Runes of Magic Classes and Skills Guide

Runes of Magic Classes and Skills Guide by Saieno

Everyone has different tastes and gameplay styles, but some players might be confused about which combination of class to play. Because of this I started thinking about each combination, breaking them down and labeling each after a classic fantasy profession. Each combination is named by the elite skills they can learn and their effects. Majority of the descriptions were taken from various sources with some edits and additions done by me.

Quote Originally Posted by So how does dual classing work?
At level 10 you gain the ability to use a subclass. You can switch between the two classes you choose, making one your mainclass and the other your subclass or vice-versa. Your mainclass and subclass are two separate classes that need to be leveled up individually. Here are a few things to keep note of:

1. You have two classes, so the usual format to present this is (for example) Knight/Priest, or 10Knight/1Priest, or (if you prefer my titles) 10Disciple.

2. When you get your second class, it already comes equipped with starting equipment that you can switch to from your inventory. There is also an alternate leveling area you can teleport to with the skill called Reifort.

3. Both of your classes have their own level, equipment, experience, skills, and spells. So the experience and talent points you gain on one class can not be transferred to your other class.

4. Your currently selected mainclass level can not exceed that of your subclass. For example, if you have 10Knight and 1Priest with Priest/Knight currently selected, your displayed level will be 1Priest/1Knight. If you switch to Knight as your mainclass, 10Knight/1Priest will then be displayed.

5. Each class has a set of class-specific skills and general skills. When a class is selected as a subclass, you only have access to that classes general skills.

6. Elite skills are unique to each combination possibility. They give each combination a more compatible and defined purpose, rather than throwing together two classes that might not usually work well together.

Note: Click the class to see the skills available to it. For example, Druid/Warrior – Fury, if you click Druid or Warrior it will open the page that contains all of their skills. Please keep in mind that your secondary can only use the General skills of that particular class.Druid/Warrior – Fury
In addition to regenerative healing, the Fury can enhance the physical attributes and mystical might of their allies, making the attacks of their party members even more formidable.

Elite Skills
Natural Attack – Gathers the power of nature to launch an attack.
Glory Wand – Raises your attack speed, healing received, and creates a protective shield.
Cross of Thorns Attack – Launches a rapid double attack on the target.
Heart Piercing – Concentrates the power of nature in your body to launch multiple attacks on your target.
Awakening of the Wild – Increases your and your party members’ attack power.
Healing Wind – Restores HP to you and your party members within range.

Druid/Scout – Strider
While Striders excel in regenerative healing, they can also command the forces of nature against their foes, and scout dangers in the untamed wilds.

Elite Skills
Camellia Flower – Target recovers HP, can stack.
Life Guide – Causes you to recover more HP when you use Recover.
Healing Arrows – Restores HP to friendly targets in range.
Group Exorcism – Removes harmful effects from multiple friendly targets within range.
Warm Spring – Recovers MP to party members in range.
Mother Earth’s Blessing – Increases your healing power.

The Venomancer can strike enemies with a concentrated shot of poison or even spread a toxic gas throughout an entire area, severely weakening beast and human alike.

Elite Skills
Poisonous Widow Embrace – Summons the sinister plant, Poisonous Widow, to seize and attack your target.
Speed Catalysis – Temporarily raises the physical attack and casting speed of party members within range.
Corrosive Poison – Corrodes your target, inflicting dark damage over time.
Necrotic Wound – Reduces healing received by target.
Shadow Contract – Increases your maximum MP, your Dark elemental power, and also reduces healing power.
Magic Turmoil – Increases your magical critical hit rate.

Druid/Mage – Geomancer
The Geomancer can enhance the party’s attributes and provide magical protection in combat while inflicting elemental damage upon the enemy.

Elite Skills
Earth Chain – Inflicts Earth damage to targets within a radius.
Spring of Blessings – Causes party members within a range to recover HP.
Shield of Light – Bathes friendly targets within range in a shield of light that can absorb damage.
Inspiration – When your Fireball hits there is a chance that you will be Inspired, reducing the casting time of your next spell.
Spiritual Gush – Your MP cost for spells is reduced.
Quick Help – When the effect of Rock Protection ends your will additionally recover MP and HP.

Druid/Warden – Eldritch
To a eldritch, nature is a delicate balance of actions, in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies.

Elite Skills
Enhanced Briar Shield – Allows your Briar Shield to be used on other friendly targets.
Avalanche – Causes your Rockslide to cause additional Earth damage.
Extended Recovery – Prolongs the effect of your Recover spell.
Healing Ripple – Restores HP to friendly targets within range.
Mysterious Grace – Increases you and your party members’ magical damage.
Essence Extraction – Converts MP into Nature’s Power.


Knight/Priest – Paladin
Paladins bolster their allies with holy auras and blessing to protect their friends from harm and enhance their powers. Wearing heavy armor, they can withstand terrible blows in the thickest battles while healing their wounded allies.

