Facebook Empires & Allies PVP Explanation

Facebook Empires & Allies PVP Explanation by Jimmy Sullivan

Your empire can also be invaded by your friends or minions of the Dark Alliance. When this happens a red 5×5 square will appear on your map with the avatar of the invader hovering over it.

As long as the buildings remain occupied they cannot produce anything for you, the only way to regain control is to repel the invader. To repel invasions first you must click on the avatar over the invasion site. You will be given two options:

If you choose to Attack you will enter the combat screen. Once you are in the combat screen you will be instructed to pick units and do battle with the invaders. If you win then they are driven off of the island.

One way to deter invasions is to deploy units near your buildings and protect them. Any units protecting a building will be part of any battle involving the building they guard along with any other randomly picked units. A unit shows what buildings it can protect with a blue field that surrounds it. Any building with the word Protected on it will be defended by that unit during an invasion.

Friends can come to your island and fight against the invasion for you. Asking for help brings up a feed inviting your friends to come to your island and drive out the occupiers. You can also repel invaders from your friends’ empires by visiting them and clicking on the avatar over the occupied buildings.

If you do not want to participate in PVP play, keeping your Empire safe and secure is easy to do. When you reach Level 6, you receive a new quest that prompts you to place a World Embassy.

The Embassy, while active, protects you from invasions by other players and the Dark Alliance. The Embassy protects you as long as you do not invade other Empires.

If you launch an invasion, the immunity ends. The Embassy can be activated for 24 hours; additional blocks of time can be purchased for Cash or by hiring friends for each additional day of immunity.

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