Runes of Magic Ancient Treasure Hunt Guide

Runes of Magic Ancient Treasure Hunt Guide by gaudvinas

How to get: find NPC Kat Rojo in Varanas central plazza. Accept her daily quest Proceed to the Scar of Despair Camp, talk to her once more and select I will proceed to the Scar of Despair camp at Sescillia Steppes. You will be warped to another NPC, Ange Rasa. You can start mini game by talking to her.

Rewards: rank 3/7 tier 1/3 runes, phirius coins, guild mats, mats to get 30 day mount, level 50 epic (purple) recipes
*more info on runes in

Reward titles:
Treasure Seeker
(complete the mini game once and talk to Ange Rasa to receive)
Ghost Cavalier Criminal (complete the mini game 10 times and talk to Ange Rasa to receive)
Ruins Investigation Team Hero (exchange with Ange Rasa for 30 Ruin Investigation Team Medals)
Treasure Hunter (complete the mini game 50 times and talk to Ange Rasa to receive)

General game rules: entrance fee is 30 phirius coins. Once inside, you get 10 minutes to complete the game. All of your primary and secondary class abilities are disabled, but you get other unique abilities for this mini game. Game goal is to reach treasure room in the very center of game area, loot treasures and exit the game within the time limit.

Invisibility – infinite use ability. 1 seconds cast, 30 seconds cooldown. You become invisible for 15 seconds, so enemies won’t attack you. Ghost guard dogs will dispel this effect if they get near you!
Feign death – infinite use ability. Instant cast, 60 seconds cooldown. You drop down on the floor, leaving combat and making enemies loose interest in you. After ~15-20 seconds enemies go away from your “corpse” and resume their standard movement paths. You then must manually stop this ability by right clicking it’s icon in upper right corner near map, because you’ll lay on the floor for 5 minutes otherwise.
Snipe – infinite use ability. 2 seconds cast, 180 seconds cooldown. You 1-hit kill any enemy.
Binding Chains – infinite use ability. 1 second cast, 20 seconds cooldwon. You root your enemy in place for 10 seconds. Ghost archers can still attack and use their abilities under root effect!
Azure rejuvenation – 1 time use ability. 2(?) seconds cast, 15(?) seconds cooldown. Restores your hp – about 60k.
Ghost Cavalier Transformation – 1 time use ability. Instant cast, 3 seconds cooldwon. You transform into Ghost Cavalier for 15 seconds, instantly leaving combat and making all enemies ignore you.
Protective Shield – 1 time use ability. Instant cast, 1 second cooldown. You become invincible for 15 seconds. Good ability in combination with feign death.
Poison Gas Trap – 1 time use ability. 2 seconds cast, 3 seconds cooldown. Never really used this ability, will update after I try it out.

NPCs and objects:
Ghost Soldier – melee enemy, walking from one point of his path to another. Engages player in melee combat and uses standard attacks. No strategy is required for him – just use hide to pass, or root him and get far enough to leave the combat.
Ghost Archer – ranged enemy, walking from one point of his path to another. In combat slows (5 seconds) and fears (5 seconds) the player, attacks both from range and in melee, pass while hidden or snipe those.
Ghost Guard Dog – melee enemy, running from one point of his path to another. Can dispel invisibility, so either avoid or snipe them.
Ghost Cavalier Commander – melee enemy. Don’t know much about him, because I usually enter room C from other side then he is.
Stone Totem Fragment – usable object. Collect 5 of those during mini game to exchange them for medal from NPC Ange Rasa. Medals can be exchanged for additional rewards from her.
Purifying Candlestick – usable object. Use it to obtain Flame of Purity effect. After you loose the effect (use it up or it is down after 3 minutes), you can use either same or another purifying candlestick to receive the effect again.
Cave Ghost
– barrier, blocking your way from one room to another. If you have Flame of Purity effect, you can destroy the barrier. The effect is used up in the process.
Elemental Candlestick – usable object. After activating 3 elemental candlesticks, door to secret treasure room opens. After numerous runs I’m finally 100% sure all 3 candlesticks change their position slightly, but are always in the same room (1 in each B room and 1 in room C), so if you enter a room and don’t see a candlestick in standard position, just look around a bit and you’ll find it.
Box of Destiny – usable object. Player receives random bonus 1 time use ability after opening this chest.
Ancient Treasure Chest – usable object. There are 2 rows of these chests in secret room. They contain either random number of phirius coins, random number of guild resources (blue wood/ore/herb mats) or rare weapon recipe scroll.
Jade Treasure Chest – usable object. There is 1 row of these chests in secret room. Every chest has random rank 3/4/5/6/7 tier 1/2/3 rune.
Amethyst Treasure Chest – usable object. If you manage to lift all 3 elemental candlesticks quicken then in 6 minutes, a row of these chests is added in treasure room to addition to normal chests. These chests containmats for 30 day mount.
Transport Candlestick
– usable object. It appears in the center of secret room once you get inside of it. You can use it to exit mini game while the time still isn’t up.