Elite Skills
Holy Light’s Fury – Inflicts Light damage over time.
Holy Smite – You lash out with all your holy power, inflicting damage. (Target must be affected by Holy Light’s Fury)
Holy Protection – Targets aggro rate is reduced.
Free Will – Target is immune against Root and Slow effects.
Firm Courage – Increases the physical damage your Shield of Valor can block.
Shield of Valor – Injects the power of Light into a shield, resisting physical attacks. (Shield must be equipped.)
Concentration Practice – Increases the accuracy of your physical attacks.
Great Inspiration – Increases maximum HP and completely resists the next attack.
Resolution – Increases health and additionally resists the next attack against you.
Holy Illumination – Boosts the healing capacity of party members within a radius.

Knight/Mage – Hexblade

Hexblades are Knights who possess some arcane magic ability, which they may use while wearing heavy armor and cast without hinderance. They are a force to be reckoned with by their opponents, and seem unstoppable to those they protect.

Elite Skills
Holy Light Domain – Inflicts Light damage to all targets within range over time, and reduces target’s damage.
Lightning Shield –
Your Whirlwind Shield now Slows the target.
Whirlwind Shield –
Inflicts damage to all enemies within range, Slows them, and adds hate.
Lightning Armor –
Lightning flows over your armor causing Wind damage to anyone attacking you.
Mana Shield –
Each point of damage absorbed by the Mana Shield will cost 1 MP.
Enhanced Mana Return –
Enhances the effect of your Mana Return.
Mana Return –
Activates the Holy Seals on the target to regain mana. (Target needs to have 3 Holy Seals stacked.)
Hall of Order –
Increases your Holy Light Domain hatred, and extends the effect.
Holy Light Domain –
Causes targets within range Light damage, and decreases damage.
Wind of Protection –
Grants wind energy on your Lightning Armor so that you restore mana when you are attacked.
War Prayer –
Activates Light Seals on the target’s body., temporarily boosting your own parry rate. (Three Light Seals must be stacked upon the target’s body.)

Knight/Rogue – Blackguard

The blackguard epitomizes evil and is hated and feared by all. The blackguard has many options available to them, a few of which include attacking with stealth and honorless guile, or straightforward smiting of the forces of good that stand in their way.

Elite Skills
God’s Sword – Your Holy Strike’s chance to do critical damage is increased.
Smash –
Direct attack on your enemy causing damage after a critical hit.
Blind Stab Mastery –
Extends the Blind effect of your Blind Stab.
Crazy Blades –
Your chance to deal critical hits with physical attacks is increased.
Dance of Two Blades –
The whirling weapons inflict damage to multiple targets for two hits.
Leopard Instinct –
Increase dodge rate.
Panther’s Blessing –
Your dodge rate will increase temporarily.
Shield of Discipline –
Absorbs magical damage and deals Light damage to enemy. Can also increase dodge rate.
Shield of Valor –
Resists physical attacks and deals Light damage to enemy Can also increase dodge rate.
God’s Vengeance –
Chance to boost defense after successful Holy Strike.

Knight/Scout – Defender
As the name might imply, the Defender is a skilled combatant trained in the arts of defense. A line of Defenders is a far better defense than a wall of stones, and much more dangerous.

Elite Skills
Arrow of Vengeance – Fires an arrow that taunts your target.
Enhanced Holy Strike –
Increases the damage of your Holy Strike.
Holy Chains –
Roots your target with your holy powers. (Only on undead and demons)
Heavenly Arrow –
Taunts up to 10 enemies within range.
Weaken Weapon Strength –
Chance to lower the damage of targets physical attacks.
Sacred Resistance –
Causes ranged damage and has a chance to increase your dexterity.
Sacred Protection –
Increases your chance to shield block.
Disregard Danger –
Shares the damage of one attack on a party member.

Knight/Warrior – Champion (Easy Starter Class)
The most honorable of all combatants, strong in body and in character. Distinguished in battle or tourney, Champions are decorated knights, schooled in honor and pride, and governed by the codes of chivalry.

Elite Skills
Whirlwind Shield Mastery – Increases damage dealt by Whirlwind Shield.
Whirlwind Shield –
Inflicts damagte to all enemies in range and adds additional aggro.
Two-Handed Axe Training –
You can now equip two-handed axes with damage increased.
Deadly Whirlwind –
The rage cost and cooldown is reduced. Target recieves Deadly Wounds.
Quick Reflexes –
Raises your parry rate.
Fearless –
Increases your courage, a short immune against fear.
Master of Parry – Increases your parry rate.
Shield of Discipline –
Absorbs magical damage. Also deals Light damage to the target.
Shield of Valor –
Resists physical attacks.
Authoritative Deterrence –
Forces a target to face and attack you, and decreases their next two hits.

Mage/Druid – Prophet
The spirit of nature is at a Prophets disposal. The trees seem to come to life at their commands, the wind carries their words to lands far away, and nature itself strikes all who defy their will.

Elite Skills
Perception – Temporarily increases your mana limit and magic attack.
Magic Target – Temporarily increases your magic accuracy.
Control Flame – When your Eruption effect is triggered, magic attack increases.
Green Guardian – After Mother Earth’s Protection effect ends, restores HP over time.
Magma Blade – Forms the power of earth and fire into a blade dealing Fire damage and Earth damage.
Boiling Rock – The critical hit rate for your Magma Blade’s Fire damage is increased and its Earth damage can recover MP.

