy: Summon Golem, rank this skill right after!

Magic Critical

Magical Critical is as important as Magic Mastery, get rank E immediately when you get this skill, so you can have the basic 10% bonuses to getting a critical hit with Magic, and 10% extra damage on a critical. This skill should be ranked after you rank a couple basic ones, like Magic Arrow, Firebolt, Magic Mastery, Recovery, Combat Respiration.

Battle Scythe: Drain

Battle Scythe Only Skill. Used after Demon Splitter (Normal + Smash Button), drains Health from one monster that was hit with Demon Splitter. Basic and very spammable if you need health, and completely beats transforming rumble into Erg Health Orbs if there are mobs around, although if you ranked Erg Transformation, you probably won’t really need to rank this at all. Decent skill, but the bonuses given for ranking it aren’t that great, but only cost 600 AP to get to Rank A, probably worth ranking after you have ranked a more powerful Scythe Skill like Bloody Thread.

Battle Scythe: Spirit Bind

Battle Scythe Only Skill. Used after Quake Hell (2x Normal + Smash Button), drains the “Spirit” of an enemy after they have been killed by Quake Hell, and transforms them into a small Spirit to fight alongside you for duration of 2 minutes. Every rank in this skill increases its Health and Attack by a small percent. Honestly not worth ranking as the Golem is more then a good friend to take down your enemies, but I guess it can be used every two minutes for some extra damage that it can do. Probably the last skill you will rank of the 5 Battle Scythe Skills.

Battle Scythe: Death Label

Battle Scythe Only Skill. Used after Soul Sucker (3x Normal + Smash Button), mark ups to two enemies at Rank F, 3 at Rank D, and 4 at Rank B, then with a snap of Evie’s fingers (Smash Button), marked enemies are dealt damage. Every rank in this skill increases damage, knock back chance, and also increases the range of being able to mark an enemy. Soul Sucker will be a move most likely used against small to large amount of mobs, so ranking Death Label to give additional damage is a good idea. Not only that, at the cost of 700 AP to get to Rank A, the bonuses that are given are very good.

Battle Scythe: Bloody Thread

Battle Scythe Only Skill. Used after Invisible Room (4x Norma + Smash Button), then binds and freezes up too 2 enemies at Rank F, 3 at Rank D,and 4 at Rank B. This skill is exactly like Death Label with the exception of looking a bit cooler, doing more damage and giving a higher knock back chance. Cost to get to Rank A costs 875 AP so it is a fair amount of AP, and your should probably rank this skill in conjunction with Death Label, and rank one higher then the other depending on which one you use more.

Battle Scythe: Blink

Battle Scythe Only Skill. Pretty much works exactly like Slip Dash for Lann, using Space to activate it and teleporting in the direction you choose too. This skill allows you to go through objects and monsters too, and is VERY useful, so it pretty much beats Slip Dash right there. In fact, out of all the skills you rank first for Battle Scythe, rank this skill first as you will be in close combat constantly, and you will need to use this to get away from mobs. In addition, this skill is ideal against bosses and as you can teleport behind them when they attack you, completely getting out of harms way and getting a perfect opening for an attack. This is skill is your life saver, hands down.

Training Skills

There aren’t any specific skills that Evie has under training, but like I said at the beginning of this guide, ranking Intelligence and Agility is top priority when you decide to rank any Mastery’s for stats, though this should be done until after you rank a couple good Combat Skills.

Restoration Skills

Alchemy: Erg Transformation

An Alchemy Skill which transforms nearby objects into Erg Health Orbs which can be used to recover Health, not really effective at low ranks, but if you want to spend just under 600 AP to get Rank A, you can replenish up to 990 HP with the Erg Orbs. To rank it or not is purely your decision, but it’s better to just use Health Potions instead of spending AP in a skill that can be otherwise used in a more productive skill.


Regenerates a targets HP by a certain amount depending on your rank in this Skill. Good idea to get this to Rank E right when you get it as Rank F heals 200 Health, while Rank E heals for 320 Health. Every rank past Rank E increase the amount of Health replenished by 40, at a relatively high AP cost compared to the 120 boost from Rank F to E for only 30 AP. I find that it is a very useful skill, as it gives party members more time to attack instead of stopping to heal. In addition, your party members will want you to use this skill a lot if you’re doing an oath that doesn’t let you use HP Potions. Even so, you shouldn’t rank this skill past Rank E until after you notice that you are not healing a significant amount to help your party members.

