Fists of FU Tips

Fists of FU Tips by jdolla351

Hi there, thought I’d share a few things that can make FoF easier but you might not think about or notice immediately.

-FoF uses a zone instead of an Auction House, called the Plaza, and the button to enter is located under the mini map in the top right of your screen

-Titles can give you benefits such as experience or HP increases, press T to check your available titles and hover your mouse over the title to see if it gives a stat increase

-Jumping while running makes you move faster, so if you’re racing to the zone in to try and beat the timer, try jumping

-PvP doesn’t consume fatigue, so you never run out of things to do

-Pressing “N” will open up a map view in which you can see if there are any available quests, so you don’t have to run back and forth to check when you level up

-Magical Armor Penetration and Magical Crit (and I assume Physical AP and Crit) stack. This means that if you have both on a weapon and they both happen to activate, their bonuses multiply on top of each other leading to very big hits

-You get your first job advancement at 20

-In order to use an item, you must first place it in your 1-6 action bar in the bottom left of the screen and then you can use it in an instance/dungeon

-If someone has a gold/yellow name its because they’re a VIP member

-The “A” “S” “D” skills each have a type of skill that can fit in that slot, so you get one “A” skill, etc

-If you die and don’t resurrect, you still gain all of the items/experience you have collected up to the point of your death

-Enchanting up to and including +9 has a chance to fail and lower the item value by 1. At +10 you have a chance to destroy/damage the item (I haven’t tried this myself but read that someone lost something while trying to +10 it). +8 to +9 ur weapon will not break, but from +9 to +10 it will break

-You can only change between your two sets of skills 50 times before needing an item, and by sets of skills I’m referring to the A and B sets of skills which you can switch between with the “B” button

-Mage : You CAN jump and teleport at the same time. You don’t necessarily have to touch the ground in order to teleport.

– instead of running for years to get to another map, there’s a teleport map that costs very little that is located right next to the mini map in the upper right part of the screen, its the top icon on the left of that little minimap. it costs a small amount of coin (2500 tops) depending on the distance you want to teleport, but it does save time

–  to avoid accidentally using skill shifts by accident, take the option off your keyboard completely. Go to in-game control settings, replace your skill shift key (default is B) with a key already being used for some other effect (eg ‘a’), then go to that other effect and change it back to (eg ‘a’). That way, nothing you press will activate skill shift.

– if you’re a new player and strapped on money, dont waste money buying keys and identifying books if the items that you get during normal dungeon runs are worth less than an average of 500+40. even if you got something good at that stage, you almost definitely will get something better through drops and quests – at that stage.

I’m sure that wasn’t groundbreaking information, but hopefully it will help a few of you, good luck! =)

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