Mage/Knight – Scholar
The Scholar fulfills a militant support role by providing elemental and holy offensive attacks to enemies. The Scholar is able to use many arcane powers, while also striking opponents with divine power.

Elite Skills
Holy Light Strike – Inflicts Light damage on the target.
Stars of Light –
You shoot five flares and each one explodes dealing Light damage.
Enhanced Holy Light Strike –
Holy Light Strike now has a 30% chance to Stun the target.
Messenger of Light –
All damage caused by your Light based spells is increased.
Light Charge –
Inflicts Light damage and Slows your target.
Concentrated Attention –
Causes your Messenger of Light to increase your magic accuracy.
Messenger of Light –
Light spells deal more damage and your magic accuracy increases.
Holy Light Strike –
Inflicts Light damage with a chance to stun and decease light resistance.
Light Charge –
Inflicts Light Damage and Slows the target with chance to reduce light Resistance.
Energy Recovery –
Increases critical magic damage and Holy Light Strike will recover mana.
Energy Influx –
Chance for magic to critical hit, deal more damage, and reduce Light Resistance.
Holy Light Strike –
Inflicts Light Damage and Stuns the target with chance to reduce light Resistance.

Mage/Priest – Wizard (Easy Starter Class)
To Wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, Wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The Wizard’s strength is his spells. Everything else is secondary.

Elite Skills
Essence of Magic – Raises magical attack.
Purify –
Can dispel curses from your target.
Outburst –
Flame and Fireball now have a higher chance to deal additional damage.
Rising Tide Mastery –
Your Rising Tide is now an instant cast with lower cooldown.
Shine of the Holy Aura –
Used with a Holy Aura, you recover more HP but all mana costs rise.
Grand Dispel –
Purify also dispels harmful effects.
Purify –
Can dispel curses and harmful effects from your target.
Disable –
A Flame/Plasma Arrow hit has the chance to decrease the target’s magical critical resistance.
Flame –
Deals Fire Damage, and has a chance to decrease the target’s magical critical resistance.
Plasma Arrow –
Causes Wind damage and sets charged state. Can reduce targets magical critical resistance.
Magic Drain –
Steals the target’s attack power, lowering the target’s magical and physical attack while increasing your own.

Mage/Rogue – Warlock
Unlike Sorcerers and Wizards, who approach arcane magic through the medium of spells, a Warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of will.

Elite Skills
Cursed Fangs – Curses your projectiles and deals Dark damage, with additional damage.
Kiss of the Vampire –
Inflicts Dark damage on your opponent and restores your HP.
Demoralize –
Your target cannot attack for 6 seconds.
Fang Ritual –
Raises the damage dealt by Dark magic.
Distract –
Conjures a phantasm to fool the target, so it doesn’t notice you.
Shadow Shroud –
Causes your Demoralize to additionally lower the target’s magic defense.
Demoralize –
Causes your target’s magic defense strength to drop and stuns them.
Shadow Protection –
Increases your casting speed, with a chance to increase movement speed when hit.
Kiss of the Vampire –
Inflicts Dark damage on your opponent, restores your HP, and has a chance to increase your damage.

Mage/Scout – Sorcerer
Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards do and acquire powerful spells more slowly than wizards, however they do have more time to learn fighting skills, and they are proficient in some weapons.

Elite Skills
Thunderclap – A magic arrow binds the target to their location.
Fire Arrow –
Chance to critical damage with magic attacks is increased and deal fire damage.
Fire Rose –
Plants a rose seed inside the target that causes Fire damage.
Fire Rose Explosion –
Instantly ignites all Fire Roses planted in target, causing Fire damage.
Flame Spirit –
Turns your flame energy into concrete substance to support your attacks.
Flame of Fire –
Causes Fire damage.
Power of the Wind –
Increases magic accuracy and adds Wind damage to your Shot.
Fire Rose Storm –
May cause extra magical damage when you successfully launch a Fire Rose.
Magic Crossflow –
Raises the casting speed for the character and their pet.

Mage/Warden – Earthshaker

These mages are feared for the ability to summon massive quakes at their mere whim. So tremendous is their power that their magic leaks out of the earth violently with every spell.

Elite Skills
Earth Surge – Causes massive damage to target, but the chance of hitting the target is pretty low.
Absence – Causes target to become absent minded, reducing magical accuracy.
Flame Follower – The flame follower understands the flow of flame energy, reducing your Fireball cooldown and increasing your Fireball critical rate.
Earth Groaning Wind Blade – Inflicts wind damage and earth damage on the target.
Earth Scepter – Your magical Earth damage is increased.
Feedback – A successful hit of your Earth Groaning Wind Blade can recover MP.

Mage/Warrior – Battlemage
Battlemages are able to resolve most conflicts with either spell or axe. They are a deadly mix of magic and melee. Battlemages are wizard-warriors, trained in both lethal spellcasting and melee combat.