Recovery is a skill that removes your Firebolt cool-down timer and recovers your stamina. This skill is a must to rank if you are going to use the Staff instead of the Battle Scythe, and you want to cap it ASAP so you can use Firebolt as much as possible and increase your DPS. Need to be Rank D for prerequisite for Magic Mastery.


This skill allows you to revive a party member, useful if you are doing a mission with the oath and disallows you to use Phoenix Feathers. Every rank in this skill has a slightly lower cool-down timer then the previous rank and revives the player with higher percent of Health. It cost’s 990 AP to get to Rank 6, with a cool timer of 300 seconds, and reviving the party member 60% of their health. Not worth ranking as a Phoenix Feather does the same job of rank 7 without a cool down timer, not at least till later levels where dungeons become more intense and you need more then 3 Phoenix Feathers.


Equipment Skills

Staff Mastery

Every rank lowers the weight if the Staff and allows you to wield higher quality Staff’s. Not a very special skill, only rank up when needed, IE; when you acquire a Staff which is better then your current one but you need a higher rank in this skill to wield it.

Battle Scythe Mastery

Same as above, every rank lowers the weight if the Battle Scythe and allows you to wield higher quality Battle Scythe’s. Not a very special skill, only rank up when needed, IE; when you acquire a Battle Scythe which is better then your current one but you need a higher rank in this skill to wield it.

SP Skills

  SP: Regeneration

Uses 2 SP Bars. A skills which slowly regenerates the Stamina of the whole Party. In addition, it slowly regenerates the Party’s Health depending on the rank of this skill. I would not recommend ranking it, not useful, Healing can be ranked instead to heal Health. This is a much better choice as you can use it whenever you need too, and to regenerate Stamina is pretty easy, just stop attacking for a bit. (Due to translation issue’s, I’m not sure at all if it also regenerates Health, though I am sure it does)

SP: Blind Arrow

Uses 2 SP Bars. Staff Only. A powerful attack utilizing the Magic Arrow skill, but instead of shooting only one Magic Arrow, you shoot a large amount dealing a very great deal of damage to an enemy. Extra Damage and knock-back change is increased by the same amount per rank, and is relatively low, 15% at Rank for a total cost of 790 AP.

SP: Insane Reaper

Uses 2 SP Bars. Battle Scythe Only. A buff type skill to the whole party that lasts 60 seconds. It slowly regenerate Stamina per second depending on the rank of this Skill and also increases the attack speed of all Party members. Attack speed doesn’t increase until rank 9, and gets a 10% attack speed increase at Rank 6. Cost’s 2,690 AP to get to Rank 6, a lot of AP just to get 10% attack speed increase. Not sure about this skill, depends if you like it or not, but might be useful for tough mobs or a slow Boss.

SP: Gravity Inversion

Uses 4 SP Bars. A simple AoE skill, it deals a large amount of damage, and every rank increases damage by a certain percent. This skill levitates the enemies around Evie into the air then smashes them down to the ground to deal a large amount of damage. The skills deals good damage, but costs too many SP Bars, if you’re using Staff, I recommend Blind Arrow over this. If you’re using Scythe, this is your only SP Skill that will do damage.

The Equipment

First, we will go in bit in depth about Evie’s two different weapons, the Staff, and the Battle Scythe. First, both weapons increase normal Max Damage, and Max Magic Damage so you aren’t completely useless in combat. The boost in both area are also a very significant amount, and are practically equal to the Dual Sword, and Sword for Lann/Fiona.

First we shortly talk about Staff, a weapon of capable of conjuring unrivaled Damage in a single hit from its Spells and all doing it from a safe distance from the fomors. As the Staff allows you to use your bolt spells, getting a Staff that gives the most Max Magic Damage is a must! You always want to upgrade to a newer and more powerful weapon no matter what, unless you of course are like me who doesn’t mind losing a couple hundred attack for the sake of having a prettier weapon! :3 It has pretty average range of attack, and it does have the lowest Max Damage of all the weapons, but it is only off from the highest Max Damage from a weapon by a couple hundred, which really isn’t that much. (In KRMH, Lann’s most powerful weapon is a Lvl 66 Dual Spear, with +5,038 Attack, while the most powerful Staff gives +4,801 Attack and +4,417 Magic Attack and is Lvl 67). Wielding the staff will make your party members love you as you take off insane amount of Health from Boss monsters with Firebolt and quickly finish annoying mobs that have too much Health!

Level 8 Staff, [+1,310 Max Att. /+1,441 Max Magic Att.]

