Facebook Galaxy Online II Gem Guide

Facebook Galaxy Online II Gem System

Players can get different gems from the Item Mall or earn them as rewards for special events or finishing instances. There are 5 types of gems: Raw Gemstone, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond.

Raw Gemstone does not have a level and cannot be socketed directly. However, 4 Raw Gemstones can be compounded into a Level 1 gem (but not Diamond).

There are 5 gem levels. Level 1 gems can be compounded into higher level gems.

Players can get Raw Gemstones by doing daily quests, spinning the Fortune Wheel, doing a Challenge quest or buying a Treasure Box from the Corps Mall.

Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds each have a special attribute. Rubies increase attack power, Sapphires improve defense, Emeralds improve Luck and Diamonds improve the expertise attribute and EXP gain.

Rubies are good at improving these attributes: Accuracy, Attack Power and Critical Hit Rate.

Sapphires are good at improving these attributes: Dodge, Structure, Shield and Shield Recovery.

Emeralds are good at improving these attributes: Electron, Speed, Critical Hit Rate and Combo Hit Rate.

In the Merging Center, players can socket gems to commanders. They can also unequip all the gems and then upgrade them or socket them to another commander. If you want to socket a gem to a commander, you must place it in the corresponding slot. Only a diamond slot can be socketed with different types of gems. The diamond compounding slot will be available when your commander reaches the necessary level.

A Diamond slot can be socketed with any kind of gem, but EXP and expertise effect gems can ONLY be socketed in the Diamond Slot.

Gem Effects

AttributeEffectImprovement by Level
Ruby Sapphire Emerald
AccuracyImproves Commander’s AccuracyL1+13L1+9L1+5
DodgeImproves Commander’s DodgeL1+5L1+13L1+9
L3 +15L3+39L3+27
L4 +20L4+52L4+36
L5 +25L5+65L5+45
ElectronImproves Commander’s ElectronL1+9L1+5L1+13
L3+27L3 +15L3+39
SpeedImproves Commander’s SpeedL1+9L1+5L1 +13
Attack AttributeImproves Module Attack PowerL1 +2%L1 +1.3%L1 +0.7%
L2 +4%L2+2.6%L2+l.4%
L3 +6%L3 +3.9%L3 +2.1%
L4+8%L4 +5.2%L4 +2.8%
L5+10%L5 +6.5%L5 +3.5%
Structure AttributeImproves Ship Structure AttributesL1 +0.5%L1 +1.3%L1 +0.9%
L3 +1.5%L3 +3.9%L3 +2.7%
L4+2.0%L4 +5.2%L4 +3.6%
L5 +2.5%L5 +6.5%L5 +4.5%
ShieldImproves Ship Shield AttributesL1 +0.6%L1+1.6%L1 +1.2%
L2+l.2%L2 +3.2%L2 +2.4%
L3+1.8%L3 +4.8%L3 +3.6%
L4+2.4%L4 +6.4%L4 +4.8%
L5 +3.0%L5 +8.0%L5 +6.0%
Ballistic MaliceImproves Ship Critical Hit RateL1 +6.7%L1 +4.3%L1 +2.3%
L2+13.4%L2+8.6%L2 +4.6%
L3 +20.1%L3 +12.9%L3 +6.9%
L4+26.8%L4+17.2%L4 +9.2%
L5 +33.5%L5+21.5%L5+11.5%
Critical HitImproves Ship Critical Hit RateL1 +1.3%L1 +0.7%L1 +2%
L2 +2.6%L2+1.4%L2 +4%
L3 +3.9%L3 +2.1%L3 +6%
L4 +5.2%L4 +2.8%L4 +8%
L5 +6.5%L5 +3.5%L5 +10%
Combo HitImproves Ship Combo Hit RateL1+1.9%L1 +0.9%L1 +2.6%
L2+3.8%L2+1.8%L2 +5.2%
L3 +5.7%L3 +2.7%L3 +7.8%
L4 +7.6%L4 +3.6%L4+10.4%
L5 +9.5%L5 +4.5%L5+13.0%
RecoverImproves Ship HP RestoreL1 +0.8%L1 +2.3%L1 +1.6%
L2+1.6%L2 +4.6%L2+3.2%
L3 +2.4%L3 +6.9%L3 +4.8%
L4+3.2%L4 +9.2%L4 +6.4%
L5 +4.0%L5+11.5%L5 +8.0%
AttributeEffect Improvement by Level
EXPImproves Commander’s EXPL1 10%
L2 20%
L3 30%
L4 40%
L5 50%
BallisticsChanges Commander’s Ballistics Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Directional AttributeChanges Commander’s Directional Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Missile AttributeChanges Commander’s Ballistics LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Ship-based AttributeChanges Commander’s Ship-Based Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Planet Attack AttributeChanges Commander’s Planet Attack Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Frigate AttributeChanges Commander’s Frigate Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Patrol Ship AttributeChanges Commander’s Patrol Ship Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S
Battleship AttributeChanges Commander’s Battleship Attribute LevelL1 D
L2 C
L3 B
L4 A
L5 S

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how do you sell the gems

  2. Anonymous says:

    The ranking goes S as the strongest and D as the weakest.

    The diamond won't do anything

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok say my expertise is a C, and i socket a Ballistic diamond-I, will it boost it to a B or do nothing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    which is greater? A Ballistic Expertize A or Expertize D? It always confusing me.

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