Elite Skills
Magical Talent – Temporary increase the maximum MP.
Magical Enlightenment –
Lets you regenerate MP.
Elemental Explosion –
Your chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks is increased.
Rage Mana –
Convert your rage into MP.
Activate Mana –
Transforms your mana rage.
Magic Boost –
Berserk raises magic attack and physical attack and lowers physical and magic defense.
Enhanced Intensification –
Increases magic damage and critical damage.
Flame –
Deals Fire damage, with a chance to increase casting speed.
Plasma Arrow –
Causes Wind damage, increases magical crit chance, and a chance to increase casting speed.

Priest/Knight – Disciple
The Disciple is a militant healer, who utilizes holy magic to heal allies. They are extremely talented healers, thanks to their connection with the gods. They prefer to stand at the back of a fight and perform divine attacks, bolster the party, and heal allies.

Elite Skills

Enhanced Grace of Life – Your Grace of Life also increases the maximum MP.
Grace of Life –
You and your party members’ maximum HP and MP are increased.
Life Link –
Your Urgent Heal now also heals you.
Last Prayer –
Your next spell’s casting time is reduced.
Divine Incarnation –
Heals effects are increased, but MP cost and magic attack are decreased.
Calm Heart –
Friendly target resists Fear.
Sacrificial Cure –
Sacrifice your own life energy to restore a party member’s HP.
Holy Power –
Temporarily increases your wisdom.
Conceal –
A total defense technique used by fairies.
Devotion Halo –
Raises the wisdom of party members within a radius.
Light Fairy –
Summons a light fairy to assist you.
Recall –
Call back your fairy.

Priest/Mage – Cleric (Easy Starter Class)
Clerics are versatile casters, both capable in divine magic and skilled in the use of elemental magic. They are powerful due to the large number of both curative and destructive magics available to them.

Elite Skills
Freeze – Freezes your target in place.
Remove Curse – Removes curse from target.
Angel’s Blessing – Restores additional mana to you and your party.
Angel’s Carol – Regenerates mana to you and your party.
Lightning Rod – If Bone Chill is on the target, striking it with Lightning will also cause an Electric Shock.
Enlightenment – When you use Heal, there is a chance to temporarily increase your Wisdom.
Icewind Blade – Water and wind energies combine to form a sharpened blade that inflicts damage.
Wind Fairy – Summons a wind fairy to assist you.

Priest/Rogue – Defiler
The Defiler best serves as a first line of defense for the party, being able to heal wounds and remove ailments that afflict allies. In addition, the Defiler can weaken and harm enemies with corrupted magical attacks.

Elite Skills
Snake Curse – Causes dark damage to your target.
Infectious Wound – Attacks targets wounds causing dark damage and lowers effectiveness of heals received by target.
Quick Spellcasting – Increases spell casting speed.
Purge– Removes all beneficial effects from target.
Lure of the Snake Woman – Lures the target into a poisoned dreamland dealing Dark damage.
Shadow Fury – Increases the whole party’s magic crit rate.
Snake Spirit – Replenishes your mana when the effect of your Snake Curse wears off.
Shadow Fairy – Summons a shadow fairy to assist you.

Priest/Scout – Shaman
The Shamans world is filled with powerful living spirits. By bargaining with these spirits, the shaman gains power over the natural world and mighty divine magic with which to aid their comrades or smite their enemies.

Elite Skills
Embrace of the Water Spirit – Raises you and your party’s magic attack.
Throat Stab – Increases the range of Throat Attack.
Enhanced Wave Armor – Wave armor now also increases defense.
Tide Control – Rising Tide causes additional ranged weapons damage.
Curing Shot – Heals friendly targets within reach immediately and over time.
Ice Blade – Turns magic into a knife blade to attack the target, dealing water damage.
Saint’s Blessing – When you cast a Heal on a friendly target with low HP, it is enhanced.
Water Fairy – Summons a water fairy to assist you.

Priest/Warrior – Monk
Those who desire to engage in graceful melee combat will find the Monk profession to be an exciting path. The Monk is best served on the front-lines where their advanced stances are most effective against their foe.

Elite Skills
Battle Monk Stance – Physical attack is raised, defense is raised, and healing effectiveness is reduced.
Explosion of Fighting Spirit – Mana is converted into fighting spirit to charge the target and inflict damage.
Fighting Spirit Combination – Releases two successive bursts of fighting spirit.
Ascending Dragon Strike – By transforming rage into the dragon form, you inflict damage.
Power Build-Up – Your next physical attack does double damage.
Vindictive Strike – Inflicts lots of damage and stuns the target.
Condensed Rage – Instantly gain rage and enter Condensed Rage state where each attack recovers HP.
Fire Fairy – Summons a fire fairy to assist you.

While most Rogues best their opponents through stealth and careful training, Invokers find power to come with far greater ease through the wrath of the forest.