Strategy —Priority to medals—:
After paying 30 phirius coins the door is opened and you start randomly in one of the A rooms. 1 use of hide should be enough to pass the ghost soldier, take the fragment, get the flame effect, destroy barrier (they are marked blue), retake effect if the candlestick is near and move to the B room. Green circles indicate fragments, and your first goal should be visiting all 4 A rooms (3 are left) and getting all 4 fragments and treasure chests with abilities in them. Don’t bother to loot all ability chests – only go for those that are on your way – time is more important then those extra heals or traps. On your way from A to B to A both red circles must be used (they indicate elemental candlesticks). In your 2nd or 3rd play you’ll already know every enemy movement paths and aggro zones, so only snipe dogs/archers (priority to snipe dogs, as they dispel invisibility) that are causing trouble and just pass other enemies while invisible. If you accidentally aggro enemies in any B room, run into one of A room corners – if they haven’t lost you then you have to use feign death – that kills ~30 secs but it’s better then dying.

You should collect all 4 fragments in ~6-7 minutes. If you have less then 3 minutes left, it might be better to stop collecting fragments and move to room C. Last fragment can be obtained without even using hide – neither archer nor dog gets close enough – but last candlestick can be troublesome. If you were lucky enough to get transformation ability, use it to get to the candlestick and then run into a secret room D (once you use all 3 candlesticks a secret door – marked gray – opens), if not, use hide/shield, use the candlestick, and then run into secret room. Mobs usually leave you after you enter the room, but if you’re unlucky (yeah, sometimes that happens) and they still attack you after you’re inside the room, then either feign death, snipe (if there’s only 1 enemy) or transform. Once you’re inside room D start looting from jade treasure chest that contain runes.

Strategy —Priority to amethyst chests—:
If you’re more interested in recipes and mounts, there are some changes in your route from previous strategy.

No matter which A room you start in, you should grab a fragment and chest with ability before moving to room B – it won’t take longer then 20 secs and you have plenty of time. While in room B, shoot the dog or archer that is on your way to elemental candlestick – better to shoot the dog imho – and after lifting candlestick use one of 2 bigger A rooms to reach other B room. Grabbing fragment and another ability on your way through A room is a good option too. 

Using room C to get to another B room might seem as a good option because the way is shorter, but it’s not. Reasons – there are dogs in both sides of the room, so you can’t use invisibility, and atm you probably don’t have enough shield/transformation to get candlestick, destroy barrier and get into room B with so many enemies on your tale.

Once you get into second B room, go for second candlestick – snipes cooldown should be near the end – and after using it make your way to C room. Use any means to use the 3rd elemental candlestick and run into secret room and feign death. After ~5 seconds inside the room, all mobs in C room disappear. Collect the chests and if you have enough time go for last 2 fragments – one in C room should be easy now with no enemies left, so your last aim is forth A room.

After using all 3 candlesticks I usually ignore treasure chests and go for fragments. If nothing unexpected happens, after getting 5th fragment I have 3+ minutes left – more then enough to get back to room D, loot the chests and exit mini game with some time left.

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