Facebook Top Eleven Construction Guide

Facebook Top Eleven Construction Guide by HipPy^

THE CONSTRUCTION SITE I made looks like this:

NOTE : at this stage of research and mapping I can not say that it is 100% true.
Black entries in the table are What we start the game with (already built).
Blue entries are my made structures on this day (01.11.2010.)
Buildings in categories: Scoreboard and Lights do not exist over level 8 and 9 (at least for now and at least that’s the way I see it) so I put a vertical line (they don’t affect further building).

Stadium :
The most basic thing to have as a football team. As you progress in building, your stadium gets a larger capacity. With a larger number of seats, revenue from ticket sales are higher. With the progression of your club, the number of your fans eager to come to matches rises.
It is necessary to find the optimal relationship between the number of fans, ticket prices and stadium capacity to get you the most revenue.
Unconfirmed is whether the number of fans affects the performance of your players (eg if stadium is full, your players perform better).

Seats :
Allow you expand the capacity of the stadium. Also reduces the time needed to build the next level of the stadium and cuts the cost of construction.

Pitch :
The pitch is also one of the most important components. The greater level of your pitch will make your players less likely to get injured – in my experience I would say that it is indeed the case. Especially on low-level, the impact of good / bad pitch is significant.

Lights :
Lighting, in my opinion, has only cosmetic role.
Does it create a handicap (if not built) in the case of evening games? I would say not. If that IS the case then it is the same for both teams as they both play on the same field with no lights – right?
It could, perhaps, have an impact on weather or not the Champions League final may be hosted by you (since the game is on neutral ground, on some of the existing clubs stadium. I happened to have one final played at the stadium of the team which I have visited in the group stage. Very nice and big stadium).
This should mean that those who host the finals should get some money for it but this I have not seen. The idea for the developers …

Medical :
Along with the ground, this is yet another important building when it comes to injuries. If the injury occurs because of poor field (in training) or during the match, the higher the level of your First Aid is, the lower the recovery period will be. Lower levels of the building have an impact on light injuries. More developed buildings in this category are able to deal with more severe injuries.

Utilities :
In this category there are various buildings that can increase your match revenue, which was introduced from season 7.

Parking :
Increasing number of fans who desire to come to your home games and, therefore, increase the revenue from ticket sales.

Training :
The collection of buildings which should accelerate the progress of your players.
The real impact has never been confirmed (at least I did not find any valid statement, so it remains to believe the developers that this really has a function).

Youth Training :
From season 7 teams will be able to get a young player every now and then depending on the level of this building. Given how difficult it was to get to young players before, this is a significant improvement. We’ll see how good this will be in practice.
It was said that a new young player will appear every x days where x depends on the level structure.

mladend wrote:Facility level Frequency of player generation
L1 24 days
L2 20 days
L3 16 days
L4 12 days
Quality will vary.

Note that L1, L2, L3 … is not the same as that L # that is written on the main screen next to build in this category. This is something that admins / developers need to clarify. Based on what was so far explained by Mladen (mod) I would say that the first level does not count. First building (Target Shot) does not count because it is a regular L0. I’d like to formulate what was written by Mladen as follows:

Level Building: Building Name: L: Time to get players: Level0 Target shot L0 does not provide players Level1 Junior Pitch L3 24 days Label2 Mini Camp L5 20 days Level3 School Football L7 16 days Level4 Youth Academy L10 12 days

This may not be 100% accurate.

Score board :
Scoreboard can be evolved up to a video wall. What is the purpose of these building except the cosmetics is not known for even in the the game there isn’t anything listed as a purpose. Perhaps something similar to lights?

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