Runes of Magic Basic Farming Guide

Runes of Magic Basic Farming Guide by Sekkurikka

To be able to farm in anyway either single target or AoE farming you need to see how strong you are and how well you can handle your character and all other things.
To make things easy for you i will make a list of the classes based on there farming potential overall ( single target and aoe farming )
1. Mage
2. Warrior/Rogue/Scout
3. Warden/Druid ( the may not be 3rd place material but since there elite skillz arent all complete they are not fully developed so i cant know if there better then the above classes or not )
4. Priest/Knight

Now that you know what are you capable of its time to et to the part were you slaughter innocent monsters a.k.a MOBS. But how will you know who to kill ??? Killing aimlessly will only make you lose money from potions/repair/food etc. so here is my advice to you : Scout AH see what sells nice and is also easily farmable and go for it
The best choice ofc for your average farmer are the Daily Items. Also try to aim for places that have a multitude of drops as runes/tems/dailies to be able to get maximum cash for a small effort

Step 3 : LOOT
Yes you have finally killed the prey and now its time to loot there corpses. Basicly here the idea is to loot everything out of 2 reasons :
1. To sell the loot either to npc shops or in AH or to simply use the item looted
2. By looting mobs will spawn faster and thus you can kill more not to mention if some1 else is farming beside you he will be able to farm as well and your all happy ^^ Who knows maybe he will give you some small gift :giggle:
Now lets talk about those epic loots that are good to use as weapons and i mean the Purple weapons/armor. If you need it yeah loot it if you dont but dont want to waste such a nice item you can try to sell it. But how ? You can’t sell Bound items in AH can you ?? Of course not silly BUT you can sell them unlooted so here is the thing.
You open the loot menue and dont loot just stand there with it open and shout either in world chat or in zone that you want to sell the item if your lucky you get a buyer. Invite him in party tell him to come to you and when he is next to you loot the item and DO NOT PASS!! until he pays ofc after he pays you will press the pass button and tada you just made a nice amount of cash from a tiny little mob

Well not refine it with jewels or anything. Im talking about increasing the loot’s worth in gold via transmutation
Remeber those pesty runes you keep getting from mobs ??? Well they can be sold too but they dont exactly brind you mountains of gold do they?? Well fear no more cause now with a little help from your transmutation you can get a lot more gold
Transforming runes into advanced runes like Atonement or Guts will bring you more gold and thus raise your income BUT be aware that they dont come cheap. More powerfull runes require more materials ( more runes of different kinds ) and the higher the tier the more mats as well so you better use Step 2 again to see which runes sell best and are also pretty easy to make.

Yes instances bring a lot of gold sometimes depending on your luck. Here it depends on the group you go as well since some of them dont like it when you roll for a stat and then sell so just ask before you do anything. Also to know what stats sell good and which are npc selling material use Step 2 again )

Yes by now you have probably mastered Step 2 and already have a decent knowledge on how to make gold but theres still 1 more trick to make gol. AH playing as i like to call it is basicly buying cheap and sell expensive. Easy you say ??? Well not so easy. You need a decent amount of gold to have a really good income from this tactic and also a very good knowledge of the AH.

So there you have it ladies and gents my guide on how to make gold in RoM by not spending 1 cent on the game )
Hope you enjoyed it and was helpfull in anyway to you people.

Cheers and GL farming )

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