Runes of Magic Instances and World Bosses Guide

Runes of Magic Instances and World Bosses Guide by Achoore

In this thread you can find a Guide for every instance and worldboss. Some instances or mobs might be missing, because I have no experience with them. Feel free to post guides yourself, so I can update this in my post.

  • Forsaken Abbey
  • Necropolis of Mirrors
  • Mystic Altar
  • Cyclops Lair
  • Kalin Shrine
  • Treasure Trove
  • Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom(Heroic)
  • Heart of the Ocean
  • Origin
  • Water Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Hall of Survivors
  • Zurhidon Stronghold
  • Hall of the Demon Lord
  • Pasper’s Shrine
  • Dungeon of Dalanis
  • Warnorken Arena
  • Worldbosses

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Special thanks to Guild Runekeepers for providing most of the tactics.

And ofcourse all the Guilds and players who helped discovering these tactics. )

Forsaken Abbey

Level requirement: 23+ for healers
26+ for tanks
Bosses: 5


To spawn the first boss, you have to kill all the necro mages. First boss is easy, tank and spank. Strong attacks, but not much to worry about. As soon you killed him, the door behind him opens and you can pass to the next bosses.

Flowing Chaos:
This boss has AoE, gives a nasty debuff and fears. He only fears tank and not the whole group. The debuff does XX damage per 2 seconds and causes a slowdown effect. The AoE has light damage to.

1 of the players will receive a keyfragment, keep it, don’t throw it away.

Cruel Eater:
It’s the best to tank these bosses in the big room, so it’s smart to clear that room properly. This boss is once again, tank and spank. Stuns now and then and has a special attack which is a triple attack.

Once again, you’ll get a keyfragment.

Hollow Shell:
Hollow Shell, once again, tank it in the big room is the easiest. This boss has AoE, not alot of AoE, but good enough to let the other DPS stand back a bit. This boss spawns an add at the healer every 10%. Make sure you have someone ready to intercept those adds.

Once again, you’ll get a keyfragment.

Stick the keyfragments in the door for the last boss.

Demon Witch Ancalon:
Clear the room to start with, then let the tank attack. It spawns 4 adds right away. 2 Zombies, 2 mages. The zombies have to be killed though. At 50% it does the same, and at 25% as well. The zombies attack partymembers, but the necromages heal Ancalon before attacking the party. These heals can be avoided if you kill the necromages which she spawns fast enough. If you don’t do it fast enough, she’ll heal. Also it heals at 50% and 25% for like 25%. It has AoE.

Necropolis of Mirrors

Level Requirement: Healers 35+
Tanks 39+
Bosses: 6


Magister Gumas
Easy boss, tank and spank. Nothing really special. 1st boss Necropolis of mirrors you need to keep 1 interrupt stun so his holy aura (less hit rate) won’t be casted. You could also do this for his aoe attacks.

Androlier’s Shadow
It’s pretty much an easy boss, but at some point she copies herself a couple of times. Kill the adds and most of all, keep them off the healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell. It can also cast the spell mentioned under 2) of Andolier’s Prisoner, but less regularly than the Prisoner does.

Androlier’s Strength
High damage, and fears now and then. Need a good tank for this and good healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell. Summons ‘weak’ adds.

Androlier’s Prisoner
1) Androlier’s Prisoner has an AoE fear with a range of about 200-250.

2) He has a spell that he cast (with-in 10 seconds I think) on the person with the most aggro called Renaissance or something like that. This spell puts a debuff on the person with the most aggro that gives them an AoE (about 100-150 range) that hurts the other people in the party only! A level 50 K/W had it and was hitting me (4.5K PDef) for 1k every 5 seconds even when he was feared! The spell wears off about 20 seconds AFTER you kill Androlier’s Prisoner.
{Credits to Toimu for new info on boss}

3) To avoid it’s special Ability, Impact of Resonance, the skill is based on Physical Damage, if you have an experienced higher level/geared mage/priest he/she could tank it (For experienced group)!

Krodamar & Krodamon
You can pull them 1 by 1, just look at their walking pattern. Kill the speedy’s around you to get a safe spot, and tank it there. Both of these bosses have quite high damage and spawn speedies (every 25%). Let some AoE’er take care of those adds. Also it has high AoE, so it’s def adviced for other close DPS’ers to stand back when it AoE’s. Both bosses are about the same. 1 has a Berserk which deals high damage. The other one has a shield which makes you unable to attack him for a while.

They both provide a keypart, use both keyparts and you can open the chest in the middle for loot.

Mystic Altar

Level Requirement: Healers 45+
Tanks 46+
Bosses: 6


First, go into the room on your left handside and ”turn” the statue by clicking on it. Then walk back and go down. Head right and go up. Clear mobs, and clear the room. Walk to the end of the room and click on the waterbucket. It will now spawn around 10 ice witches. This is the first boss. Kill the ice witches and some of them drop some loot. They have high magical attack. Let everyone in your party take the water, so you can skip this part the next time.

Go back to the middle, and take the entrance right of the water entrance. Once again clear rooms, and walk to the end. Let someone with the water hit the Brazier. It’ll now spawn 0-9 mobs. Kill them and you have a possible chance on loot. They have quite low damage and die easy so nothing to worry about.

Go back to the statue, you’ll now see an opened hallway without fire. Go trough. You can do 2 things now. Clear the room, or hug left wall and walk behind Razeela (This is adviced). Kill the mobs behind her and then go for the boss. It ”drains” life from you, but it’s not like it goes down 2000 HP per second. Easy healable. It also has AoE. At around 0-10% it says ”Sing of Life Glories” Silence her and kill her as soon as possible then or she heals back to 40%.

Aukuda the Cursed
Allright, head left and go trough the hallway. Clear rooms. If anyone has the quest of Aukuda, then he’s there, if not kill Dorlos 1st and then come back and he’s there.
Aukuda is probably the nastiest boss of Mystic Altar. It has high damage, it random charges people, it can fear and stun. Charges can be interrupted if your tank is fast enough to charge him before he charges someone else. When he charged someone. He’ll do some AoE skill so run away if he charges. You need a good tank and healer for this because he has high damage.

Head down the hallway clear room or walk trough. Go down and you’ll see adds coming up. They’ll stand in formation. Just kill them 1 by 1. Kill them all except the last one. The last one will aggro the boss as well.So re-gain mana and HP after you killed all the adds and then kill the last add. As soon you killed the add, go for boss. This boss AoE’s (Nasty AoE) and spawns around 8 adds. Leave 1 add alive or he spawns them again (So healer have to tank 1 add). At 50% he teleports you all the time. Closer to him. So take distance fast again because he might AoE. After that he starts using fear. So you need a good healer and a good tank, bu he’s doable.

Cursed Iron-Golem
Last boss, head back to where you killed Razeela and go left, hug wall, make sure you don’t pull anything because they are chained. Which means you’ll pull the whole room.

Take the entrance on your left handside and kill all rooms till you see small beetles and 2 big dogs. Carefully pull them because there’s a boss behind them. After you killed those go for boss. It has a strong damage and most of all, he has a very nasty AoE Knockdown effect. It not just knock you down but it does quite amount of damage as well. So suggested is, range only except for the tank. For the rest, tank and spank.

If you want quick runs, then skip the last step (Skip the last boss).

Cyclops Lair

Level Requirement: 50+
Bosses: 4


High damage and stuns tank. As soon the tank is stunned, he goes to the next person who is second in aggroline. Let that person kite it for 6 seconds and then bring it back to the tank. If the tank is stunned, then don’t let a 2nd tank tank it near him. Because his AoE hits ALOT if you’re stunned.

For the rest, 1 more very important thing for this boss. Whatever you do, don’t use stun or slowdown effects at this boss. If you do, then he goes frenzy, frenzy means ALOT higher damage and a new group wont be able to take his damage.

