Runes of Magic Pet Training Points Guide

Runes of Magic Pet Training Points Guide by a6point6

In this small guide ill explain the use of switch merging, since i get tired of explaining it ingame However keep in mind u need alot of Eggs!

As u know u get an extra breeding slot from the Hunter in the farm. If u failed
to get this, u need to get an golden egg from the egg gathering in farm, and
pay him to try and redo the training and get the ticket.

we will name them slot [1] [2] and [3]
ill write this like if u got ur main pet in [1]
and lets us say its a [FIRE] pet level [35].

The point is to get as many fire eggs from lvl [1] to [35]
u cant use any eggs that exceeds ur main pet level.

———— Lets start ————-
Start by sorting all the eggs in ur bag by level.
From 1 to max level.

Put 1st egg in slot [2]
Put 2nd egg in slot [3]
Merge [2] with [3]

As u see the [2] will now have 100 Training Points instead of 50

Put 3rd egg in slot [3]
Merge [3] with [2]

[3] will now have 150 Training Points

Put 4th egg in slot [2]
Merge [2] with [3]

[2] will now have 200 Training Points.

Keep doing this till u got the amount u want of training points,
to a max of 10.000 Training Points.
When u reached the amount u wanted. Find a good lvl 35 pet or
whatever ur main pet it. And merge it with the one with the Training Points.
Then merge ur main pet with the new one.. This way u will have used only
1 merge, gained the usual 1000xp, and gained alot of training.

As u can do this 3 times a day, max u can make is 3000xp / 30.000 training points which equals 6000 Talent Points if u got the eggs to buy the TP pots at hunter in farm. 500 Training + 2 Golden Eggs Equals 100 TP. or use 1000 Training + 3 Golden Eggs for +1 Aptitude. (Aptitude greatly increases the stat boost u get from pet)

Hint: start with as high a pet u can get [40] is max. then u can use more eggs in ur merges. And always start from the lowest lvl and end with the highest egg u got.

I hope this helps, and find urself some fixed Egg Partners.. so that if u collect something u dont use u can trade it with someone who can. And bare in mind
color doesnt matter. Use white, green, blue.. whatever u can get. It will help
u in the end.

Riveera -> Theblackparade

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