Facebook Miscrits Beginner’s Guide

Facebook Miscrits Beginner’s Guide by Toshe X Chuchanov

In this guide I will try to walk you through the basic things you need to know about this game. Some things aren’t as obvious as they could be so you may find some answers here. There is a lot to explain so it will probably take some time to finish, but without further ado here it goes:

I. Game Features and Facts

Miscrits is a turn based monster battle game in which you capture monsters and battle with them. The game is still in (rapid) development but even as such it is plenty fun. So far you can “grind” in the forest and battle in the arena against other players. You can also strive to accomplish “Feats” (Accomplishments). But in time there should be a storyline, more maps to explore and who knows what more.

Some of the game facts are listed here:

– The monsters in the game are called Miscrits, thus the name of the game.
– Miscrits have four evolutions at levels 10, 20, and 30.
– Level 30 is the highest level a Miscrit can be evolved to currently.
– Miscrits sometimes show up in the wild up to level 32 which is a common bug and should not concern you too much.

It is safe to say that the developers are not proclaiming it to be the best facebook game for naught. It has the potential and it promises to stand up to that title. But enough about the introductions, time for some important things you need to know.

II. The User Interface

The user interface of the game is pretty sleek. We will discuss it in length here. Firstly for reference here is an image of the game’s user interface with parts of it marked with arrows. We will discuss each of those in detail:

1. Level and Experience Bar

On the left most of the top UI controls you have a leaf circle with your PLAYER LEVEL in it. Also above it spreading all the way through the top is the experience bar that shows you how much experience you have gained and how much more you need until the next level.

2. Your Miscrits Team

– You can have up to 4 Miscrits in your team.
– When all your Miscrits faint (lose all their HP) you need to either change them for other Miscrits or heal all your miscrits in the chapel before you can explore/battle again.
– You can heal in the chapel once every hour. You can heal even if your timer isn’t up if you pay 1 facebook credit.
– You have 4 captures at your disposal.
– Healing in the chapel also restores your captures.

Now, on the right of your miscrit team is a button that says “My team”. Clicking it will open this window:

You can use the arrows on the right of the Miscrits or just drag and drop the Miscrit boxes to reorder your team. Afterwards just click the save button on the bottom.

3. The Resources And Healing Timer par of the top panel

– Here you can see your resources as well as the timer that shows how much longer until you can heal your miscrits.

– Healing heals all your captured Miscrits and resets the captures.

– You can see 4 icons on top of the healing counter: Gold, Gems, TP (Training Points) and Facebook Credits. Hovering on them will drop down a menu for each that will give you options to buy/get more.

– You can use gold to buy Items in the Item Shop (see part III. “Places” of the Guide). You can get gold from battles as a reward, or as random drop.

– You can use gems to buy Miscrits in the Gem Shop (see part III. “Places” of the Guide). You can get gems in Gem Chests as gifts from your friends, or you can buy more with facebook credits.

– You use Training Points to level up your Miscrits. You only level your Player Level by battling wild Miscrits or other players in the Arena. The number of Training Points required to level a Miscrit increases with the Miscrit level. You get Training Points by leveling your player.
AFTER LEVEL 25 AND UNTIL LEVEL 100 EACH LEVEL YOU GET 25 TRAINING POINTS. Some have a bug which causes them to stop getting training points after level 50. If you happen to encounter the same bug write in the bugs and support forums so that the admins can resolve it for you.

NOTE: YOU CAN ALSO GET UP TO 4 (or 5 – hasn’t happened to me so I am not sure) TRAINING POINTS FROM THE WISHING WELL IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN. (see part III. “Places” of the Guide)

– The game uses Facebook Credits as payment methods for people that want to pay some extra cash to get some things in the game. THIS IS WHAT KEEPS THE GAME ALIVE AND GREAT, so if you can afford to and if you really want to you can get Facebook Credits and use them in Miscrits to buy:

a. Miscrits in the Gem Shop
b. Training Points
c. Gold
d. Instant Healing
e. Special (Magic) Attacks

4. The Miscrian Lore Book

If you click the “Miscrian Lore Book” Icon on the top panel it will open the Lore Book in which you have 3 separate tabs:

– My Miscrits
– Miscripedia
– Feats

– In the “My Miscrits” tab you can view all your captiured miscrits, as well as their status (See the first book on the top row of the above image).
If you click on a miscrit you will see all sorts of additional info about it, including NAME, STATS, ATTACK LIST, WHERE IT CAN BE FOUND, IT’S BACKGROUND STORY and etc. (See the first book on the bottom row of the above image)
By clicking the BLUE (Aa) Icon next to the name you can rename the selected Miscrit.
By clicking the “Release into wild” button you will release the Miscrit and also get in return 50% of the Training Points you used to level him up. Points are rounded up so if you spent 3 Training Points, you will get 2 back. If you spent 4 Training Points, you’ll still get 2 back.

– In the “Miscripedia” tab you can view info on Miscrits you have captured or Encountered. The Miscrits you havent yet seen will be marked with a question mark. You can unlock their info by paying with facebook credits. (See the second book on the top row of the above image).
If you click on a miscrit in the miscripedia you will see all sorts of additional info you have unlocked about it , including NAME, STATS, ATTACK LIST, WHERE IT CAN BE FOUND, IT’S BACKGROUND STORY and etc. (See the second book on the bottom row of the above image)

– In the “Feats” tab you can keep track of the feats you can and have done. Each feat gives you a reward consisted of some Training Points.

5. Friends List

As in many games, this is the list of friends that play Miscrits. You can see their levels here, and when the feature to visit or battle friends is released you can do those too.