Zurhidon Negotiator
Kill the 4 adds in this room at 1 place. As soon you killed all 4, the boss itself will appear and ”revive” these adds. ‘

  • Mage – Lightning
  • Knight – Charge, Shock, Chains of Light
  • Rogue – Numbing Dagger, Shadow Prison
  • Warrior – Surprise Attack
  • Priest – Ice Fog, Freeze
  • Scout – Neck Strike, Lasso, Joint Blow
  • Warden ?
  • Druid ?

. This will give them a ”Knockdown” effect to prevent them from using Death Shackle (25% damage per mob). Also, root/charge/lass can knock these mobs down. Mage has to keep the Thunderstorm up. The rest DPS the boss like crazy. You think you wont hit it at all, but it heals itself with the live of the adds. If all 4 adds die, then the battle is over. You can then go the the slaves and ask how to open the chest. Then open the chest and get your loot.

Ordig, Masso and Gorn
For a team who does this the first time the killorder would be Gorn, Masso and then Ordig. Gorn is a healer, so kill him as soon as possible. Masso has random aggro, so kill him after fast. Ordig has a massive slowdown effect and makes the tanker smaller. Every boss had different loot, so make sure to decide which you kill last. (The purple loot is the same for every boss).

Kill the Generals to activate the boss, the first time it goes easy. So spare your cooldowns. After he dies, he uses an orb and comes back to live. Then he becomes harder. It random charges people and it spawns red orbs. 3 at a time (He gives a signal, by saying something. ”Come out servants, help me”). AVOID these red orbs. They have a quite large amount of damage, so walk away from then. For the rest he has quite high damage, but doable.

Kalin Shrine

Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 6


Iron Rune Warrior
This boss has massive damage, so you really need a good tank. But, the most important tactic here is that everyone except the tank should be behind the runewalker INSIDE meleerange. It has a ”power build-up” if you’re not in melee range, then you’ll take this hit and this is for most of the people a guaranteed 1-hit. If you are inside melee range, CLOSER to the boss then the tank is, then he’ll take this hit (This hit is quite high, even for tank, so get heals ready). Sometimes boss random turns around and attacks someone else. Tank just have to use 1 aggro skill and it’s back on you. It also stuns the tank sometimes, and it has a very easy AoE.

This is one of the nastiest bosses. Tank it in the middle. It has quite low damage (Sometimes a 3k AoE). It random freezes someone at first. When it freezes someone, hammers will appear randomly in the room, find the hammer. And use the hammer on the frozen one by clicking on the hammer while near him. Then he freezes 5 people. The 1 person who is not frozen, should go grab a hammer and unfreeze one. Then they should both grab hammers and unfreeze people and so on till you unfroze all people. If you don’t do this on time, the frozen people will receive a 122k hit. You have about 25 seconds to unfreeze all 5 players. It does this freeze trick till he dies.

Quite easy boss, just need high DPS. (To reach this boss, jump in water, then go to the bridge). As soon you walk on the bridge it spawns. Mages have to thunderstorm any adds he spawns because if they come close to the boss they increase the strength of the boss (At the strength 14 I thought it hits around 4k on tank). Just DPS it asap and let mages TS adds asap. Quite an easy boss if you have the DPS.

Godess of Art’s Disciple
The hardest boss in KS probably. You can see alot of barrels around him. The tank should tank him from barrel to barrel. As soon this boss goes ”Frenzy” someone has to smash this barrel down really fast. It’ll then bring the boss back to normal and the tank should go to the next barrel. If you dont get him out of frenzy it 1-hit everyone 8-). It also has a HP based AoE. So group heal is needed (1 priest group heals, 1 single heals tank). He does this stuff till he dies.

Kill this boss as soon as possible. It fears sometime, but it builds up a dot on everyone. The higher the number of the dot is the higher damage it does. Therefor it’s important to kill it fast.

Tank and spank till 75%, then he disappears and Runeguardian appears on your left stairs, Ensia appears on your right stairs. Move to left stairs and let tank intercept Rune Guardian, use the same tactic as listed above with Rune Guardian. Let Ensia come. Kill Ensia first (Tank only tanks Rune Guardian), so there’s no tank at Ensia. Kill Ensia as soon as you can. Then focus on Rune Guardian. You have about 3 minutes to kill both till Regin comes back. Or else you got 3 bosses to fight 8-).

Once you done that it’s once again tank and spank till 20%. At 20% it copies himself ALOT and all of these adds AoE, avoid this AoE by running all across the room. Note that the adds spawn right on top of you and stun you, so it may be better to jump around than to run. This since if you get stunned while jumping the jump will still finish, so you may land out of AoE/stun range. The adds will disappear after like 30 seconds. Then finish the boss of and get ur loots.

You can also walk your party to right side up in the corner. This way you will not have to fight the iron rune boss, but only Ensia.

Treasure Trove

Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 5


In this instance the bosses are not the hardest, the mobs are. Lvl 50-52 elites with extreme high damage. Just make sure the tank always tanks the attackers, they have the highest damage. For the rest, it’s up to you to find your way and fight your way to the bosses.

Octopus Boss Will’s Curse
At the top of the stairs are 5 different cups. Each cup represents a boss. If the boss has 500k HP it’s a fake, if it had 700k HP it’s the real boss. The 500k HP bosses are easy. Just kill them, as soon you killed it, the real boss spawns right after.
This boss has 1 special ability.
It can make people a skeleton, this increases the damage on you alot. So make sure the mages dispell this fast (Especially if it’s the tank).
For the rest, this boss should be easy.

Loyal Talomo
You can skip this boss.
This boss has a buff which only makes your dot’s do damage. There’s a way to avoid this. Let the tank tank the boss from fire to fire. As soon he has the buff, click on the fire and you gain a needle in your backpack. Activate the needle on the boss and it deactivates his buff, which makes you able to attack it with all kind of attacks. If the tank keeps it in the ‘circle’ another player can do the fires instead, allowing the tank to focus on avoiding his AoE. Do remember to run away as soon he casts Broadside, because that’s an extreme high damage attack. These fires will not respawn, so you have to kill it before all fires are down. Or you kite the rest of the fight.

Boulder Sidaar
This boss requires some good timing. Basically, it has ”2ways of fighting”. It has 2 different colors. Orange and Blue. When he’s Orange no physical damage should be done to him. If you keep using physical attacks to him you’ll get punched back in ur face with 1500 damage per hit you did when he was orange. When it’s blue, noone should use magical damage. Same thing, you do it, you receive the hits back in your face. He does this trick till he dies. Next to that, it also has quite high damage. It also has a 80% def decrease buff. It’s wise for the tank to run around a bit then to avoid damage, because the damage is incredibly high then. Also, at 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% it random aggro, keep kiting it till the tank got his aggro back.

Lookout Luke
This boss can be found at the top of the ship. It’s supposed to have a special triple attack. Well erm, it did 1k damage to me. After his debuff goes off, it hits every partymember for around 3.5k. It can have decent damage on the tank, but it should not be too hard.

Snow Blake
This is the final boss, it has a pretty high damage and it’s high lvl, so you don’t hit to much on her. It has 2 specials.
It summons the previous bosses which do 1 attack and then disappear again. She does this quite often.
It also has ”Queen Bomb”. It’s an AoE which does 50k damage. It transport you to her, and starts loading the Queen Bomb. You have to run away from her fast (AoE range is quite small). She does this alot. But next to that, she roots people. Priests should use their cleanse to remove the root effects fast, before she starts her Queen Bomb and you die because you can’t run away. Quite a pitty boss, but doable if you get the tactic.

Snowblake can also cast a high damage AoE, when you see this cast, let the tank run away a bit to avoid high damage.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Heroic)

Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 6


Mobs should be not to hard, don’t pull to big groups.

Mole King
Tank and spank, sometimes spawns some adds.

This boss has 2 specials. He random freezes people and he casts ”Triple Slash” which 1-hits the tank. As soon someone gets frozen a player has to run to the oven and put himself on fire. He then has to run back to the frozen person and walk near him. Do this everytime.
As soon Cook casts the Slash, the tank should take distance immediatly, this is a deadly skill. Cook should be tanked at the top of the small stairs. NOONE should stand downstairs, or else you’ll receive a 50k AoE.