Elite Skills
Hysteric Vengeance – If you are hit by physical attacks, you have a chance to increase your critical physical attack rate.
Poison Antibodies – Makes it so you cannot be affected by poison after you successfully use Antidote.
Poison Shroud – Inflicts poison damage on most targets within range.
Killin’ Time – Increases the critical physical hit rate of your next four attacks.
Crippling Poison – You learn a new poison that can reduce targets magical defense.
Slaughter Blessing – Instantly restores HP and increases attack power/magical power to you and your party members.

Rogue/Knight – Rogue
Rogues are versatile, adaptable, and skilled at getting what others don’t want them to get. While not equal to a fighter in combat, a rogue knows how to hit where it hurts, and a sneak attack can dish out a lot of damage.

Elite Skills
Armor Breaker – Increases Disarmament’s damage.
Poison Protection – When activated, will prevent any poison effect.
Lion’s Protection – Increases your physical attack.
Holy Light Protection – Reduce magical damage received and prevents root or slow effects.
Courageous Guard – Protects party members in a range from Fear.
Power of the Lion – With Lion’s Protection, you can turn it into Power of the Lion to instantly raise your HP.
Searing Light – Causes your normal attacks to deal additional Light damage.
Reckless Warrior – Whenever you use Low Blow or Blind Spot, there is a chance that it will boost your physical attack.

Rogue/Mage – Nightblade
Spell and shadow are their friends. By darkness they move with haste, casting magic to benefit their circumstances. Nightblades are spellcasters who use their magics to enhance mobility, concealment, and stealthy close combat.

Elite Skills
Poison Trap – Creates a magical poisonous trap that poisons anyone who enters it.
Booby Trap – A burning magical trap that deals explosive damage to anyone that enters it.
Paralyzing Trap – A trap that paralyzes anyone that enters it.
Magic Breaker – Removes a beneficial effect from target.
Poison Flame – Cause poison damage and lowers spell casting speed.
Enhanced Paralysis – All targets affected by your Paralyzing Trap stay Paralyzed even when attacked.
Create Opportunity – Increases the damage of the next physical attacks and stuns your target.
Protective Aura – When your HP is low, physical and magical damage taken will be decreased, as well as your physical attack strength.

Rogue/Priest – Duelist
The duelist is a nimble, intelligent class trained in making precise attacks with light weapons, such as daggers. They always take full advantage of their quick reflexes and wits in a fight. Rather than wearing bulky armor, a duelist feels the best way to protect himself is not to get hit at all.

Elite Skills
Quickness Aura – Raises the dodge rate of you and your party.
Wound Tear – Your Wound Attack critical rate is increased.
Shadow Walker – Your Sneak Attack no longer needs to be used before battle, and the cost is reduced with increased cool down.
Fearless – Immune to fear effects.
Kick – Kicks the targets shinbone causing damage and lowering the target’s movement speed.
Slowing Poison – Cause poison damage and lowers attacking speed.
Sinister Methods – Using Low Blow or Blind Spot may increase your critical hit rate.
Man Surge – Magic Barrier will recover HP whenever you receive physical attack.

Rogue/Scout – Assassin (Easy Starter Class)
The Assassin is the master of dealing quick, lethal blows. Assassins often function as spies, informants, killers for hire, or agents of vengeance. Their training in anatomy, stealth, and poison allows them to carry out missions of death with shocking, terrifying precision.

Elite Skills
Deadly Shot – Raises your Shot’s rate to deal critical damage.
Slit Throat – Throat Attack now also Silences the target.
Energy Thief – Every normal attack restores points of energy.
Combat Master – Raises your rate to deal critical hits and critical damage.
Substitute – Uses a substitute for you to absorb an attack.
Tounge Poison – Attacks may Poison the target, extending the casting time of its spells.
Coerce – The energy cost for using Low Blow is reduced, and when enemy HP is low your damage increases.
Wraith Attack – Your Shadowstab will damage a second target for half damage in one attack.

Rogue/Warden – Stalker
Beware, you who wonder the night. Each step you take leads you deeper in the hideous reign of the horrible ruler of the dark, the Stalker.

Elite Skills
Weak Point Strike – Inflicts damage and can further inflict more damage if the weak point is hit.
Hidden Master – Reduces the physical and magic damage you suffer while in Hide status.
Bloodthirsty Blade – Deals damage and has a chance to increase your critical hit rate.
Crazed Creed – Permanently raises your critical damage.
Vanish – Along with Vanish, all damage you suffer will be reduced.
Emotional Obstruction – Sends out a purple fog that reduces the target’s magical damage.
Wood Spirit’s Grasp – Increases the damage of Power of the Wood Spirit, and can increase your parties magical and weapon damage.

Rogue/Warrior – Brigand
Those who enjoy a tough and unpredictable scrapper that works the dark corners of the world for gain through intimidation will find the Brigand to their liking. He serves his group best as an unseen element in the chaos of battle, positioning himself just behind the frontlines and dealing powerful strikes of opportunity against the enemy.

