Runes of Magic Complete Guide

Runes of Magic Complete Guide by kotoi

I didn’t thought I’ll take the time to write this, but here it is:

*Disclaimer: this guide won’t cover questing or XP leveling. If you can’t do this on your own, search somewhere else. This guide will cover mostly the monetary / gearing part of the game.

I. What you need to know about ROM.
– ROM is a F2P MMO with P2P option. What this means is, you can play it F2P up to a point, and with the help of others, even to the best of the best, but spending money in the game will increase the speed of improving greatly.
– IF you want to become someone and have fun in the latter stages of the game, don’t try to scam people and try to be humble. Making friends and other’s perception of you will be very important for your well-being in the game. This is especially important if you want to play F2P.
– Rom has 4 currencies: Gold / Diamonds / Rubys / Tokens. Gold and tokens can be gained in the game by playing and doing “Daily quests”. Diamonds can only be bought with real money. Rubys can only be gained by spending diamonds. You will often see players Buying/Selling diamonds on wold. Always be wary if you want to buy diamonds or sell them, you might get scammed. High level players (55+) are usually trustable, but it’s better to check them first if they don’t agree to your conditions. Lvl 60 players will most likely want you to be the one to take the risk. And that’s understandable.

II. Addons
After installing the game I strongly recommend installing these addons:
[to install an addon create a “Interface / AddOns” folder in ROM folder, and extract it there – for example: c:ROMInterfaceAddOns]
– Advanced Auction House:…tionhouse.aspx
– PBinfo:…ls/pbinfo.aspx
– Advanced Quest Book:…uest-book.aspx
– Lootomatic:…ootomatic.aspx
– Stat Rating:…tatrating.aspx
– Scutinizer:…rutinizer.aspx
– fix to make certain addons work:…-patch303.aspx

These addons will greatly improve your experience with the game, ease of use and leveling and help you understand some basic things on-the-fly. Read their description before installing.

III. Basics you need to know:

1. General.

– The Auction House is the place you can trade items with other players. You put your items for sell, and you can buy items put on sale by other players. It’s one of the most important aspects of the game.
– Most of your XP/TP/Levels you’ll get by questing.
– Quest rewards contain sometimes items that have stats on them. They will add to your default stats and improve your character.
– Try to die as rare as possible, if there’s a mob that looks to powerful to kill by yourself, search other people to help you. Ask on zone – select chat and type /z. Don’t try to whisper players you’ll only annoy them. Don’t ask stronger players for gold, that’s a really good way to screw up your story from it’s start.

2. Gold.

– This game gives you enough options to survive on your own, without the use of any real money. But real money DO help a lot.
– Try to save as much as possible. Don’t spend on something you don’t need, only because someone you know has it or because is shiny. From lvl 1 to 50 you can gain 2.5-3mil gold only from questing. From level 50 to 60 you can gain the same amount, maybe a little more.
– Try to sell as many things as possible. Don’t throw away anything that’s worth something. That’s what the AH is for. Put the item in AH and check history, and if it’s worth anything, put it for sale. Do this enough times, and sooner or later you’ll learn what sells and what not. You’ll need these money to buy or improve gear so things will be easier for you.


[!!HD = high durability. If an Item has a durability greater than 100 (101…120), is generally referred to as HD. All HD items have +20% bonus to all statistics. This means weapons have 20% bonus to dmg, armor to defense, etc, and the bonus attributes on them will get 20% bonus also. Everything gets 20% bonus!
LD = low durability. An item with a durability of 100 or lower, hence no 20% bonus]

[Colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown – with every color the statistics of an item increase by 10% versus the previous color. Aka green = white +10%, blue= green+10% etc. Dark Brown (legendary) being best]

!!DO NOT BUY BOUND ON EQUIP ITEMS UNTIL HIGH LEVEL. Buy only if they’re really good bang for the buck and won’t make a big dent in your budget. You probably won’t be able to resell later for small loss. (an unbinder costs 150.000-300.000 gold)

a) Weapons.
Your weapon is the most important part of your gear. It’s what you make damage with. Always try to have best affordable [cheap] weapon for your level. I recommend searching on AH for green/blue HD weapons for your class, every 5-6 lvls. They’re usually from crafting, and pretty cheap. You can sell them later after they’re no more use to you.

b) Armor.
This part is tricky. From start to level 20-30 you don’t really need nothing else but just what you get from questing. Again, searching for green/blue armor HD may make life easier but it’s not as important as for weapon.

c) Accesories.
Same as Belt and Cape, you can make them statted. Search for HD. Read below for more.

A good way to make life easier is to add stats to 2 items that you won’t need improving until much later in the game. These are: the BELT and the CAPE. I don’t recommend making them before level 15-20 by when you’ll understand what stats are.
For this you’ll use AH.
For a guide to adding stats to an item, follow this link:
the price: 3 fusion stones with same stats, 3x10k = 30k.
For “good” stats, I’ll give you an unbeatable tip: search for lvl 60 items in AH, most are sold by high level players as “t4”, but a lot of them contain very good stats for you and for dirt cheap price. Filter items for lvl 60 and start looking for stats suiting you (Stamina, Strength, Intelligence, etc). Best you can get is +56 to an attribute (Green XII). 3x +56 stats = 60k.
Total cost ~90k for an item with 3 decent stats on it, that will help you greatly. Besides the money cost, you’ll have to use 4 Arcane Transmutor charges too. These you can buy by making daily quests and buying Charges for Tokens (click the icon that looks like a present, near the map. Search for Tokens, you’ll find your way from there).
Again, best to make at start are the Belt and Cape. Try to find them HD and without any stats on them. White, green, blue.. doesn’t matter in this case.

Do like this and reaching level 50 won’t be a problem for you. Alternatively you could search for some good deals on AH for gear already made.