Icebound Guardian
Once again, this boss has 2 specials. Runic Shock, which 1-hits nearly everyone and a 80k AoE. As soon you attack this boss, circles will appear. These circles go in a pattern on the left and the right side.


These circles give you a 12 second buff if you stand in it. It’s very important to keep this buff, or else the 80k AoE will kill you. If you have the Runic Shock debuff on you, it can be dispelled, but it’s more wise to just not stand close to the boss. As soon he casted his AoE of 80k, he stands up again and he spawns a repair bot. Kill the repair bot as soon as possible. If you die by his AoE, then you will not lose dura/get debt.

Mula Nail
Don’t go near the platform till you killed the whole room. After that stand on the platform. 1 by 1 generals will appear. Kill them both. Then the real boss appears and the 2 generals. There’s a healing General and an other General. ofcourse, let the offtank tank both the Generals and let him kill the Healer General first. The main tank should be on a safe distance from the group with the boss. The boss has decent high damage and casts whirlwind chop, which is about the same as slashes and can 1-hit everyone near him.

Kill the Earth Guardians on one side first.
Tank aggroes, everyone else stays as far as possible (still need to able to heal, cast and so on)
He deals constant AoE, and constantly spawns adds. Also 6k hits on the tank from time to time.
The problem is that he gives everyone in the party debuffs which increase the casting time/attack time, and it stacks. Each debuff increases casting time by 2%, and u get a new stack every 5-10 seconds (not sure). At the end of the battle you will have something like 75 of the buffs which is 2,5 times ur normal casting time, which makes group heal a 10 second cast. The debuff is not removable, dispellable or so on. Basically what you could so is go out of battle to get it removed. If you have 2 priests you have to do that very offten, so that the buff on one of the priests would not get big, and that the priest would be able to soloheal tank for a while, so that the other one could go get the debuff removed. For the mages and DD its pretty much easy because they are not always essential in the battle they can go and get it removed when they want. For the tank – at the end of the battle he becomes a piece of meat which is getting hit and is not doing any damage.

Also the boss spawns 3 or 5 adds (not sure) constantly, as soon as you kill them another wave spawns and so on. So whole battle someone has to keep killing the adds. For mages I would not advise to use purgatory or thunderstorm, because the mobs have 30k hp and its not that easy to kill them, and as we all understand, if the mage gains aggro, he will have some problems tanking 3-5 adds. So the best way is kill 1 by 1.

This is a somewhat hard, and messy fight, where you have to keep check of more then one thing at the same time.

1. Everyone should position themselves in like a halfcircle behind the boss and at his sides. This will give you space to run chickens, and to avoid the % AoE.

2. Don’t go outside the lava pool. Burnout will hit you for 50k+.

3. The boss can turn one of the party members into a “chicken”. Looks like the fire giants, but smaller. The chicken is a 4-6 second or so debuff, and when it ends, it spawns a chicken where you are standing. If you go near this chicken, it will continually hit you for 1.2k, quite fast. What you need to do when you get turned into a chicken is move away from the group, and park it a little bit away from group. When the debuff ends, start moving back to your position fast, to avoid getting hit too much by the chicken.

This is the most important thing to remember. Keep an eye out for the chicken debuff. Move away when you get it. Move back when it ends.

4. He does a 2 second fear. This might put you outside the lava pool at times, or on a chicken. Move back to your position as fast as possible and continue what you we’re doing.

5. The % attack can be avoided, I think its his firebreath. You avoid it by standing behind him or at his sides, this way only the tank takes the hit. Hero pot and food for the tank is encouraged for this fight.

Heart of the Ocean

Level requirements: 52+
Bosses: 5


Bloodthirsty Claw
This is a pretty easy boss. The tank tanks it where it stands, but turns it around, so the boss it’s back is faced towards the other partymembers. Basically this boss has 2 abilities:
1. It spawns a jellyfish which uses a skill which drains your mana. These mobs spawn at random places near partymembers but will not move from position.
2. It spawns 2 Horsehoecrabs, they will attack partymembers. He keeps spawning these mobs so you have to kill them. For the rest when you have the time, just keep DPS’ing the boss. It’s very close to a tank & spank.
3. A special skill named: Splinter Magic Cast. It’s a skill with high damage and can be avoided by just going a step back.

Teeth of the Reef
This boss has nearly similar tactics as the Rune Warrior in Kalin Shrine. Tank turns the boss around, everyone is in melee range behind the boss. The boss spawns adds, mages have to AoE these adds.
It also has a special abilitie which drains your HP 25% per 2 seconds. This buff can be outhealed. It only disappears if you’re fully healed.
The rest just DPS the boss until it’s dead. Easy tank&spank.;

This is 1 of the hard bosses for the healers. It has a huge AoE and nice damage on tank so they need to heal constantly. The important thing about this boss is not to just run around in the room. There’s a small place on the right side of the room where everyone should walk to (stick together). When the walls pop up, it’s just infront of these walls. Healers have to groupheal alot. Jiasha has high AoE, for the rest it will be a decent laggy fight, but all you got to do is DPS it down as fast as possible. Jiasha also random stuns people (if you’re unfortunate you can get chainstunned, this is dangerous if you have only 1 healer).

There are 2 ways you can fight this boss. You can fight it up. Or you can fight it down. Just make sure you clear the tables. Once everything around Geba is cleared all healers and DPS go stand on the table (up or down). The tank pulls (If you go up, watch out for the assasin downstairs). It’s important to stay up to avoid AoE’s and damage. Geba has 3 special attacks:
1. Whirlwind Counter Attack, at this point the tank has to kite, since it does some incredible damage.
2. It spawns a copy of itself, when this copy is spawned a random partymember will freeze (Never tank as far as I know). The copy has 90k HP and is easy to kill. Kill it as fast as you can, then get back to the main boss.
Pretty easy tactic, just have to watch out for it’s powerful skills.
3. Geba’s Rage, in this state it’s better for the tank to stay back to avoid extreme high damage causing death. Before he goes into this rage, he casts sonic roar which slows down the partymembers, priests need to dispell this on the tank to make sure he can run around. Nobodies Rum is advised.

Clear the room before you start to fight her. Once you done that I would advice to tank it near the clickable stone figures. The tank will start with building up aggro. There is no need for any DPS to DPS the boss before the first soundshell. Medusa will random ‘stone’ people. Mages have to AoE the stone down, if you don’t do it you will be a stone for 2 minutes. After 3 of those stone freezes Medusa will spawn a soundshell. At this point you need to go full DPS at Medusa. She has a shield of 50k HP. If you break it the soundshell is clickable and you can remove 1 of her debuffs. If you don’t, everyone will die by an AoE. Once you click the soundshell (Only 1 person can do this, so decide who clicks it) you can click on 1 of the stone figures. The left stonefigure is to remove the HP heal debuff (Do this one first). The middle stonefigure is to remove the def and mag def increase. The right is to remove the stacking dot on you.
If you’re slow with DPS at some point snakes will spawn. Kill the snakes to remove your debuffs.
The normal way is Left – Right – Middle.

– Kill all Drumpriests, they give the rest of the mobs extra power
– Watch out for assassins, they’re everywhere
– Deep Sea Vermins, stand on them and you die, so avoid them
– Medusa’s maids & soundshell guardians can’t be CC’ed or stunned.


Level requirements: 55+
Bosses: 4

Life Leecher
This boss hits hard (so you need a good tank) and has several specials. First is a fear spell, which can be interrupted (something with shock in the name). Second is a bunch of black vermin like creatures, one for each player, and with the same space between them as how the players are standing. These need to be killed (Thunderstorm works well) since they do massive damage if they reach you. Note that since they spawn as far apart as the players it is much easier if everyone stands close together.
He also summons a clone which looks exactly like him, but is much easier to kill and doesn’t hit as hard. An offtank can take this one out.
Last skill is one where a player gets rooted and takes damage every time someone damages the boss. This is a dangerous skill for many, since it can be a killer if the vermin appear behind the boss and someone TSes the boss to kill them.

