Runes of Magic Arcane Transmutor Guide

Runes of Magic Arcane Transmutor Guide by Xitwoundz

I wrote this in my old guild on my mage but it might be useful here. I am not sure if anyone has done anything like this but I believe its short clear and gives a better understanding to enhancing equipment.

This is a basic and quick guide just to help you guys get started. I’ll try to keep this simple, yet try to help you understand about mana stones, fusion stones and using the arcane transmutor. This guide will teach you how to use fusion stones to make reasonably strong equipment – until you reach a level in the game at which you can get higher, yellow or even orange stats.

To create a single item that has reasonable stats there are a few things you will need.
1. 3x Fusion Stone (This is the most common and cheapest way to enhance equipment.)
2. 1x Equipment (When picking equipment you should look for high durability items. Anything above 107 durability is good enough and try to get an item that is at the highest possible level that you can wear. Also make sure the item has no stats already on it.)
3. 3x Stats (This is fairly simple, but will be explained further down. You will need 3 stats preferably the highest stats you can find.)
4. 4x AT (Arcane Transmutor) Charges (Arcane charges can be brought using phirius tokens which you can get from doing daily quests. 3 dailys will buy 1 charge.)

OK, first things first, when choosing fusion stones, you must find 3 stones with exactly the same stats. This is because a piece of equipment can only inherit 6 stats overall and will only inherit the lowest stats from a mana stone.

Now this can be quite hard, however, you can visit and install an add-on called “Advanced Auction House” – this will make it easier to filter fusion stones for the exact stats you would like.

The cheapest way to enhance equipment is to buy fusion stones with 3 stats on each. For example, I am a Mage, so I would buy 3x fusion stones with identical stats: 3 stamina,3 wisdom,3 intelligence. If it’s possible to get hold of them.

Next I would purchase a piece of equipment, like a robe, with 110 durability and no stats on it – at as close to my character’s level as possible.

Now, if you’re a low level char, trying to get hold of high level stats is near on impossible. So here’s what to do:
Open the auction house and select “Armor” then in the level boxes you need to type 50 – 60 – click search. It will take a few minutes to load so be patient. Once loaded, click the tab that says “Auction Price” – so that it puts the lowest price at the top. Now comes the hunt – slowly work your way through the list until you find an item with a single high level green stat. For example I would buy 1x 51 stamina, 1x 51 intelligence, 1x 40 intelligence on any item. The stat must be on its own and cannot be exactly the same stat as any you already have, because it will just stack them and you will be a stat short of what you need.

Ok so now you should have 3x fusion stones with identical stats – 3 on each. 3 pieces of equipment with non identical, higher level, single stats. And a high durability piece of equipment. Now make sure you have loaded your charges into your AT and collected all items from your mailbox. Then open your back pack and AT. Now place 1x fusion stone and 1x piece of equipment in the AT and at the bottom should be a preview of the result – a mana stone with 4 stats, 3 stats from your fusion stone and 1 stat from your equipment item. Do the same with the last 2 fusion stones and pieces of equipment with high stats until you have 3x mana stones. Now place your 3 mana stones and your high durability clean item into the AT you should now have a preview of your item with 3 low level stats taken from the fusion stones and 3 high level stats taken from you equipment items. Click confirm and you should now have your item with 6 complete stats and ready to use. Below is a list of the exact stats I had and the item I would receive as a finishing result.

Before AT.
3x fusion stone’s stats = Stamina +3, Intelligence +3, wisdom +3.
1x Equipment High stat = 51 intelligence.
1x Equipment High stat = 51 stamina.
1x Equipment High stat = 40 intelligence.

After fusion stones are combined with items.
1x mana stone stat = Stamina +3, Intelligence +3, wisdom +3, 51 intelligence.
1x mana stone stat = Stamina +3, Intelligence +3, wisdom +3, 51 Stamina.
1x mana stone stat = Stamina +3, Intelligence +3, wisdom +3, 40 intelligence.

Final Item.

1x Robe with the following stats:

Durability 110 (this provides a +20% modifier as shown below)
3.6 stamina
3.6 intelligence
3.6 wisdom
61.2 intelligence
61.2 stamina
48 intelligence

Now, I have tried my hardest to cover as much as possible in as little as possible. The main factors to always remember is that an item will always inherit the lowest stat over a higher stat and that an item cannot hold more than 6 stats. If you get your fusion stones with 4 stats on each, all low level and add a high level to each, you will end up with your equipment having 6 low stats and losing your high level stats. through my notes I noticed I didn’t mention about tier’s an item has a tier so be careful when u choose your items as 2x tier 2 items and 1x tier 3 will make 2x tier 2 mana stones and 1x tier 3 mana stone which cant be combined.

Feel free to add to this guide or if you need help post your comments and I’ll try to answer as best I can. I am not a pro at enhancing equipment, but I have learned many things and will do my best to answer any questions. If you need help while on ROM just send me a whisper.


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