Facebook Miscrits Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Miscrits Frequently Asked Questions by gamerslash

About Miscrits

Q. which starter should i choose and can i get the other ones later
A. depends on your preference, prawnja excels in HP being an effective tank, flue excels in physcial atk being a good damage dealer and flowerpilla excels in speed being a good leader on pesky waters, and getting first moves. And yes you can get any or all of the starters later on, they are available in the gift shop for 300 gems (attainable from friends) or 100 credits, alternatively you can obtain ‘dark’ versions of prawnja and flue (no flowerpiller… so far?) in the wild (and gift shop) which are ‘beefed’ up versions of the originals.

Q:What does (insert miscrit name here) look like evolved?
A. lucky you, some nice person (Janea) has set up a website to show you http://miscrits.yolasite.com/locations.php, please before asking a question about a miscrit check it out, its like a treasure trove of miscrit-y goodness… or badness *cough*cubsprout

Q. will i get my TP back if i release my miscrit?
A.yes but only half of that spent (its rounded up so a lvl 2 miscrit will give you 1 tp back but a lvl 3 will still only give you 1 tp) releasing lvl 1s wont give you any

Q:What level does my miscrit evolve?
A. all miscrits evolve at lvl 10 then 20 and finally into their fourth form at lvl 30 (also the current level cap)

Q. Where can i find (insert miscrit name here)?
A. Janea’s site also has a great map showing locations of crits here, bear in mind some miscrits move around and rare ones could take awhile to appear

Q. What skills will my (insert miscrit name here) learn?
A. yet again http://miscrits.yolasite.com/locations.php really… i wasnt joking about the treasure trove stuff

Q.how many Miscrits are currently available?
A.i believe theres currently 22 (including starters) though the release of Mt Gemma should about double the amount prawnja – water – starter
flue – fire – starter
flowerpilla – nature – starter
hydroseal – water
sparkupine – fire
cubsprout – nature
flameling – fire
quirk – nature
nessy – water
snatcher – nature
hotfoot – fire
shellbee – water
lemura – fire
elefauna – nature
squibee – water
blazebit – fire
twiggum – nature
snortus – water
steamguin – fire
tulipinny – nature
waddles – water
blazertooth – fire
weevern – nature
dark prawnja – water
dark flue – fire
frost mite – water
craggy – earth
croaky – earth
drilldent – earth
fossillia – earth
mumbah – earth
aria – wind
breezycheeks – wind
equestrion – wind
owlie – wind
poltergust – wind
jellyshock -lightning
kiloray – lightning
luna – lightning
sparksplug – lightning
sparkspeck – lightning
statikat – lightning
eggy – earth
thundercracker – lightning
mun kee – wind (released/unreleased status unknown)
treemur – nature (released/unreleased status unknown)
arigato – lightning (released in the gem shop for a limited time for fb creds only to raise for money for Japan)

[B]Q. how do i defeat the earth elementum? and what do i get?[b]
A. with difficulty, a ton of exp and earth essence

[B]Q. what does earth essence do?[b]
A. nothing, as of yet

Q. why cant i find mun kee?
A. not asked as much as it used to be, its quite possible that its in the game right now but as joe stated Mt Gemma takes longer than the forest to search, the other two of the trio (as i like to refer to them as) thundercracker and eggy have been confirmed as released, first thundercracker (went a week without anyone finding it before confirmation wass given), then eggy (i believe we were told as soon as it was released)

Q. why cant i get into MtGemma
A. i believe the lvl requirement is 10 (player lvl) if youve surpassed this lvl and still cant get in try refreshing your browser (clearing your cache can confuse the server, so it doesnt know what lvl you are)

Q. why cant i get into the shack?
A. its not open yet

Q. Is blazertooth ever going to be released into the wild?
A. unsure… admin confirmation would be nice, it seems unlikely but then i doubt an admin would want to confirm that it will/won’t as it might limit them in the future…

Q.what rare miscrits can i find in the item chest?
A.it used to be blazebit, but it was updated and is now tulipinny theres really no need for this question anymore as it now says in the gifting window what’s in the chest, but im so lazy id rather change the answer than delete it…

Q. How can i get more captures?
A.you get four that are recharged upon getting healed at the church (say you used two, then healed, you would get those two back) you can also purchase a capture if you run out for 1fb, unlike normal captures this always has a 100% capture chance

Q. im lvl (insert lvl here) but im fighting (insert higher lvl here) WHY IS THAT?
A. the game finds opponent for you based on your highest lvl miscrit (if you have a lvl 6 flue as your highest you will be pitted against someone whos highest is a lvl 6 too, or an npc) as an admin said this is supposed encourage you to train your miscrits evenly

Q.Why does it take so long to heal?
A.because the game need money income to keep going and get more updates so you can pay 1 FB credit for an instant heal if your 1hr isnt gone yet, if it annoys you so much then you can have multiple teams of miscrits that you can use once a different team is dead, or do something else (like stalk the forums *>.> <.< whistles*)

Is it a bug? Is it a hack?

Q.i fought a lvl 0 trainer in the arena who was he? did he hack?
A.No its an NPC automatically pitted against you if they cant find a suitable player

Q.i found a lvl 31 (insert miscrit here) is it a bug?
A.’most likely’, the lvl cap is 30

Q.My firebrawl turned into a monkey in my house?
A.the monkey was originally going to be called firebrawl before well… firebrawl was, its still your firebrawl just a little glitch, i belive the monkey is going to be released as a lightning type, update, it is now called thundercracker and is findable in the miscripedia

Q.how come I only get 25TP per lvl over 25?is it a bug?
A. no you’re meant to top out at 25tp per lvl…

Q.*insert miscrit name here* doesnt show up in my house
A. generally happens with newer miscrits, please before posting a thread use the search function (upper right) to see if anyone else has had the same problem (and post there)

Hows and Whys

Q.how do i take screenshots?
A.on your keyboard there should be a key that says ‘prt sc’ sometimes it may be well hidden (if there are two labels on the key – mine says home with prt sc below – then chances are you have to hold ‘fn’ before pressing it, ‘fn’ can be normally be found on the bottom left handside of the keyboard) the ‘prt sc’ key its like copying a picture, except you copy the whole screen, IT IS NOT SAVED to save it you will need to go to a program (i.e. paint), paste it in and save the file
I am unsure how screenshots work with macs (as i have an illogical hatred of apple)…

Q.how do i record a video?
A.if you wish to record a gameplay video you will need a screen recording program (a good one is fraps – i have it myself, it also auto saves print screens, but it isnt free, there are some free alternatives but i dont know about them…) and simply follow the instructions provided to start recording (normally look in the setting and it will have something like ‘start recording: f9’ or something.

Q.why cant i play miscrits in my country?
A. qouted directly from admin ‘Miscrits: World of Adventure, is no longer available in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Due to server costs, connecting players PVP globally, and many other technical reasons we had to restrict the game. This restriction will continue for the foreseeable future.’ this isnt an evil thing they are trying to do… its not like a ‘we dont like you get out’ kinda thing, its just they cant afford to serve you guys :/ sry >.<

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