Elite Skills
Throwing Mastery – Your Throw can now Slow the target.
One-Hand Axe Mastery – One-hand axe damage is increased.
Whirlwind Mastery – Reduces the cost of Whirlwind and decreases cooldown.
Death’s Touch – Effectiveness of heals on target is reduced.
Poisonous Infection – While Poisonous, Bleed caused by Shadowstab or Slash can poison the target, and cause damage.
Poison Spray – Can be used when target has Poisonous Infection to spread the poison to nearby targets.
Decay – Deals damage, and has the chance to raise your critical attack rate and critical damage.
Reclaim Energy – When you use Shadowstab, there is a chance of recovering energy. When you use Poisonous Infection, there is a chance that your rage will increase.

Scout/Druid – Sentinal
Sentinals have the ability to feel or perceive nature subjectively. Acquiring spells and abilities otherwise forgotten by those less in-tune with the spirits around them.

Elite Skills
Curse Breaker – Removes target’s cursed status.
Snake Poison Arrow – Inflicts ranged damage and has a chance to stun or poison your target.
Unbinding Magic – Removes Root and Slow from target’s body.
Elven Eye – Temporarily increases critical physical hit rate.
Devour Blood – A successful hit of your Vampire Arrows can recover MP to friendly party members in range.
Focus – Half of your wisdom will be converted into attack power.

Scout/Knight – Nobleman
Swift on foot, they use distance as their ally. Slower adversaries are fodder for their arrows. Nobleman are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the perverted practices of dark cults and profane sorcery.

Elite Skills
Repelling Shot – Roots the target and cause ranged weapon damage.
Healing Shot – Heals your target’s HP.
Enhanced Armor Perfection – Enhanced Armor lasts longer.
Mana Conversion – Convert mana into focus.
Mana Recovery – Gives your Healing Shots a chance to recover mana as well.
Armor-piercing Arrow – Extends the range of your Disarmament.
Escape Danger – You are immune against Helpless, Stun, Root, and Slow effects.
Spirit Meld – Keeps your Reflected Shots from losing reflective damage, with chance to boot party members physical and magic attacks.

Scout/Mage – Trickster

Tricksters combine their knowledge of spells with a taste for intrigue, larceny, or just plain mischief. They are among the most adaptable of adventurers. Arcane spellcasting and ranged weaponary are signature skills with Tricksters.

Elite Skills

Purify Arrow – Removes curses and harmful effects from target.
Blazing Energy – Your fire elemental based spell damage will be increased.
Ignite – Causes fire based damage to multiple targets in range.
Gone like the Wind – Wind magic makes the caster invisible, ends combat, and clears aggro.
Cursed Arrow – Puts a poisonous curse on your arrow to inflict damage and reduce healing.
Prairie Fire – Increases damage of Ignite and may also Root your opponent.
Wilderness Campaign – Your Combo Shot might increase the physical attack power and magical damage of party members.
Aggro Transfer – Using Shot while Aggro Transfer is in effect triggers Secret Hatred. While Secret Hatred is in effect, you can transfer your aggro to a party member through the power of the wind. The party member will restore mana.

Scout/Priest – Pilgrim
Pilgrim profit in life by bartering in the market, or by persuading the weak-minded. Pilgrims are travelers, seekers of truth and enlightenment. They fortify themselves for road and wilderness with arms, armor, and magic.

Elite Skills
Purifying Arrow – Remove one harmful effect from target.
Mana Arrow – Target recovers mana over time.
Sniper – Reduces your snipe casting time.
Spiritual Leader – Raises attack speed and casting speed of party members.
Vampiric Transformation – Transforms the blood drawn by your Vampire Arrows into heals for your group.
Target Neck – Extends the range of your Neck Strike, but requires long range weapons.
Drums of War – Each hit may raise the physical and magic critical hit rate of party members near you.
Aggro Lead – Using Shot while Aggro Lead is in effect triggers Secret Hatred. While Secret Hatred is in effect, you can transfer your aggro to a party member through the power of the wind. The party member has reduced damage.

Scout/Rogue – Ranger
(Easy Starter Class)
A ranger can use a variety of weapons and is quite capable in combat. His skills allow him to survive in the wilderness, to find his prey, and to avoid detection.

Elite Skills
Weak Point – Shooting at the weakness of the target causing ranged weapon’s damage and increases critical rate.
Blinding Powder – Prevents your target from attacking.
Lasso Master – Your Lasso now restrains the target from movement and attacks.
Sapping Arrow – Lowers target’s magic defense and physical defense.
Deadly Poison Bite – The deadly poison on your arrow inflicts damage, and critical strikes lowers max HP.
Exploiting Shot – When your Shot makes a critical hit, your target receives additional damage.
Deadly Counterattack – When your Piercing Arrow hits the target it may raise your physical critical hit rate.
Poisonous Spit – Keeps your Reflected Shot from losing reflective damage. Also, with every Reflected Shot or Combo Shot, there is a chance that the target will be poisoned if you are carrying Poison Powder.

Scout/Warden – Revenent
Revenent are warriors dedicated to paying homage to the spirits of the forest creatures who once served as scouts when the world was young.