Razor Lurker
First, you have to find a hidden npc above the hill (it’s near a tree), a system message will pop after that and then 6 golems and several spiders will spawm around the area Razor Lurker is in. The spiders will attack and use dot’s on the golems, if the golems die, you will not be transformed into monsters. If u suceed to save all golems, then fight start as normal. Spider hits hard, let someone tankable starting at 12o clock aggro them running clockwise and someone aggro them running counterclock, then meet at 6o clock with all mobs, aoe them. Healer stay alert to heal and regen the golems if needed, tankable using aoe and speed pot is safer.

They tranform you into monsters (random), the earth mob is the tank. Transformations changes each 45 seconds. Tank needs to turn the boss away from the others cause he has frontal cone aoe. After 8min, you are back to human (which means death, too hard to tank, just swap and die).

1) Earth Elemental (Tank) – Turn boss away from party gather earth energy with skill 3 then use skill 1. Use Skill 2 for DPS when the others aren’t available
2) Tree (healer)- Select tank. Use skill 2 (single target heal), when skill 2 in cooldown use skill 1. When both 1 and 2 are in CD use skill 3.
3) Air Elemental (DPS) – Use Skill 3 always when available to weaken it. When skill 3 CD use the other 2 for DPS (one of them needs the water elemental to put the debuff first on boss)
4) Water Elemental (DPS)- Select tank nd use skill 1 to protect it. Then dps boss until skill 1 cools down, in which case you will select tank and use it again. (one of the skills needs the air elemental to put the debuff first on boss)

Lorlin & Taburen
The moment combat starts 2 party members get a buff. One buff looks like a red Orchid, the other like a green Barsaleaf. The one with the Orchid gets 2M aggro on
Lorlin, the one with the Barsaleaf 2M aggro on Taburen. About every 45s this changes at random.
The players with the buff have to tank the bosses, but to help with this they also gain 25k def, 10k health and 5k mdef. So while you still need decent health to begin with you do not have to worry about priests or mages not being able to take a hit.

The bosses need to be taken apart. If they stay together too long they buff eachother and start one hitting people. since you have to keep them apart the part members have to pay attention who gets the buff when it switches. If you pull them too far apart they will reset, also if you pull one boss too far away from their spawn place.
They also give a dot to the party which does 750 damage to you and all those close to you. So if 6 party members stand close together they take 4.5k damage per tick!

When you kill one of them you have 20 seconds to kill the other before the first one resets. So you need to kill both pretty much at the same time, which means keeping eachother informed about the health of each boss and stopping DD on one if he gets too low.

Boss hits hard, needs to be tanked at the edge of the outer circle, and needs to be turned around. When you start combat 4 bit elite trees stand to the side.
It has some aoe, and after a while weak adds appear. Discharge and purgatory to kill these.
A little while later it stops combat (don’t attack it at this point!) and pulls the big elites forwards one by one. You have a limited time to kill each one, otherwise they return to where they stood, and will return to join the fight when the boss attacks again.

Kill the adds, and the boss should go down. Note that there tends to be a lot of lag during this fight, so turn down graphics and view range, and buffer skills when lagged!

Cave of the Water Dragon

This zone is located in Moongorge by the starting town of Logar. It is at the end of the cave where all those newts are.

All the mobs will drop mats for everyone, so make sure to have everyone loot
the corpses, the items will unbind eventually or you can split the stacks and they will then unbind as well. I recommend to have someone in your guild store all the mats to see how much you have.

When you enter, there will be various types of mobs beyond the bridge of the instance. Most of the mobs appear to be chained and will typically all come as a group, bring a druid for poison cleansing and to perhaps pacify pulling to weed out the mobs to a number easier to deal with. If a druid is not available, bring plenty of CC’ers.

I don’t have the names of the mobs as of this writing but I will describe them as best I can.

The little ice looking mobs:
1. They will freeze the initial puller and then charge, it may be the puller but it has shown it can be someone else as well. They can hit very hard when they charge. Best to get someone other than the tank pull them from range and we found a tank can interupt their charge if they charge them once they are pulled. Dies fairly easy after the initial charge if the tank misses a charge.

1. They have high physical defence but doesn’t seem to do anything else that I recall.

Poison Newts
1. They explode to a poison cloud once they are killed, everyone should scatter out of range till it clears as the poison can kill someone very fast, it is about 2k+ per tick.

Next area after the large domed room where you initially met the old man who gives out quests.

1. Typically in groups of 4 to 7, have a tank pull them or charge them, have everyone stay close in a group and then have a mage discharge and AoE them down. They will drop parasites onto group members and they in turn will spawn smaller maggots.

The larger Water Elementals
1. All of them needs to be killed to open the barrier to get access to Lytfir at the end of the instance. They do some type of AE damage close range and spawns 4 smaller versions of itself when it hits about 40/50%. Can easily be AoE’ed down as long as the mage is kepted healed as they do a fair amount of damage and can possibly kill the mage if not careful. Some of them are immune to certain types of damage so melees should be aware of the targets and which one they can kill. Tab target to see which are immune.
2. The larger version of itself typically disappears for a short time when the smaller ones appear but will pop back up after about 10s or so. It is not timed to when the smaller ones dies.

Once all the large Water Elementals are dead, the barrier at the bottem of the ramp will disappear and you drop down off the pathway and head towards the end. Before you cross the last bridge, buff everyone.

Lytfir has just under 4M HPs. Has a confusion skill which he seems to randomly hit people with, doesn’t seem to hit the tank with it as our tank was never confused, takes to the air at random (may only perhaps be hit from range when he does this).

Once you cross the bridge, Lytfir will be at the back of the large room, he will go towards the group once you past the bridge. He has a random skill that confuses people and makes them run around for about 20/30s. Crystals on the ground from someone else may be used to dispell this effect from what we can tell but didn’t get a chance to try it. We know it cannot be used on yourself though. The crystals on the ground that you pick up will also disappear after a short time so they will either have to be used fairly soon or they will expire.

Every once in a while Lytfir will take to the air, he can still be hit from range, not sure as to the melee’s, but he doesn’t seem to stay in the air for long.

The crystal ball that you receive from the old man seems to be clickable and may reduce Lytfir’s damage, but this is purely speculation. But it will put Lytfir to sleep once he hits about 40% and the battle is over. It is reusable every 30s or so. Once he is put back to sleep you complete your quest and a chest appears, we got two blues out of it, but one of the pieces are needed to make the armor from the NPC’s from the front.

Lair of the Demon Dragon

Once the Jailor has been killed, groups of 3 nagas will start spawning from the entrance (where you came from). The nagas drop items that have a live time of ~2 minutes. These items will be used to break Gesteros chains, the orange dots* represent the runes that chain Gestero. Use the runes on all 4 and the boss fight will begin.

Do note however, that regardless of wether or not you free gestero or not, the nagas will spawn 10 times, which means that you should break 3 chains, then wait for the last naga spawn and only then break the last chain. Buff pots & foods will be used right before breaking the last of the chains.

When gestero is freed, 2 things will happen:
1) He will be vulnerable for a little while, in which time the tank grabs agro and moves to tanking position (either right or left side on the map above, the other raid group will position themselves on the opposite side)

2) Zurhidon meeps and nagas will spawn from the top-left and top-right in relation to the map above. The Zurhidon’s will cast a spell that will repair Gestero’s chains, these must be interrupted at all costs.

After they are dead, the tank & spank will begin:
Tank group will remain where they are (near either the left or right green dot) and the other raid group will move to the topmost green dot. Full DPS on boss from now on, you will have about 10 minutes to kill the boss after which another boss will spawn and rape you.

