Fists of FU Magician Class Guide

Fists of FU Magician Class Guide by elman0

1. The Magician [TM]
2. Skill Tree [ST]
3. Skills [SK]
-Fireball [S1]
-Boulder Bash [S2]
-Thunderbolt [S3]
-Heavenly Staff [S4]
-Freezing Blow [S5]
-Brutal Staff [S6]
-Dragon’s Rage [S7]
-Radiant Burst [S8]
-Passives [S9]
4. Combos [CM]
5. PvE [PE]
6. PvP [PP]

1. The Magician [TM]
The magician is primarily a ranged fighter. We have many abilities to get out of melee distance, and to punish anything that follows us. While our melee ability is the worst of all three classes, we greatly make up for it with our ability to deal massive amounts of damage at range, and control the flow of battle with our spells.
-Strong and versatile spells
-Excellent ranged ability
-Teleport (V) is a great tool in both PvE and PvP

-Dreadful melee
-Lowest health of all the classes

(I need more pros and cons, suggestions welcome)

Skills [SK]
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“Launches three consecutive fire balls to blast the enemy. Deals 170%/200%/230% damage per hit.
Attribute: Magic

Fireball is a decent spell; it deals consistent damage and has a good chance to burn on the last fireball. Unfortunately it’s outclassed in PvE by Heavenly/Brutal Staff and in PvP by Freezing Blow. With Heavenly Staff Activated your standard magic (x) attack does comparable damage to fireball. Ultimately useless.

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“Summons giant boulders to strike the enemy from above. Deals 1000%/1100%/1300% damage per hit.”
Attribute: Physical

Due to its physical nature boulder bash is even worse then fireball. While the huge damage percentage may look attractive, the area of effect of the attack is much smaller, and harder to aim. Once again this is completely outclassed by the attack buffs and Freezing Blow.

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“Releases a strong bolt of lightning striking all enemies within. Deals 90%/100%/120% damage per hit.”
Attribute: Magic

One of the best spells in the Magician’s arsenal. Has a huge area of effect, both vertically and horizontally, and deals an obscene amount of damage. 120% doesn’t sound like much but the skill hits more then 10 times (an exact number would be nice, if you would be so kind). Best of all it can be used with Heavenly Staff, as it is a second tier skill, increasing its damage even more. Thunderbolt can one-shot many of the low level bosses, and severely injure the high level ones. It is also very useful as a finisher in PvP.

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“Increases own magical attack by 50/100/160 for a duration of 90 seconds.”

My favourite spell thus far. Increases the damage of not only your magic attribute skills, but also your magic (X) attacks. Used in conjunction with Thunderbolt it makes a devastating combo. The buff lasts an entire 90 seconds, making it extremely easy to keep up at all times. It’s even more useful when you consider that the best magician spells are magic based (thunderbolt, radiant burst) not physical (boulder bash, dragon’s rage)

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“Releases a ring of ice which is able to instantly freeze any enemies within the radius for a duration of 2/3/3 seconds.”

I haven’t found much use for this in PvE but in PvP this skill really shines. When used it stops your opponent from making any action for an entire 3 seconds, letting you unleash your best flurry of attacks on them without resistance. Make sure you try to use the skill when your opponent is on the ground, because it will freeze them even if they are in the air. Possible use in PvE is to freeze bosses, but in general Heavenly Staff is far more useful.

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“Increases own physical attack by 50/100/160 for a duration of 90 seconds.”

Almost as good as heavenly staff, however due to it’s physical property it is less useful. The physical spells available to the mage are inferior compared to their magic counterparts. If you intend on becoming a Divine Magician as a second class pick this up, as the Divine Magician is based primarily on physical attacks.

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“Unleashes a ferocious combination skill using all the elements of nature. Deals 68%/77%/86% damage per hit.”
Attribute: Physical

For a physical based mage this is essentially the only useful skill you’ll get. Even so, its damage is comparable to Thunderbolt and as a third tier skill, that’s pretty poor. Dragon’s Rage does 3 hits in melee, followed by a weakened version of thunderbolt, then followed by a giant static fireball.

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“Launches 1/2/2 tracing radiant ball of piercing magic to seek and slaughter monsters for a duration of 6 seconds. Deals 400%/500%/500% damage per hit.”
Attribute: Magic

This skill releases 1 or 2 homing spheres of energy that chase enemies for 6 seconds, dealing damage (from my testing) about 5 times. These spheres will chase a single enemy until it is dead, then lock onto a different enemy. However they also pierce, so any enemy hit by them will take damage, regardless if it is locked on to or not. Fantastic skill, and can do huge amounts of damage in both PvP and PvE. Best used as a boss killer in PvE. It also flinches your opponent each hit, but does not knock them down, leaving you free to attack them without resistance.

Passives (Magic Mastery, Defense Mastery, M.Defense Mastery)
“Adds 20/30/40 additional Magical Attack, Physical Defense or Magical Defense”
Passives are always recommended to take, as they provide bonuses for nothing. I recommend taking all 3.

4. Combos [CM]
sistinaqqhard has written an excellent guide regarding mage combos here.
One I would like to add (my personal favourite combo) is only available once you change to the second class. Using sis’ format it is:
Essentially, you fire off 2 fireballs jump backwards half a screen, leaving a small ball of energy in front of where you were standing. The little energy ball deals 5 relatively weak hits. These hits cause the enemy to flinch, allowing you dash back in and use a different combo. The two best uses for this opening is either
>>ZZ followed by one of sis’ advanced combos
XX>X shooting off 2 more fireballs, and knocking them down with your palm attack.
If used right this combo can be EXTREMELY annoying to your opponent as you dodge away and leave them vulnerable at the same time.

5. PvE [PE]
Recommended skill set: Heavenly Staff, Thunderbolt, Radiant Burst.
Will be a pretty short section for now, I’ll add more eventually. Any contributions are welcome.
The key to surviving in PvE is to keep your distance from the mobs. In most cases your melee attack is inferior to your fireballs. While it may be tempting to run into melee distance in order to hit multiple enemies at once, the fact of the matter is that compared to the other classes the Magician’s melee attack is too slow to be of much use. Most of the time you can get away with simply spamming your fireballs, using the 3rd one to hit everything in front of you and knock them down. When you get too close (as a result of the forward movement to the fireball attack animation) use <
Single enemies are best dispatched using your dash attack (>>Z) followed by your palm attack (XX>X) which will dispatch all but the strongest of enemies.
Bosses can be killed using a similar strategy, using your dash attack to knock them down, and either palm attacking them (be wary if they have a quick rising attack) or back away (using <
I’ll try to get a video up using a combination of techniques showing these (and maybe more).

6. PvP [PP]
PvP isn’t my strong point, so I’m open for contributions and critique here.

My recommended skill set is Freezing Blow, Thunderbolt and Radiant Burst.
Mages can be supremely annoying in PvP, slowly whittling down your opponents HP whilst teleporting and dancing out of melee range to avoid attacks.
6.1 Warriors
Warriors are your easiest fodder, as they don’t have much to combat your range. Abuse <
6.2 Archers
Archers are more difficult to deal with, as their ranged attack tends to go off quicker then ours. Try to lure them into melee range, and punish them by dancing out and attacking from a range before they can retaliate. The occasional dash attack can be very effective, catching your opponent by surprise. Backing away and leaving an energy ball (XX
6.3 Magicians
Other mages can also be difficult to deal with, depening on the playstyle of your opponent. Using a mixed approach is usually wise. A similar strategy to defeating archers can be applied to magicians, but expect that your fellow mages cannot be lured into melee quite so easily.

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