Elite Skills
Thorn Arrow – Uses Briar Shield to turn the thorns that surround you into thorn arrows that attack your target.
Entling Offering – Each time your Shot hits a target, the target may also suffer earth damage.
Hidden Peril – You attack your target using the forest for cover dealing damage and reducing snipe cast time.
Charged Power – Your Charged Chop becomes a ranged attack.
Natural Care – Permanently increases your received healing and ranged weapon damage.
Hide Scent – While merged with your surrounding, all enemies will lose interest in you allowing you to leave combat and erase aggro. Your next Hidden Peril will be stronger.

Scout/Warrior – Archer
Archers are fighters specializing in long-range combat and rapid movement. Opponents are kept at distance by ranged weapons and swift maneuver, and engaged in melee with sword and shield after the enemy is wounded and weary.

Elite Skills
Battle Instinct – Increases your dexterity.
Master of Survival – Increases max health.
Enhanced Throat Attack – Your Throat Attack has increased range and can cause an additional silence.
Mental Focus – Recovers focus.
Target Lock – Physical damage received by the target is increased.
Gale – Increases damage of Combo Shot and prevents you from being interrupted by an attack.
Accurate Targeting – When your Shot hits a target there is a chance to increase the physical attack power.
Recover Vitality – Upon hitting a target with Snipe or Piercing Arrow, there is a chance that you will gain rage and cancel a beneficial effect on target.

Woodsman are masters of defending the vulnerable midst of nature. They also have the ability to use natures spirits alongside them in combat.

Elite Skills
Double Chop – Double attack.
Beast Chop – Deals damage and may raise pets attack.
Ire – Forces the target to turn towards the pet.
Restraint – If your Spirit of the Oak dies, your defense will be increased and attacks can stop enemy skills.
Summon Spirit of the Oak – Summons an oak spirit to help you.
Pulse Mastery – Increases your physical attack power even more.
Resonance of Life – Sacrifices your Spirit of the Oak to recover HP and increase max HP.

Warden/Scout – Hunter
They have ranged combat skills, as well as close combat abilities, and can even use natures spirits to do their bidding.

Elite Skills
Anti-Magic Arrow – Deals damage and restores mana.
Beast Tamer – Increase your pet’s critical hit rate and dodge rate.
Submission – Pet summon cast time is reduced.
Centaur’s Arrow – An arrow infused with the strength of centaurs that deal damage.
Summon Chiron the Centaur – Summons the centaur Chiron to help you in battle.
Secret Agreement – Permanently increases your melee weapon damage and damage caused by Chiron.
Morale Boost – Increases your and your party members’ physical damage and magical damage.

Warden/Rogue – Coercer
Master of domination, Coercers can subjugate the spirits of the forest, taking complete control and forcing an unwitting creature to do their bidding.

Elite Skills
Achilles’ Heel Strike – Deals damage and raises critical hit rate of yourself and your pet.
Thorn Upgrade – Increases damage done by thorny vines and restores your mana when the effect ends.
Gravel Attack – Deals damage, with each successful hit having a chance to inflict more Earth damage.
Soul of the Spirit Tree – Increases damage of Power of the Wood Spirit, and when the targets HP gets low the crit chance increases.
Store Power – Slightly increases the damage and crit hit of your Charged Chop.
Critical Feeling – If Oak Walkers’ Sepal Stab, your next two attacks could be critical.

Warden/Mage – Mystic
Mystics invoke elemental strikes against their opponents and use nature to retaliate with unyielding conviction against those who dare to harm their allies.

Elite Skills
Wind Chop – Deals damage and can deal extra wind damage.
Tough Oak – Increases your pet’s defense and lowers Punch cooldown.
Punch – Deals damage.
Oak Blessing – Enhances Heart of the Oak health effect and restores health.
Nature’s Revenge – Inflicts Earth damage.
Spiritual Feedback – Reduces the HP use of your Spirit Attack, and can increase you and your pets magical damage.
Crystal Production – When your Nature Crystal dies, physical and magical damage done to your party is reduced.

Warden/Druid – Warden

Warden can cast nature-based spells as well as fight adequately when the need arises. They are also able to summon Nature’s spirits as companions to fight beside him.

Elite Skills
Antidote – Removes poison state from one friendly target.
Magic Control – Restricts target’s magic energy and magic attack.
Quick Reflexes – Increases pet physical critical resistance and dodge.
Earth Spirit Essence – Cloaks your weapon in the power of earth, making attacks deal Earth damage.
Natural Spring – If Nature Crystal’s Beam Attack, your group can restore MP.
Connection – Your Elven Prayer can bestow an additional spell onto your pet temporarily increasing physical and magical damage.

Warrior/Druid – Guardian
A combination spellcaster and fighter, the Guiardian can fight with arms as well as cast debuffing spells on opponents and beneficial spells on allies.

Elite Skills
Rose Vine – Your standard attacks can cause bleeding.
Tremor – Use when target is Weakened to cause fierce tremors that inflict damage and lowers accuracy.
Guardian’s Pledge – Temporarily increases the maximum HP and crit resist of you and your party.
Redemption – If your Probing Attack fails physical and magical accuracy will increase for your group.
Remove Magic – Cleanses harmful magical effects from your target.
Recovery of Life – Your Whirlwind’s cooldown time and Rage is reduced, with a chance to increase max HP on hit.