From time to time, Gestero will yell: “Disgusting vermin! Gesteros fire will cleanse the earth!”, apparently casting some instant spell that will do damage to group members (doesn’t say wether it’s just a blast, a DoT or periodic damage), priests will GH to keep everyone alive.

After that, Gestero will yell: “Bashtei era Keaqtei oitei!” at which point he will begin casting a spell, when it is cast, the room will fill up with flames and most likely people who are unprotected will die. This is where the Runes in the room come in (green dots), clicking on the rune will give you a protective bubble for a few seconds that will let you survive the spell (you can click the rune in the middle of casting a spell), the rune should not be clicked earlier than when Gestero’s cast bar is 2/3 full.

Simple version:

  • Come in, kill the Jailor.
  • Kill 10 spawns of nagas (3 nagas per spawn) and break 3 chains (orange dots) while killing them.
  • Once last spawn is dead, break the 4th chain -> Assume positions on left & right and use buff pots & foods.
  • Interrupt Zurhidon’s from repairing chains and kill the additional nagas as well (spawn from topleft & topright in relation to the map in the link).
  • Tank & spank near green dots, when gestero yells: “Bashtei era Keaqtei oitei!” then wait until cast bar is 2/3 and click on rune. Repeat until dead.

Hall of Survivors

Level Requirements: 55+
Tanks: 55
Bosses: 7
Raidable instance(12-man)


Since the bug got fixed, this boss became slightly harder, below you can find the proper tactic.
It’s important to all stay at the bridge, closest to the side where you entered from. The tank will also pull the boss atleast to the middle of the bridge. Andriol has a few special abilities.

  1. It has an invisible stun for 2-3 seconds
  2. It spawns 3 giant horses at the end of the bridge which leave a place of fire behind them which ticks for 4k damage per second. ONLY 1 HORSE will not run. So there’s 3 paths and 1 random path will be clear. This is completly random. Make sure to avoid the fire on time to avoid death.
    |-|-|-| 3 paths, 3 horses, only 1 stays where he is and will not leave a firetrace.
  3. The statues random shoot fireballs to the players.
  4. At a low % he goes Berserk, tank has to kite a bit and DPS have to do the last bit of DPS to finish off the boss.

Everyone has to stand in a line infront of the rightern statue. The tank will pull the boss to that line as well. The boss has no AoE so that’s nothing you have to worry about. Before you start the fight, you’ll need 3 CC’ers, the boss will spawn 3 kind of mobs. Horror Seeker, Hollow Seeker & 1 I lost it’s name of O.o. They need to be CC’ed at their place to make sure they wont damage the group. They have pretty high damage.
The boss will also spawn ‘Hunters’. They will random attack a partymember. They don’t have extreme high damage, but they do have damage. They will disappear at some point, just like the 3 spawned mobs. As long you stay in the line, CC the 3 mobs & leave the hunter alone and DPS the boss you’ll do just fine.
After you killed him, strip & die, the hunters have alot of HP and are not worth killing.

The important thing with this boss is to kill after6 Ă¡ 7 minutes of fighting or else the doors might not open.
This boss has 3 special abilities:

  1. AoE, so everyone has to keep stick together for the healers to group heal all the time.
  2. It spawns red balls (Like Uguda) which have to be killed ASAP. It’s useful to put mages and scouts on this. If you don’t kill the crystal ball on time you’ll receive 14k damage.
  3. It summons a crystal which slowly goes towards him. Don’t let the crystal go towards him, but kill it. After you done that EVERYONE can DPS the boss, because it will not spawn any Red crystals. After a while it spawns a new crystal. After you killed this, he’ll spawn red balls again. This system goes on for a while.
  4. There are random placed circles on the ground. By standing in them you increase your DPS on the boss.

This boss has a very huge aggro range, so make sure you all run in at the same time. This boss is a huge boss, it’s floating in the air a bit. The tank tanks it in the middle. Every single DPS, ranged or melee stands as close to the boss as possible (The red circle when selecting him is big, if you stand in there you should be fine). If you don’t do this, he’ll kill you with his partical beam.
Next to that this boss has some very special abilities:

  1. At some point the boss will spawn 2 players up. You’re transformed into a … weird mob with some special skills which can be seen in a special skill bar. A tiny bit above you, you can see mobs. Kill these, every mob you kill is 2% HP from the boss.
  2. Down where all the other players are it spawns mobs as well. Mages have to AoE these mobs (make sure to reg the mages, since they receive some bad damage).
  3. The mobs down drop an item called ”Core Crystal”. By selecting the transformed players up and using the crystal you grant them a buff which 1-hits a mob.
  4. At around 8 minutes fighting it goes in a ragebuff (Tank will most likely die because of this).

After the 3rd set of mobs the boss attacks again, but a 4th set of mobs will spawn. Kill these as well. This thing can repeat for a while. The players who were up are transported down again and need to correct their position a bit.

According to many people the easiest boss in Hall of Survivors. All partymembers stick together.
It’s pretty much a spank & tank boss except for 1 thing. It sometimes goes in non-attackable mode and spawns a copy of every player. Kill the copies as fast as you can and after a while you can attack the boss again. Next to that this boss also random casts a skill which causes 5k damage to everyone (Meteor). Priest can easily heal this. That’s about it…

A funny pretty tactical based boss. Nobodies Rum is advised here. This boss is actually 2 kind of bosses. The Horse & the person steering the horse. When you start the fight (To trigger it, there’s an activation left side of the room). Kill the horse first. Noone has to focus on the the mob behind it. Please make sure to fight the boss in the middle of the room. This is important for the next step. As soon the horse is dead… 4 players get a color. In the corners of the room there are 4 crystals. Every crystal has a color (random which crystal gets which color everytime). Find the color fitting your buff (you have 8 seconds) and click on the crystal. If everyone does this on time… Then you can DPS Mantarick. If not… You can’t DPS it at all. At some point it resets, and after a while people get a color again. Nobodies Rum is advised to make you run faster. It’s a tricky boss and requires a bit of luck and speed ;)

This is a very tactical boss, but I personally think this is a boss which is really enjoyable. When you enter the room you’ll see alot of different doors. It’s important to write down which door has which color. Below you can find how it looks like:

———Blank Gate——–
———Entrance G——–
Blue is also known as ICE

Allright, this boss has 3 special abilities, it’s always in the order written below.

  1. You need to have 6 players for the gates. Every player takes 1 gate. The boss will spawn mobs in the gates. It has a name… For example at the Gold Gate a mob named Purple Mob spawns. You have to hit the mob so you have aggro and take it to the purple gate and kill it up there. Then walk back to your own gate. This mobspawning is divided in 2x 3 mobs. Every gate will have 1 mob. Use nobodies rum to do it fast. If you fail to do it, you’ll make partymembers wipe at stage 2.
  2. Once the 6 mobs have been killed gather up in middle so you can reach the gates fast. Everyone will get a color debuff. Go to the gate where your color is. Every gate where the right mob from stage 1 has been killed will have a portal. Stand in it and your debuff is gone. If someone failed at Stage 1 you’ll die. If you fail to run to your gate at time, you’ll die.
  3. 3rd Stage, everyone can go fight the boss now. It will spawn 3 kinds of balls. Yellow Ball – Melee have to kill this. Red Ball – Everyone can kill this. Green Ball – Casters have to kill this. If you fail to kill the balls on time you’ll have a (stackable) debuff -10% physical/Magical damage or both. Everyone gather up at their places again and restart stage 1-3 until you killed the boss.

