Fists of FU Divine Wizard Guide

Fists of FU Divine Wizard Guide by icemagerose

Divine Wizard – An Overview

I. Overview
II. Is Divine Wizard right for me? [What you need to know before selecting either class]
III. The Gear and Stats
IV. Combos[Basic Combos]
V. Recommended skills in Skill tree.[Mage]

I. Overview

Divine Wizard is one of the Magician’s two advancement classes. This class can be obtained by Ling and Fu when they reach level 20. Divine Wizard specializes in melee combat by chaining combos with the staff. For those of you who have played Aisha in “Da game.” Divine Wizard is the Job Equivalent of Aisha’s Dark Mage advancement, except Ling and Fu’s special attacks are very different and sadly, not as overpowered. Nonetheless, Divine Wizard is an excellent solo class, and can be very dangerous in PVP in the hands of a skilled player. This class can be easy to learn, but a little difficult to master.

II. Is Divine Wizard right for me? [Things to know about Divine Wizard before you make that job decision.]

You need to know this, Divine Wizard no longer benefits from Magical Damage. Instead, it relies on physical damage. So if you want to have an easier time chaining combos, and you like whacking monsters with a stick, and not mind being at close range then you won’t regret picking Wizard, however, if you want to spam firebolts, cast pretty little spells, and don’t like attacking at close range, then I’m afraid you picked the wrong class. Perhaps Elemental Magician should be right for you.

III. The Stats

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. You no longer benefit from magical damage. Your Soul Orb, your staff whacking, and your specials scale with your physical attack power. So stack that stat more than anything. Your firebolts, which are part of your new basic combos, should be the only reason to have a small amount Magic Damage, but then again the magic damage from even blue gear should be enough for your firebolt and chain lightning damage. As for defenses,stack physical defense. Remember, Divine Wizard is a close range class, and and by comboing monsters to death, you are taking the risk of a monster hitting you back and breaking your combo, and if there are a large group of monsters, you’re going to take a lot of damage and have some difficulty escaping, so you need enough defense to last when soloing hard mode dungeons. As for PVP, you may want to stack physical and have some magic defense if at all possible. Sure gear may not matter that much in PVP right NOW! but if you want to know how to play your class efficiently, you must learn how to gear and know what you benefit, and don’t benefit from.

Also, for both dungeon and PVP wise – I recommend the following stats for your gear.


Melee Critical Hit
Melee ArP(Armor Penetration)
DoT Effects – (Bleeding, Poison, and Burn effects.) – Although they aren’t exactly a necessity in PVE, it’s essential to have at least one of them in PVP.
Physical Defense, especially in PVE.

IV.Basic Combos

I wouldn’t expect a complete turnover change from Magician to Divine Wizard, but just expect a little bit of stuff added to your magicians basic combos. Let’s start with the basic Magician combos that have been changed right after the job advancement. Most of your new combos will come from your firebolt combo.


-> -> Z, X
– This is your basic magician Dash/Teleport combo. Even I can’t seem to figure out how it works(like how to teleport wherever you want when using this attack.) It’s a good move to catch your opponents off guard, and evade monster’s attacks.

X, X, X – Basic Spammable Firebolt combo. Cuz it’s spammy.

X,X [Down]
– Aerial Attack. Best used Defensively in PVP or to farm combos in PVE. Also, if you master magician’s combos, it’s possible to infinite combo with this aerial attack. Just attack/use a special/ or throw a fireball while the enemy is airborne.[ Chain Lightning is highly recommended. Or Soul Orb if you act quickly enough.]


Changes to these combos AFTER job change.

-> -> Z, X [+ X] – Dash/teleport combo + Aerial Attack – Good for chaining combos in PVE, but if you want to do an aerial combo in PVP, you are better off using -> -> Z, Z unless you are more experienced with magician.

X, X [down] + Z – Aerial Attack + Aerial Damage. Not the most useful of skills in PVP, but in PVE it’s useful for farming combo points on multiple monsters.

X, X, <-, X – This is by far my favorite combo. It’s arguably your most useful attack in both PVE and PVP. The Soul Collecting Orb when cast, pushes the mage back and summons an orb where the mage was originally standing. Despite a number of noobs who like to run into this spell, this technique can be used either offensively or defensively in PVP. It’s recommended that you use the Soul Orb defensively, unless you mastered it enough to use it either way.. This skill takes time and practice to learn and master. Don’t expect to get it right on your first attempt. If Mastered, Soul Orb gives you the easiest time chaining combos by casting it near a large crowd of mobs, not to mention how very spammable it is, and how it can rack up high amounts of damage.

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