Warrior/Knight – Barbarian (Easy Starter Class)
Fearsome brutes who inspire fear and dread in the hearts of their enemies. Like a storm, swift and powerful. Finding use in heavy armor, they rely on smashing their foes into the ground.

Elite Skills
Throw Shield – Throws your shield at target causing damage.
Blocking Stance – Increases your chance to block.
Ignore Pain – Immune against Helpless, Stun, Root and Slow effects.
Shield Bash – Immediately strike back with your shield causing damage.
Heroic Surprise Attack – Immediately strike at the target with your shield causing damage.
Concentrated Precision – Increases accuracy.
Fierce Attack – When hit with Throw Shield you can lower your targets critical resistance.
Resist – In a Blocking Stance physical damage is lowere, and rage increases.

Stormlords wield thunder and lightning like a fighter wields his sword. Because of their command of one of the most destructive aspects of nature, Stormlords are viewed with awe and feared by lesser folk, regardless of their motivation.

Elite Skills

Electrical Rage – Causes main weapon’s DPS and increases magic damage.
Lightning’s Touch – Deals Wind damage.
Sense of Danger – Lowers the damage you receive.
Thunder Sword – Fires sword shaped thunder bolts at the target inflicting Wind damage.
Electric Attack – Your attacks gain Wind damage.
Lava Weapon – Your attacks gain Fire damage.
Power Control – Electric Attack increases your physical accuracy and Lava Weapon raises physical critical hit rate.
Wind Bastion – On successful taunt, your physical defense increases.

Warrior/Priest – Warpriest
Warpriests are fierce, earthy clerics who pray for peace but prepare for war. Their strong wills, powerful personalities, and devotion to their deities make them fearsome combatants. Warpriests are experts of group warfare and have many powers to protect and rally their allies while terrifying their foes.

Elite Skills
Defender’s Roar – Increase the maximum HP of you and your group.
Interrupting Strike – Interrupts target’s casting and causes damage.
Magic Barrier Perfection – Your Magic Barrier now also decreases the magical damage received.
Bloodlust – Convert health into rage.
Opportunity – Deal damage with target is weakened.
Blood Retention – Gain Rage when you use Bloodlust.
Morale Boost – Causes your Berserk to increase the damage of your group.
Barbarian Battle Cry – Casts Fear in an area, lowers their physical and magical damage, and the Slash and Probing Attack causes added damage.

Warrior/Rogue – Berserker
The Berserker’s skills in melee combat consume the entirety of his role and abilities. The Berserker is the personification of unbridled rage and fury, making him a powerful combatant. The Berserker serves his party on the frontlines of battle where he can best vent his rage upon his enemies in melee combat.

Elite Skills
Shadowstab Perfection – You no longer need to have a dagger equipped to gain the Bleed bonus of the Shadowstab skill.
Speed Up – Increases your movement speed.
Blood Dance Causes damage of the main hand weapon’s DPS.
Frenzied Attack – Critical hit rate is increased, Slow and Roots are removed, but defense is reduced.
Keen Attack – Deal two attack if target is Vulnerable.
Splitting Chop – Deals damage if target is Weakened.
Frenzied Heart – When you enter Frenzied Attack state, your physical critical damage is increased.
Exhaustion – Lowers the rage required by your Whirlwind. Also when using Probe Attack, there’s a chance to lower the target’s energy, focus, rage, and mana.

Warrior/Scout – Fighter

Unafraid of light weaponry, Fighters plow into the fray with little regard for injury. Masters of all melee tools, they put little faith in the magical arts. Fighters are the professional men-at-arms, soldiers, and mercenaries, trained with various weapons and armor styles.

Elite Skills
Skull Breaker – Precise strike at the enemy’s head causing main hand’s weapon damage and has a chance of lowering target’s accuracy.
Stun Shot – Stuns your target.
Moon Cleave Perfection – Reduces your Moon Cleave rage cost.
Aim for the Wound – Inflict ranged weapon’s DPS. Has a chance of gaining rage.
Sword Breath – Deals damage with a chance to gain Rage.
Calm – When Skull Breaker fails you enter a state of calm in order to increase accuracy.
Waiting Game – When you use Aim for the Wound and Moon Cleave it may raise your physical attack power.
The Final Battle – Deals damage, and if targets HP is low it will inflict added damage.

Warrior/Warden – Savage
Encompass the concept of the natural being, unencumbered by civilization or human intervention. The Savages actions are natural, innate, and based on the spirit of the forest.

Elite Skills
Savage Strike – May raise your physical attack after you hit a target.
Attack Weakener – Deals damage and reduces targets physical attack when target is Vulnerable.
Mental Bestiary – Increase the damage of your slash attacks on vulnerable beasts and humanoids.
Savage Whirlwind – Deals damage.
Wind Howl – When using Savage Whirlwind, you can increase you and your parties physical and magical damage.
Awakening of the Wild – Prevents Root and Slow effects, and increases critical hit rate.

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