– The groups of mobs is just pull and CC (If you have a good tank, just tank all). The Elders can heal so their heals must be interrupted. The Rune Guardian Captains, searcher, etc can 1-hit DPS’ers or priests.
– Giant Guardians, just kill them. They have 2 abilities. Rune Reverse and a skill which is easy to interrupt (Some sort of Sword Attack on tank).
During his Rune Reverse don’t attack the boss, because every bit of damage you do, will reflect in 4k damage on you.
– Giant Rune Guardians, there are 2 kinds: The rune version has a skill called Rock Split. YOU MUST INTERRUPT THIS or else the player who is far away from the mob will die. The other mob has an AoE skill which ticks 3x 1500 Damage. Just try to interrupt as much skills as you can.
– ”Chopper” mobs, tanks turns them around, it has 1 special ability, Spiral Assault, which can pretty much kill any melee DPS. Make sure to jump away when casted.
– More information coming soon

Zurhidon Stronghold

Level Requirements: 55+
Bosses: 4

I would say this is not a very hard boss. It has high damage & high dot, but that’s about all you can expect from it. It has a few special abilities which can make you wipe.

  1. It’s useful to try & interrupt all her casts to make sure you don’t receive debuffs you don’t want. You will always gain certain debuffs since they’re instant, but you can avoid some as well.
  2. Every once in a while she spawns an add. You must kill this add (Just stun it, so noone gets hit), to avoid wiping. This mob always spawns in the middle of the room. So it’s useful to not fight the boss near that. The mob also has a specific class picture. This class represents it’s defense, magical defense and attack. Some classes will do more damage then the other. We always let everyone who’s ranged fight the adds.
  3. If you’re a bit to slow it will spawn multiple adds. It’s important to kill the boss fast and there are 2 things you can do. Kill the adds or strip & die.

This is mainly a boss which requires high DPS and a bit of HP.

Lady Hansis
A boss which requires speed and knowledge of other bosses. As soon you try to attack her, you’ll get stunned and transported to middle. She can’t be attacked. She’ll spawn 3 bosses 1 by 1. This can be ANY boss from ANY instance (Snow Blake, Yusalien, Geba, Ancalon, Giant Life Leecher). You need to use the tactic you use at the normal instance as well.

Gotta be fast & precious, if you don’t know the proper tactics for those bosses you will most likely wipe. Ofcourse there bosses damage is tweaked massively. For example, AoE from Ancalon hits for 5k per tick.

Once you killed all 3 bosses (Random) you can focus on Lady Hansis, has some nice AoE (pretty high) and high damage here and there, but shouldn’t cause a problem. She also spawns snakes from the gates. These snakes need to be killed asap to prevent wiping.

A nice tactical boss if I may say so.

This boss has a couple of special abilities.

  1. It starts off with 1 of his special abilities. This special ability has 3 forms. He’ll get a buff on himself, and 1 of his armorparts will glow. (Easier to recognise by checking the buff, since boss is turned around). When he has his feet buff, he will random charge people and leave a firepath. Don’t step in it. You can DPS the boss during this buff. When he has his glovesbuff, he has higher damage on tank. You can DPS during this buff. When he has his chestbuff he reflects all damage. DON’T ATTACK DURING THIS BUFF! He’ll cast 2 of these buffs before you go to the next special ability. He can cast 2x the same as well.
  2. After this stage he’ll reset his aggro so let the tank get aggro.
  3. He’ll now spawn 3 kinds of weapons in the room. From the side you went in there will be one in the left corner(closest to you), 1 in the right corner(closest to you) and 1 in the middle. It’s important that you kill these weapons, or else they become alive dealing high extra damage.
  4. After this stage he’ll reset his aggro so let the tank get aggro.
  5. A tornado spawns on the field attacking all players. The tank should turn the boss around (so it doesn’t face the other players) and everyone should stick close together near the boss. As soon Balothar casts Doomsday all run it with the tornado. The tornado will interrupt doomsday. Once you done this run out or else you have AoE. If you don’t manage to interrupt Doomsday you’re dead. It’s an instant kill.
  6. After Doomsday Balothar will reset his aggro, so let the tank gain some aggro. Repeat stage 1-6.

Between Balothar and Zurhidon Messenger you’ll find a summon circle with ‘yellow’ mobs. Don’t be the leroy and run trough and die. Don’t be the leroy by random killing them. There’s a tactic behind it. Kill the mobs on the sides. 2 of those mobs will drop a costume.

Let 2 players get the costume and stand on the place of the mob you got the costume from (Instructor must stand in 1 of the circles where an instructor is, same for the other side). The important thing is, the casting may not be broken, so there must be a constant 6 casters. If you don’t do this, the Demon Lord will appear and instant kill everyone. Once you’re in the circle, hit the costume and start casting with the special skill bar you got.

This is the time when your party can kill the mob in your circle. Loot the body (Which drops a costume) and move to the next circle. Let the player who got the 2nd costume stand in the circle, start casting and then the party can kill the mob again. Loot body, move to next circle, etc, etc. When you done this the barrier is gone and you can continue to clear.
Zurhidon Messenger

This boss has 3 Phases.

  1. His first form. Not to much HP. This part shouldn’t give you to much problems. The adds will shoot blue lines (Can’t kill the adds) which cause a decent amount of damage. Must be healed by priests. Also try and interrupt every single cast the boss makes to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Phase 2, the Demon Lord respawns him. This is where it gets hard. Basically exactly the same tactic as first phase, but this time the Messenger will give the people debuff which cause a magical damage increase of 300%. THIS MUST BE DISPELLED, because the adds are going to fire the blue lines on those persons. If you don’t dispell this you’ll most certainly die. For the rest, the tactic is the same.
  3. Phase 3, the Demon Lord spawns and comes to fight. Tank should tank the Demon Lord and the rest should focus on the adds which become vulnerable 1 by 1. Kill them 1 by 1, at the end you’ll start to receive some high AoE damage, but keep killing the adds. Once you done this the fight is over.

It’s not smart to use Blood Arrow at this boss and I advise everyone to fully buff up with attack power and above all HP and magical defense.

Hall of the Demon Lord

Level Requirement: 55+
Bosses: 5
This is a 12-man instance

Before you start the fight. To enter the last chamber (Sirloth’s Chamber) you need to kill Gestero and have the Quest Item(Epic Quest Line IV).

For this instance I will also try to post a detailed description of how to do the trashmobs.
Entrance to Naos

You shouldn’t have any problems with the first set of mobs, should be like you always do it.

At a certain point there’s entrance which has a path which goes down. This is the part where it goes tricky-mode. You’ll need a priest with soulbound ready (Only 1 soulbound).

The gate which activates the alarm

As soon you go trough the doorway it gives an intruder alert. This triggers an effect which spawns alot of mobs from crevices which spawn. You’ll also find 2 rooms in this small path. Each of these rooms has a miniboss. You need to kill both of them to get 2 rune pieces. These 2 rune pieces are required to deactive the pillars which deactive the spawning of mobs.

The crevice and the miniboss

The usual tactic is, as soon you walk in (Use nobodies rum), kill the first miniboss, loot it (1 person should get both the runes). After that walk straight to next room. Die just around the corner inside the room. Please remember, as soon you leave the room of the miniboss, it triggers the intruderalert effect again.

The priest will resurrect once the intruderalert mobs have disappeard. You’ll now have to kill the 2nd miniboss. This boss has a 18k AoE and needs to be killed fast.

This is the place where to die

After that give the player who is in possesion of the 2 runes ‘Speed’ and let him use Nobodies Rum. Run further down the path and activate the 2 pillars.

The 2 pillars which have to be activated.

After this you’ll have to kill some mobs again. You’ll soon reach 2 executioners. Each of them drop a Condemned Rune. 2 players should have 1 rune each. You can use them for this bossfight.

This is a pretty easy boss. Tank takes it to the middle and tanks it there. It basically has 3 skills it can do.

  1. Titanic Attack – There’s no worries on this one
  2. Blasting Cyclopne, a nasty AoE skill which is for the melee range. Avoid the damage of this skill.
  3. Hurricane, the one you should really pay attention for. Hurricane is his ability making him immune and aggroing someone. Run away from this at all cost. There’s a way to disable the Hurricane faster. The Condemned Rune. After he casted 2x Titantic Attack both the runes should be put down on the ground…. Blasting Cyclone interrupts the placing down so watch out. The runes have to be clicked 4 times. A player can only click a rune once. Once this is done the rune will light up. There will be a glowing line between the 2 runes. If the tank pulls Naos in this line during Hurricane the boss goes to sleep allowing you to do alot more damage.