By this time you should be searching for a guild.

By now you should be level 25-30. Search for a guild suited to you, a guild with players of your level. Help them when they need, ask for help when you need. But don’t overdo it. This guild is your starting guild and it’s meant to aid to the speed of leveling and help you learn the basics of the game easier, including teamwork. Stick with them as long as it’s in your benefit. Don’t rush leveling, do your daily quests every day, use the AH to sell everything you don’t need.
– What to sell on AH: daily quest items you don’t use anymore, old HD gear, HD drops, monster cards, tiering Mana stones. Before putting your price always check History.

From level 30 and up, you should start thinking about your accessories. There are two ways you could improve them – make them yourself, or start searching on AH for ones in your budget. Never spend your last dime, always keep some cash secure. If you choose to make them yourself, there are 2 ways:
1. Since i highly doubt you will find clean ones, you can choose either 3-stat fusion stones or 2-stat fusion stones. If you use 3-stat fusion stones, you’ll probably be able to put just 2 stats since 6 is max. (1 from item, 3 from fusion stone and the 2 good ones of your choosing)
2. If you have some money you can spend without affecting your budget, you can choose the more expensive way: 2-stats fusion stones. These are ~50k each, but will give you the possibility to use 3 good stats of your choosing. The end item will look like this: 1 stat from item + 2 from fusion stones + 3 of your choosing.

*In the case of caster characters i strongly recommend using Vathos set. You’ll get these by doing hard quests where in the end you’ll be asked to kill a boss. In this case i suggest searching on AH /Armor/Accessories, with the filter “Magic” for already made ones. They’re extremely good deals every day for already made ones.

*Fusion stones: you can find them on AH or you can buy them directly from NPC in Varanas West(near house maid), Obsidian Glory Square(near teleport NPC), or later in Dalanis Market District. While buying from AH is the easier and cheaper way on short time, if you’re searching for a profit you could try become a Fusion Stone seller. What this means is – buying stones from NPC and selling to AH. For you to do this you need at least 1milion gold as a start. But don’t buy just everything – Buy Fusion Stone (~5k gold) with a visible dirt of 3 stamina. You will mostly get fusions with 3 stats (8-10k on AH), about one in 10 fusion with 2 stats (50-80k on AH) and about 1 in 100 fusion with 1 stat. This one i suggest to keep it. This business is either go all in or don’t go at all. Buying a few stones from NPC won’t get you what you want, you need to buy masses. To sell them make 2-4 new characters, send the stones to them and put them on AH. You won’t get your money back immediately, it will take sometimes even a week to start to get profit.

*Tier Stones: They’re used for increasing the power/dmg of a weapon. To make them use a Random Fusion stone (2k each) you can buy from the NPCs above and at least a lvl 40 item. This will give you a T3 fusion stone. Lvl 50 purple items 54+ blue items and lvl 60 green items give T4. To increase the level of a mana stone put 3 of the same tier (level) in your Arcane transmutor and you’ll recieve a higher tier one. (for example 3x T4 will give you 1xT5).

*Purified Stones: They’re fusion stones without any stats. They can be bought only from Item Shop for diamonds, or recieved as present at certain levels. By using them you can make items only with stats you want, no dirty stats here.
-you will recieve a few of them as present at some levels. DO NOT USE THEM. You’ll need them later.

*Jewels: There’s more than one way to increase the power of your items: putting stats, plussing with jewels and adding runes. Jewels are used to increase the level of power of an item. With every number increase you’ll get a bonus to the defense values of the item and a bonus stat that will increase( for example lvl 50 +1 item gives 4 stamina bonus, +5 item gives 35 stamina bonus). They can be bought from NPC (i don’t recommend, but you’ll get max +2 and usually spend a lot), bought from Item Shop for diamonds (use them to a max of +5). For rubys you’ll find Perfect Jewels – use them for last increase from +5 to +6. Jewels are specialised – weapon, accessories, armor and by level – can be used on max lvl 40, 50 or 60 item.

Save your money. You’ll need them starting at level 50. At least 2-3mil is recommended. Either that or you’ll hit a wall and everything will be much harder for you.

Now you’re 50. You know most about making gear you have some money in bank, and you’ll have to spend some of them.
First thing to do when you reach 50 is buy weapon. Lvl 50 purple/orange weapons are a HUGE upgrade from everything you ever had. Same can be told about lvl 55 and in some cases lvl 60 weapons. Best thing you can do is start searching earlier, @ lvl 45-48 for one, so you’ll have more time to find good deals.
Buy a lvl 50 purple/orange weapon best suited to you, maybe even tiered. Each tier gives +10% to the base dmg of the weapon.
To upgrade your gear make: accesories, belt, cape, gloves and if you have some money, puris and a friend to help you with stats, make wings. For wings try to use yellow VII+ stats (from a friend) or don’t make at all.

If you’re:
K – try to make 10-11k hp and 2k+ patt
P – 8k hp, 5-6k mana
M,D – 6-7k hp, 3k matt
R,S,W – 7-8k hp, 3k patt

Now it’s time to have some fun and build some teamplay skills. I don’t recommend rushing to lvl 55 and endgame or you’ll end up and feel useless don’t matter the gear you have.
Ask your guild if they’re going to Cyclops Lair (instance in Dragonfang), if they don’t try to find players or a guild to go with. There you will get some nice items and more important occasions to learn some basic skills and tactics. That’s why I say, best is to have a guild where players are close to your level so you can go learn together. Don’t try the best from start and don’t rush to it. This is a great game if you take your time. I also advise trying MA (mystic altar) and all other low level instances now.
Before trying them read this:

For an instance you need: 1 Kinght, one priest and damage dealers. Mage for example is very useful in lower level instances.

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