Aika SEA Tips

Aika SEA Tips by Vynch

Here are some simple and yet useful tips for anyone who’re new to Aika.

1. Like Aion, you can assign symbol on Monster / Player.
To assign, press ALT+1 to ALT+8. It’ll assign symbol from A-H.

2. If you can’t click the NPC because players are surrounding it, do SHIFT+TAB until it is targeting your desired NPC. To talk, just press attack / skill in your hotkey.

3. To follow a player, double click your target. You’ll notice the target’s circle turn to orange and it means you’re now following him/her. But you need to double click again if your target stops moving.

4. Equipment durability will drop so you’ll need to refine it at NPC after a certain time. Your equipment durability won’t drop in Siege War.

5. Equipments in the NPC are expensive so try to make it your self.
This is the location of the equipment making NPC in the first city. You can buy the materials from him and use the anvil on the left to make the equipment.

6. You CAN’T trade with players in the other nation but there is still an alternative way.
To buy or sell things to players that are in different nation, open stall and both of you will be able to do trading.

7. To separate item amount, SHIFT + LEFT CLICK the item.

8. The FASTEST way to level up is by QUESTING.

9. Try not to skip the NPC talkings/movie, they mention where and what you need to kill/find to complete the quest.

10. Press L to check quest log. Use it to find quest mob by using Map (M).

11. You can adjust map transparency so is easier to use WASD and R (Auto move) when you’re searching for something.

12. To hide User Interface (Screenshot purpose), press F11.

13. You can obtain free weapon, equipment, Pran costumes from quest.

14. Please make use of save points (NPC which has 6 star above it’s head) to teleport or return with scroll.

15. You can’t feed the Pran if the food is located at Pran’s bag. Please drag the food into your inventory (I) and right click it to feed Pran.

16. Falcion can be made by combining 6 Falcion Pieces with the anvil (Mentioned on no. 5). Falcion is very important, don’t treat it as junk.

17. Useful hotkeys:
SHIFT – Walk/Run
Z – Auto attack
R – Auto run
B – Add to friendlist
< – Actions. Do drag the sit action to your hotkey

18. Right click player to party. To quit, right click the party chat tab.

19. Colour meaning on armor name:
White – Normal Equipment
Green – Enhanced White Equipment (with stats)
Blue – Better quality than white armor
Purple – Enhanced Blue Equipment (with stats)

Enhancement – Magic NPC Kamila (Name may alter in English version)
Refinement – Refine NPC Ahtu (Name may alter)
* Equipment with +4 above will have glow

20. Analysis on the cheapest food to feed Pran:
There are 2 types of food:
>> Ones you get in cash shop – It will affect Pran’s personality
>> Ones you get in normal npc shop – It WON’T affect Pran’s personality

Name – Price (15% tax) – Fullness – Rate (Price / Fullness)
Apple – 115 – 2 – 57.5
Pumpkin Pie – 172 – 8 – 21.5
Wild Pork Rib – 345 – 13 – 26.54
BBQ Wild Mushroom – 460 – 17 – 27.06
Facion Chocolate Pie – 690 – 20 – 34.5

Apple may be the cheapest food BUT the least efficient ones as every fullness cost 57.5.
If you want to save money, Pumpkin Pie is the best option.

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