Naos to Yash

There’s anoter Intruder Alert on your way to Yash. It starts directly after the boss. You have the transport crystal on your left and a small stairs going up. The top of this stairs = danger zone. Kill the mobs in range first. Use nobodies rum and this time die at the first boss (Don’t forget soulbound).

Resurrect, kill first boss, run to second boss and die again. Same story as Entrance to Naos.


Probably the easiest boss in this instance. There are 4 beds, every bed should be ‘taken’ by 1 player.

There’s a few skills Yash has.

  1. Poison, a green fog on the ground. It spawns at players. Jump out of this or else you die.
  2. She calls her servants. At this point the 4 players have to go to their assigned beds. You’ll see adds appear on the beds (Doesn’t have to be all beds 100-75% 1 add, 75-50% 2 add, 50-25% 3 adds, 25%-0 4 adds). At this point the dagger becomes clickable. You have to click the dagger 4x!!!! You’ll receive damage for each time you clicked it. If you do this properly your add will become green.
  3. The adds closes to the entrance (Left and right first bed) have a 150% damage increase buff which can be casted on the boss. Next to that these adds also give you a skill which allows you to cleanse your partymembers with a buff which drains HP from you and adds it to Yash (This debuff is random on partymembers).
  4. The adds further away from the entrance (Far left and right) are only used for the cleanse.

Yash to Aosniya

This shouldn’t be a problem. Please remember 1 thing. Aosniya has a very high aggro range. Huge the wall and go to the right as soon you entered his room.


Aosniya isn’t really hard. Tank pulls it and basically it’s just tank and spank. Whatever you do, don’t hit the adds which will appear, just kill the boss).It’s a bit the same like Jiasha. The tank has to take aggro on the adds though.

Aosniya to Androlier

There should be 1 thing you have to look out for.

  1. Fire-Eating Demon Fairy. This mob can cast Splitter(Which continues to cast after death) which clones himself in 2 new mobs.



This is probably the hardest boss in the instance. Before you walk in you must take full food and have full mana. During this fight you can’t use ANY potions.

When the fight starts it’s important that everyone stays at max range from the boss (Excluding melee ofcourse). This boss has a few abilities:

  1. Meteor attacks, targeted at players (random), jump out of it.
  2. It spawns balls, which can be clicked to re-gain mana. However, using this will increase the power of Androlier. It’s not advised to use the balls.
  3. This boss has phases. Frost(Spear) and Fire(Sword) phases. You start with a Fire phase. This should be no problem. After this turn it resets it aggro (It does this everytime it swap Frost-Fire Fire-Frost). In his Frost phase you have to watch out for the instant kill AoE. Melee must go out of range as well (Except for tank).
  4. When a tank gets both the fire and frost debuff his physical defense is reduced by 75% for 1 minute.

Androlier to Sirloth

Just kill your way up.


This is a boss which combines tactics from other bosses.

When you start the fight he’ll spawn 2 adds. A Melee (Left) and Magic (Right) add. They have to be killed at the same time (Origin).

After that the Demon Lord comes. It has quite a few abilities to try and kill you.

  1. It fears ALOT
  2. It spawns a Demon Hand at a player. This has to be killed. The player affected can’t cast anything and will die if the hand is not killed. (Heart of the Ocean)
  3. It randomly throws a sword at someone which causes damage. However, after that the sword can be picked up and increases melee(It doesn’t affect scouts damage) damage by 60%. The sword does more damage the more aggro the player has.
  4. It has a spell which hits everyone for 10k damage.

At 40% it goes freaky mode Ofcourse this phase has new special abilities as well.

  1. It has an AoE which is divided over the groupmembers if you stick together. So it’s important to stay in 1 group. Skill is called Avalanche.
  2. It fears ALOT (Use nobodies rum to get back in the group fast)
Pasper’s Shrine

Paspers Shrine
Level requirement: 45+
Bosses: 5


Blackhorn Nisorn
Tank and spank. When you aggro him he places barriers at both exits of the room so make sure your whole team is inside when you start fighting.

Blackhorn Dorglas
Shouldnt be that much of a problem but sometimes during the fight he will go to the center of the room where he does some spell to make lightning hit everyone so you have to “hide” behind the pillars and the lightning wont hit you. He also spawns adds, i dont really know what these adds do but they are very weak (like 1000 hp). He goes to the middle to cast the lightning at 75%, 50% and 25%. Adds must be killed since they leech mana from you.

Blackhorn Bareth and Blackhorn Afalen
Two bosses at the same time. Thats pretty much all there is to say. No special abilities except for room AoE and they die rather fast.

Blackhorn Hafiz
Tank and spank. At 75% – 50% and 25% he spawns adds (Everytime more adds) which should be killed by aoe’s since after a while there are quite many.

In this instance the bosses aren’t the problem but the trash is. Theres large groups of linked trash, all with their own special abilities. Take care not to pull very large groups.

Blackhorn Shadow Rogue: summons a ghost that reduces your hitpoints really quick. The damage is % based so this can take out even a lvl 55. The ghosts cant be killed so make sure the rogues die fast.

Blackhorn Silencer: they let big purple circles appear on the floor that silence everyone inside it so move out of them to remove the effect. This appears to bother only casters, melee classes can just kill them. these should be killed asap too.

Blackhorn Terror Servant: does a fear attack, annoying but not deadly.

Blackhorn Axe Soldier: they have quite high damage

the other elites don’t have any mentionable abilities so just kill them

Dungeon of Dalanis

Level requirements: 57+
Bosses: 5

Okander “Mad Man” Mallen

Tactically easy boss, but he really hits hard and does massive aoe hits. Tank should have minimum 30k hp unbuffed and he always needs to turn the boss away form the party, because his hardest hit is a frontal aoe. From time to time boss will disappear from the battlefield and a black spot will signal the place when he will spawn again – AVOID this spot at all costs because its a 1 hit K.O.

The boss also has a large range and a close range AoE and randomly shoots fireballs to other players.

Experiment No.81

There are only 2 things you need to be carefull about. Boss will cast fear spell on the person with highest aggro, this fear needs to be cleaned by a priest, otherwise it will never end. The second thing is that the boss will summon 3 copies of himself, if u dont kill atleast 1 of them fast enough, the real boss will regen his hp.

Experiment No.203

One of the easiest bosses here. He will cast different aoe attacks which can stun you, put dot on you or “eat” your mana. If you stay too long in his aoe radius you will get a stone in your backpack (depending on the attack you just got) – for example, fire stone can dispell ice attack. But really this tactics is unnecessary, tank & spank is the way to go here

Prototype No. 114

Tank & spank boss with 1 thing u need to be aware of, sometimes boss will cast aoe which takes 90% of everyone’s hp, thats why a healer must be prepared to heal up a tank very fast.
There are also 2 types of fogs spawning on the battlefield, one will improve your attack but decrease your defense and the other one will improve your defense but lower your attack ofc
You get 150 attack but you lose 150 def with every buff (or the other way) so those buffs are kinda useless also.

Maxim Erekat III

The only hard boss in the instance. He hits really hard (single target and massive aoe attakcs). There are 2 things u need to know here. At some point a big shield will spawn on the battlefield and everyone needs to run close to it. Right after the boss will stun 1 party member (his name will be mentioned on the screen just like at glamo in HoS) and will start a 3-4 sec cast which is going to one shot the stunned party memeber. To protect him, 1 person needs to click on the shield and stand between stunned character and the boss, you can also try to stun him to interrupt the cast (blasting cyclone, discharge and maybe more skills works here). After you have done it, the boss will fly up and become immune, also he will start spawning dark fog on the ground which takes 5k hp per tick. Everyone needs to avoid this fog, best way to do it is stand in one place and move in one group.