6. Tools Panel

Here on the top you have a sliding drawer with the settings for Background Music, Effect Sounds and Graphic Quality.

Below are 4 icons:

– THE MAP – Very handy to see where you are, and also used a lot as screenshot to post the location of Miscrits in most sites and forum threads.
– THE “BUY MORE TRAINING POINTS” ICON – self explanatory this one
– THE “FULL SCREEN” ICON – also self explanatory

III. Places

On the image below you can see a print screen of the VILLAGE that took me a while to put together (about 20 print screens of different parts in full screen in total, and then putting them together). So as it is the starting point in the game, we will start by explaining the places you can visit/use in the village. Oh yea, did I mention it’s called “Sunfall Village” (actually I just read it from the map inside the game :P)

III.i. Sunfall Village

1. The Wishing Well

The wishing well gives you a “wish come true” every 4 hours. You can get up to 500 gold or up to 4 Training Points from it. You can use the GameBar (http://bar.playboost.com/get/miscrits/) which has a timer that shows you how much time you have before you can make a wish again.

2. The Miscrit Training Grounds (Miscrit Trainer)

You can talk to the Miscrit Trainer and here you can pay with Training Points to level up your miscrits. You have already seen the in game tutorial on this when you started playing the game so I will not go into too much explanation on things already explained.
One thing that people ask on forums about leveling Miscrits is if there is a way to keep old skills when you are given the choice to learn a new skill. A suggested work-around for that is to refresh the page and that will keep you the old skills.

3. Your House

Your house is probably one of the most important, yet at first most confusing place to get around in. When you enter the house you see something like this (not that the labels of the items are onli visible when you go with your mouse over them – and only the clickable ones):

You have 2 things you can do in your house, and 3 items you can click on.

If you click on the mirror (see label “Change Appearance”) you will get the same screen you used to make your character appearance the first time you started the game, and you can edit it any way you like and save it.

If you clikc on the back door (see label “My Backyard”) you go into the backyard where you can see all your captured Miscrits just sittin around.

You will also have the Miscrits that are currently in your team sitting around in your house (the first room – see image above, I have 2 miscrits in the team sitting around). If you click any of the miscrits either in the room or in the backyard you get this screen:

This is the “Change My Team” dialog. Here you change (swap) the Miscrits in your current team for any other Miscrits that you have caught. You first need to click any of the Number Buttons that mark the position under each box for the Miscrits in your current team (1 through 4) then you will be able to scroll the captured Miscrits in the row below and select a miscrit that you have captured. After you click on a Miscrit at the bottom row, you will get a confirmation dialog that will ask you if you are sure you want to place that Miscrit in the position you have selected above. Click ok and it is done.
Do the same for any position and change your teams whenever you need to.

4. Healing Chapel

The Healing Chapel has an NPC inside that heals all your miscrits and restores all your captures once every hour. There isn’t anything much more to say about it, but new players often do not notice the location of it and ask around on forums where and how they can heal. So you have the arrow number 4 pointing to it on the Village image above.

5. Battle Arena

In the Battle Arena you fight other players and their Miscrit Teams. The battle arena has amazing prizes for consecutive wins in a row, the most valuable of all being a new Miscrit every week (though note that after a few weeks the Miscrit that is rewarded may be the same as a Miscrit that has been rewarded before). After you talk to the NPC that lets you enter the Battle Screen you can see a bar on the bottom that shows how far are you with your win streak to getting the rewards. Arena battles also give you more experience than regular wild battles and more gold.

You also have a statistic on top of the screen that shows your current and all time wins and win streaks.

6. The Miscrian Forest Exit

This is where the exit from the Village that leads to the Miscrian Forest is.

7. The Shops
The three shops in the Village. Each with its purpose and glamour:

7.a. The Item Shop

Talk to the NPC inside. You can BUY or SELL items here. After a good grind in the forest you might want to sell all the items you are unlikely to need or use in battles, and get some gold in return. This is also where you will be spending all your gold. You buy items here for gold.

ITEMS CAN ONLY BE USED IN BATTLE. There is currently no “Item Bag” to be seen outside of battle, so if you need to see how many items you have gathered grinding you need to go in the sell tab of the Item Shop. Items are self explanatory, but just for the sake of the explanation I will mention that items are used to heal or temporarily (for the duration of the current battle) increase a stat on the Miscrit that is currently in play, or negate any element advantage or disadvantage.

7.b. The Magic Shop

You can buy Magic Spells (or otherwise known Special Attacks here) that your player can use in a battle. The spells will work just like any other spell your Miscrit has, their strength will also vary depending on the level and stats of the Miscrit that is currently in play when you use the spell. The thing spells are good for (and what people mostly use them for) is to attack with the element which does ADDITIONAL DAMAGE to the enemy, when your own Miscrit is from the element that has the disadvantage in comparison to the enemy Miscrit.

Spells are bought with Facebook Credits. You can also get some as Arena Rewards sometimes.

7.c. The Gem Shop

The Gem Shop sells some exotic and rare Miscrits for Gems (or facebook credits if you should prefer). Sometimes a miscrit can only be obtained from here. If you have gems (or credits) to spare and want a nice Miscrit this is the place you go to. Some of the Miscrits in the shop change about once weekly so you might want to hold on to the gems until you see the miscrit you really want up for sale.

III.ii. The Miscrian Forest

This is the place to be, as someone stated on the forums. You can battle wild miscrits to your heart’s content here. Sometimes when searching for a Miscrit you get valuable items as drops, free experience and/or gold. It is never futile to spend an hour or two just GRINDING in the forest. A lot of rare and some Dark Miscrits have been circling around there. 

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