Fists of FU Fortune Cookie Gears List

Fists of FU Fortune Cookie Permanent Gears List by boo_me

Fortune Cookie

*[MALE] Permanent Gears*
Swimmer’s Sunglasses

*[FEMALE] Permanent Gears*
Swimmer’s Hairstyle
Bunny Top

*[UNISEX] Permanent Gears*
Angelic Sword Skin

*[MALE] Gears With Duration*
Shogun Armor (1 Month)
Karate Headband (1 Week)

*[FEMALE] Gears With Duration*
Party Girl Hairstyle (2 Weeks)
Martial Guardian Armor (1 Week // 2 Weeks)
Martial Guardian Arm Guard (1 Week)
Princess Gloves (4 Weeks)
Bunny Shorts (1 Week)
Bunny Shoes (1 Week)

*[UNISEX] Gears With Duration*
School Girl Hairstyle (2 Weeks)
School Girl Shoes (1 Week)
Frying Pan (2 Weeks)
Toilet Plunger (2 Weeks)

HP Potion 10K (Auto restores HP, only contains 10k of hp, then it is gone.)
MP Recovery T3 (Automatically restores 100% of MP bar.)
Ginsengs (When dead, allows option to revive // PvE Only)

Perfect Socket Stone (100% Success Rate to open up unmade sockets used for Embedding.)
Mysterious Stones (Gives you a random Gem Stone.)
Lucky Pearls (Increases the chance on successfully enchanting/forging items.)

*Boost Books*
PvP Exp Book 25% (7 Days)
Exp Book 25% (7 Days)

*Miscellaneous Things*
Trumpet (Megaphone for shouting)
Megaphone (Able to shout world channel)
Skill Shift (Swaps your skills from Set A to Set B)

Halloween Fortune Cookie

*[UNISEX] Gears With Duration*
Chainsaw Sword Skin (1 Week)

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