Warnorken Arena

Level Requirements: 57+
Bosses: 5

The Dragon Manticos

(i) Hits nice on tank (11k-15k on level 60) plus random hits on other party member. What is important that everybody stays behind tank (and not between tank and dragon). Similar to Andriol in HoS.
(ii) Every 40-45 seconds of so it goes up in air and has two casts:
-> 120k damage which is split equally between party members (when it comes down)
-> 8 sec debuff on each party member which either petrifies the person for 15 seconds or does 9k damage to ppl close and cancels the debuff (e.g. no petrification).

The standard strategy is to use DS priest skill for the jump. Should be timed to go up at 80% of cast bar when dragon is up.

Or – (i) all stay together when dragons comes down (120k) and (ii) start running in pairs at 6 seconds of the stone debuff (and make sure ppl run in pairs so that they cancel the stone debuff on each other)

The great Gladiator Mukhan

I think the best boss in WA. Does damage on tank + lot of AoE (like 3-4k per tick) and a couple of short term debuffs (like knock down). It also has a stacking debuff which reduces your all your abilities.

The special part is when he “pulls everybody to himself” and starts an 4 second cast. You need to run away (good reflexes and no speed buff it is easily possible) or you take a 90% HP hit followed by one of his favorite Aoe DoT’s. You can also take the hit and use phiri and survive (some lazy priests always take the hit.

So it is run away / run back / dps.

Consul Marachi

Tank & spank and healer’s boss. Tank turns away rest dps from behind.

She has 2 different DoTs: the green one and the red one, they both reduce healing by 75% and deal 4k damage over time. To remove the red DoT, players need to stand together (very close, same pixel even), to remove the green one they need to spread out.

It also has stacking buff that increases aggro of party members (vs. tank) but for a good tank it should not be an issue at all. Otherwise ppl need to watch aggro.

Sir Reven Von Jura

This is the messy fight category. The boss has a couple of special abilities:
– 4k DoT to everybody
– nice frontal AoE (I think Sword Breath Strike)
– Shadow prison for the tank (10 seconds) – or rather frontal SP (needs confirmation on this)
– casts circles on the ground over random party members, that will do damage and drain mana BIG times if the person does not move out within 1-2 seconds (it can be on tank while in SP). On top if a person fails to move out it will add a stacking ability boost to the boss.

Strategy: tank should slowly kite the boss around the room always watching the position of others (especially healers) to make sure there is room for them to move. Nobody’s rum is STILL breaking the SP cast by the boss – so it is advised for the tank. Priest should really try to avoid the circles – tank can stand it with mana return, phiri pot and good healing.

5th boss is 3 + 4 together but significantly weaker.

There are multiple strategies:
1. Tank takes them both.
2. Someone off tanks.
3. Scout kites lady.
In all case recommended (at least we do) to kill man first.

What i have observed that in case you use two tanks (either off tank or scout kiting) the bosses will debuff the tank of the other. E.g.
If tank is on Man – will get the red rose debuff (less healing)
If scout is on Woman – will get the circles.

The good news is that circles disappear – so the room is less messy and better for kiting.


Spiderboss, can spawn-by-kill. Only ranged attack for this boss (Except for tank ofcourse). Has very high AoE so make sure you’re out of AoE range. It stuns the tank now and then but nothing to worry about. At 50% it spawns adds for every member in your group. Make sure you kill these adds. They are lvl 35 elite. At approx. 15-25% it transports tank away and resets aggro. At this point, adds wont spawn. Tank has to come back and take over aggro fast. It’s important to kill it fast at the last 20%^to avoid the spidie to do it again.

Ice Witch spawn, once again spawn-by-kill. Works about the same as Anselva, actually it works exactly the same as Anselva.

Scion Locface
High AoE. At around 25% it starts to ”daze” people. You just need a priest that groups heals so it heals up the dot.

Peaceful Angore
1 of the CL bosses, probably the easiest. High damage on tank and spawns 2 adds sometimes. Also has AoE stuns and stuns tank quite often to. Really need some good healing and tanking here because he hits like a train.

You can stand Tank – Healer – Healer or if you have good HP and def people just have 1 healer to group heal all the time.

Also 1 of the CL bosses. This 1 is harder. He has alot more damage and it has a ”double AoE” which can crit up to 8.5k or so. No adds, so that’s easier. Can use same tactics as Peaceful.

Stealth Boss, no double AoE but a pretty much high damage on tank. Also again AoE stuns and all stuff. Need a really strong tank for this. Can use same tactics as Angore.

The hardest CL bosses. This 1 is a beast. He has no AoE, but for this 1 you need def mode, I had def Sigil, Def mode and my armor buff (35k def) and it still crits me for 4k. it hits like a train and it hits high. You need really fast and good heals here.

Ice Burst Locklay
Cave Boss next to Camp Malair. It’s an easy boss till 25%, just tank and spank. It stuns quite often and especially on tank it stuns alot. Sometimes it spawns 3 adds. Just kill them. Big AoE (6k or so, non-critage on clothies) and. At 25% he goes Berserk, and you gotta pray it doesn’t do a crit AoE then (crit AoE = 10k or so), kill it as fast as you can in Berserk, because it’s damage is insane in Berserk. It also has an AoE freeze which gives a heal-debuff. You can use cleanse on this debuff.

Worr Binnpike
What you need for this is a high HP tank and atleast 2 very high HP healers. (Healers should have around 14k+ HP, hero pot/anything that boosts HP adviced).
Basically you can almost stand anywhere with this boss, just stay inside healing range It has an AoE with 10-14k crits, and it random charges people for 10k + damage. It also has a 4 sec fear and above all a 8 sec silence (Nasty one). So always keep regenerate on tank as he wont receive heals for 8 seconds. This hide tactic can be done as well. If you stand behind the trees or the wall he wont charge you/AoE wont hit you. Note that if you can cast at them they can hit you too, so you may need to move slightly when you see AoE being cast.

Lynn Binnpike
Same tactic as above, just Lynn seems to be slightly easier, also not a guaranteed ”rare” drop. And doesn’t reset HP if you wipe.

Ant Queen
A very hard boss, spawns once in 24h. You need 6 tanks, main tank should always be a knight, off-tanks can be r/k, w/k or anything similar. Let the main tank get aggro (I advice to use Hero Potions for extra dex). Queen random ”eggs” people, this can be dispelled. Till 75% you should not have much problems if the tank keeps aggro. At 75% it spawns 3 adds, the tanks should take aggro and the DPS should ALL focus on these adds. After the adds have been killed, get back on the Queen.

At 50% it spawns 4 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen.

At 25% it spawns 5 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen. The last 25% is just tank and spank.

Priests and Druids cannot res people while they are in combat themselves. That’s why there should be outside-ressers. People who are not in the group and not in combat can resurrect anyone who died. Just shout in Zone Chat where you died. Note that these ressers should not buff the players after ressing since this will start combat.

I don’t have alot of experience in Sharleedah. You need a full raid if you want to ignore the pillars(*). Tank will receive alot of damage, and has to turn the boss away from the party since it has a frontal AoE. Everyone has to DPS the boss (Food is required, since it really needs to go fast). Sharleedah will spawn mobs in the outer circle of the room you’re fighting it in. Stun these mobs (discharge rotation) or let several tanks (not the main tank who keeps Sharleedah busy!) take aggro over it while the rest keeps DPS’ing Sharleedah. There’s a chance you’ll wipe if your DPS is too low or when the mages fail to discharge in time. You’ll have 0 FPS so that’s always a good thing

(*) = Pillars spawn regularly, which will buff Sharleedah when not killed. However, some will be immune from the start, so it’s easier to just kill Sharleedah quickly than to try find non-immune pillars.


Not much to say about Hackman.

7m hp boss without any special skill, all you need to do is kill adds from time to time, because they will put DoT on all party members for 20 secs, if you succeed and kill them fast enough the DoT will disappear.

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