Now for the Battle Scythe, probably my favorite weapon in the game. It is a gigantic weapon of destruction and brutality, and has the largest range to deal damage in melee in the game currently. Not only that, it rivals Lann’s most powerful weapon, both the Scythe and Dual Spear give a whopping +5,038 Max Damage, but don’t forget that the Scythe also gives Max Magic Damage of +4,252 and has greater range then the Dual Spears! But of course, the Max Damage still loses to Fiona’s Lvl 66 Weapon that gives +5,233! Not to mention that it completely looks amazing, and is called the Holy Defender (here have a link!). But enough of that, the Battle Scythe also allows you to use special moves which beg to differ, can simply called ‘finishers’, and are used after a smash attack. Overall the Battle Scythe is a great weapon, and wielding it will diffidently earn your place in the party as being able to dish out the damage, not only that but giving the coolest finishes!

Level 28 Battle Scythe, [+2,005 Max Att. /+1,744 Max Magic Att.]

Now that we are done talking about the weapons of Evie, lets get to the rest of the equipment, or the ‘gear’ so to speak. The first rule is simple, never ever get in the red in the weight bar, and this is most important to Evie as her bolt spells drain Stamina fast, so you never want to be in the red and lower your Stamina Regeneration rate!

Evie preferably wears Cloth armor for two reasons, one being that she cannot have a lot of weight so wearing light armor or anything heavier is out of the question at lower levels, because most likely you won’t be ranking Strength Mastery, Weight Mastery, and which ever Armor Mastery. Secondly, cloth equipment gives the most Int which results into more Max Magic Damage, which I emphasized at the beginning of this guide. Int/Agility = Good for you! So get lots! And on a side note, Evie is sexy and cute, so she needs to wear cloth because most of them look hotter then the armors~

Of course, later on you might look to wear a full set of Light Armor or even pieces of Heavy Armor, which is perfectly acceptable if you want to get the very large boost of defense as your reach high levels. This will most probably happen because by then you would have maxed out all the basic skills for your Evie, and would seek ranking skills to support her more in different areas, such as Defense. So, once you start gaining big numbers in your levels, don’t be afraid to lose Intelligence for more Defense. It is perfectly possible to wear a full set of Light Armor with Evie, and even pieces of Heavy Armor if you rank the according skills, such as Heavy Armor Mastery, Weight Mastery, and Strength.

What to do Now

Alright, so now you have all this accumulated random knowledge about Evie and now decide if you’re gonna play as her or which type of Evie you’re going to play. Well, first off, you’re gonna be using a Staff till around level 24, because you won’t be able to be a Scythe Wielding Evie until you hit that particular level, because again, the lowest level for the Battle Scythe to be equipped is 24. With that said, if you are completely sure you want to be a Battle Scythe Evie, use that accumulated AP into Skills that will benefit her later on like Smash Mastery, Strength Mastery, Agility Mastery, Magic Mastery, Magic Critical, skills that will help you when you wield the Scythe, and rank the skills used while using the Battle Scythe.

I also feel like I made the Battle Scythe wielding Evie sound more awesome then Staff wielding Evie (IMO IT IS(cause its so badass) BUT I CANT SIDE SINCE ITS A GUIDE), but like I said before, a Staff wielding Evie will be able to dish out the most damage with her spells. And even some of the Staffs are actually really cool looking, and very unique. Even if you are undecided which way to go, you won’t be penalized what you rank, because you can also just switch your weapons, and use some long ranged spells if the party and dungeon call for it!

Alright, now I’m going to be more direct as the above was very wishy-washy. Evie is particularly different from the other two classes because she can play two different roles, as opposed to Lann and Fiona who only have one role. Because of this, Evie is able to be very versatile, at least from mission to mission, so don’t be upset if you think you wasted a bunch of AP ranking one skill or another, because at the very end it might be useful in a dungeon. Or, at the very least, if you are nearing end game, that is one skill less to rank ;P


Q: Which weapon do you start out with?
A: Staff, and the first Battle Scythe has requirement of level 24.

Q: How important is Strength if you are going to use Scythe?
A: You will want to rank it, but not ASAP, should be done after ranking Intelligence Mastery, Agility Mastery, Smash Mastery, Magic Mastery, and a couple other skills. So, it should be on your list of ‘Getting this skill to Cap’, but at the end of the list.

Q: What is an SP Skill?
A: We have an SP bar that charges up when you use normal skills. Then you use the charged SP to use specific skills which call for charged SP

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