Runes of Magic Secondary Class FAQ

Runes of Magic Secondary Class FAQ by kailii

Since everybody seems to ask how to add a secondary class to your character these times, let me share with you what i have found out so far – corrections are welcome as i only have experience in the open beta.

1) How to obtain a secondary class?
At first you need to be level 10. Then you need to go to Silverspring, the area north of Howling Mountains.
Enter the city of Varanas and head down all the way to the south-eastern part of the city. Check your map for teleporters to ease your journey.
Talk to the trainer of the secondary class of your choosing but BEWARE! Once you have selected a secondary class there is (so far) no way back! You cannot delete the secondary class and choose another.

2) Class restrictions
Your secondary class can never be higher in level than your primary one. So when a level 10 Knight chooses Scout as a secondary class, he will start out as a level 1 Scout. But this means once he selects the Scout as a primary class, he will be demoted to level 1 Knight. Step by step:

level 10 Knight choosing Scout as secondary -> 10 Knight, 1 Scout.
Switching Scout to be the primary class -> 1 Scout, 1 Knight.
Leveling up as a Scout -> 2 Scout, 2 Knight
Switching Knight to be the primary class -> 10 Knight, 2 Scout.

Watch out for equipment when switching class as your primary class dictates what you can wear. When switching from Knight to Scout you will find out that your equipment is still there but it will not function because the Scout cannot wear it.
This fact lead to a very compromising event for me as i was running around pretty much naked once i obtained my second class. Plan ahead, don’t sell that green weapon usable at level 5…

3) Class switching
You need a house to do so, but you can get one for free at Logar. Switching (via your house maiden) is a bit tricky: First select your new primary class in the upper hand of the popup window, then select the secondary one.

4) What skills from my secondary class can i use?
The skill window is already made up of three tabs: Normal, and Class-specific.
The Tab is the important one here. You can use all the skills listed under “Priest”, for example Regeneration, when your primary class is let’s say Warrior – or anything else. But you cannot use any “Priest Class-specific” skills like Wave Armor as long as your primary class is still the Warrior.

Some more restrictions are in place however: Knights get a shield bash skill, but a (primary) mage will never be able to use it as mages cannot wear shields.

5) Watch the power pool.
Skills draw on different sources of power, mana for mages for example.
Scouts have a different pool, which means a mage/scout character has two power pools to draw upon.
This is both a boon and a curse, as the idea of having two independent power pools surely looks nice. On the other hand a mage/priest drawing on mana alone would equip items affecting both intelligence and wisdom to increase his/her pool for the sake of both classes.

6) Likewise – Abilities
Abilities are Strength, Intelligence and the like, and you will want to consider the combined effect of your two classes.
Knights for example get a passive skill enhancing their armor value by a few percentages. If you want to create a Mage/Knight, the actual bonus for the Mage is very slim as Mages don’t usually have very strong armor. Enhancing this very low armor value by a few percent does you no good at all…

On the other hand, mages get decent Dexterity to avoid hits – well, sometimes. If you want to build on that Dexterity you might want to choose a rogue or scout as a second class, building on that advantage.

7) Considerations
Almost every combination of classes is actually valid. Older games like Everquest offered only one class for each player, allowing them to distribute ability points (like +1 to strength) for some form of individualication. Now we have dual classes, which i really do not consider worse.
As for me, i am going with a traditional Priest/Mage so far. But not because it’s popular for the moment – any patch might change it – but its popular for me: I always liked playing “support” characters like my Druid in Everquest, the Engineer in Anarchy Online or the Ranger in Horizons just to name a few old ones.

Most likely you will have a different taste, and RoM will easily make it happen for you. But if you like to take a final advice from me: When selecting your secondary class, listen to your stomach and not your brain. After all all we are doing in this virtual world is about having fun – and not about trying to be the top dog playing the top class in the top league all the time.

See you out there!

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