Facebook Empires & Allies Campaign Guide

Facebook Empires & Allies Campaign Guide

Later on when you get expensive units such as The Butcher, you will want to keep them alive in battles because they are so expensive to replace. Thus if you happen to make a mistake and your expensive unit seems to be dying then by all means retreat from the battle and try again with another formation. Wasting some energy is better than losing thousands of coins.

Army Type Advantage
Which type of army (Air/Land/Sea) you choose to fight with does seem to matter. At the moment it seems like Air units have a defensive bonus against Land units. So we can assume Land units will have an advantage over Sea units and Sea units will have an advantage over Air units.

Cape Pleasant III Battle 6/6 (Captain Krunsch)
Don’t worry about being outnumbered, just send in any combination of battleships and carriers and during your second turn your power-up will automatically be used to destroy all of the small subs leaving you to finish off “The Butcher” easily.

Mercadia I (Kai Tana)
You need at least 2 allies to complete this mission.

Haven’t met any difficult campaign missions so far. Just match up the weaknesses and strengths and you can win every match.

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