Facebook Kingory FAQ

Facebook Kingory FAQ by Snow

1) My Castellan/General Captain/Advisor are stuck! Its always at “In Battle” Status and I can’t level him up.

Solution: Use another hero and assign him to the hero that are stuck in “In Battle” status. It will force remove the hero from that “In Battle”Status and back to idle mode. 

2) I Cant abandon my city even if I try to abandon it from another city.

Solution: This could be due to that you have troops dispatching out to another city and it haven reach that destination yet. Make sure that the city does not has any troops on expediate.

3) How come the salary of each different heroes has different salary level even if they are same level?

Reason: Each different hero has different stats, salary are depending on the hero stats and level. Thus, same level hero might not have the same amount of salary pay-out.

4) Why isnt my wall and fortification working? 

Reason: If your city is being under Maraud attack, fortification and wall does NOT help you to defend maraud attack. Fortification and wall only will play apart when there is an conquer attack. Thus, if you want to defend your city from maraud attack, you only can send your troops out to defend.

5) Why I cant get gold from that city?

Reason: If you just maraud the city, you cant get gold. Marauding only applies to Rural Area attack. Thus, if you want to get the gold from the city, conquer and win the battle.

6) Why I send transport to another league members, my troop are under attack?

Reason: System are programed this way is to prevent players from using multi-accounts to feed on their main ID. Thus, any transportation from low influence player to high influence player, low influence player’s transporting troop will get under attack. The higher the value of the transport, the higher the % of meeting bandits if you are sending to high influence player. A short 11 secs of transport will also encounter bandit attacks. (Note: Any injuires for bandit attacks will not be able to healed over at your hospital)

7) Is it a must to build all kind of buildings in each city and level them all up?

Advice: You do not really need all kinds of buildings in each city. Amoury and Foundry just have it at the min. level that is enough for you to build wall (you can remove it once you had build the wall up to lvl 9 or 10). Stable level 1 for building outpost (you can remove it once you had build the outpost up to lvl 9 or 10) and Embassy if you need help from league mate in defending your city. Those building remove will not affect your recruitment of troops. 

8) Why players are saying that you can build buildings over level 10 when I only see that the building “upgrade” button stated that the building has reach its max level?

Reason: Only Metro cities like County, Shire, Prefecture and Capital allow you to build over level 10 buildings. But this only apply to RURAL Buildings like your Food, Wood, Stone and Iron Resource building. Depending on which metro cities, the max level of the resource farms are different.

9) How come when I scout this city, it has average all buildings at level 7 and above. But when I finish conquered that city, all building level drop to level 1?

Reason: If you are conquering a player’s last city (That player only has one city), all buildings will drop to level 1 when you conquer it.

10) When I send my troop to a wildness, at first it was a level 4 wildness, but when my troop reach the wildness, it become level 10 wildness.

Reason: If you send your troop to wildness before the server downtime at 4.00p.m. Kingory Time and the time that the troop arrived is after 4.00p.m; the wildness level will be refresh to random level. So always take heed of the downtime and try to settle the conquer and marauding before the downtime to prevent further troop lost.

10) How do i use the trade caravan bargain
When you click on the Conveynor belt, it will show you an option.


Date: When you want it to start
Time: The time that the resources will start to send food over.
Departure: Which city you want it to send resources from
Destination: Where you want the city to transfer resources to
Resources: What type of resources you want to send
Amount: Amount depending on the market level. (Level 5 Market can bring up to 500K resources)

11) Can I just direct conquer the plain and build the city right away after I success conquer?
Yes, you can just direct conquer and build new city if you wish to do that. Make sure you bring at least 10,000 resources with 10,000 gold must be bring along with the conquering team. More food is highly recommended and its a must.

12) Do I really need to recall the conquer troop garrsion in the plain and dispatch again with food?
Not really, you can just dispatch some troops that carry the required resources and gold to the plain. Some players did that method is because they want to use min. troop and a good PLT hero to build the city. When a new city is built, everything is start from zero. So using a high PLT hero will fasten up the building speed.

13) Are there any requirements for conquering plain (Need above level 3 plain in order to build new city)?
No, you can just conquer any level and build. But its highly recommend that players (especially building the first city with limited troops they have) to find plain that is below level 3. Lower level means less troops to fight and thus prevent any troop deaths.

14) Where should I build my city? Beside or far away?
This is player’s decisions in how they want to organise his/her cities. Each type of placings has its pros and cons. This is not fixed set of placing for all players.

15) I see that a lot of players are saying that you had use 250 labours to build city. Is it a must?
No, 250 labours is not a must in every city building. But as a newbie at the start, labours are the preferred choice as it has the highest load (But labours are slow in marching). So when you grow stronger later on and has other types of troops like Cavs, you can use Cavs to carry the load and build new city (they move fast).

16) Can I use my conquer hero to build the city? Im a bit impatient to wait for the dispatch team to come.
Yes, you can just use whatever hero you want to build the city. High PLT hero is highly recommend and maybe your conquer hero (A BRV hero) does not has a high PLT. In which it takes longer take to build the buildings up.

17) I bring 10,000 resources and gold, how come I see only 5,000 each?
When building new city, it will consume 5,000 resources and gold each as the building “fee”. Left that 5,000 is because system do not want players to bring resources nicely (5,000 each) and city is built, the player cant build anything due to no reosurces.

18) Why must I build rally spot first? Why can’t I build other building first?
Recommending players to build rally spot first is because when you build the city, those troops that carries the resources along to build has been switch under the new city’s command. Which means previously the food intake was deducting from the departure city, and now it is taking the food from the new city. And to send your troops out of city, rally spot is needed. 

19) Can I just bring the hero along to build city and have it as idle mode instead of Castellan postion?
No, by default every conquer team/building team hero will be holding on castellan position.

20) I want to remove him from Castellan, but I cant do it. 
In order to remove your hero from Castellan postion, you will need a hero lounge. Assigning and dismissing hero to and from the postions in the city can only be made through there. So if players want to send hero along with the dispatch team back to the main city, build a hero lounge and dismiss that hero from castellan first.

21) I had built the hero lounge, but my hero cant seems go to the new cty. It keeps on recalling back to departure city. why?
In order to have another hero station in a city, you need hero lounge that is above level 1. each level of the hero lounge only allows you to hold one hero in that city. So if the new city currently only has level 1 hero lounge, and there is a hero station in that city, any dispatch hero will be recalled back automatic.

22) I had build the hero lounge and rally spot, dismiss my hero from castellan position, but I cant send the hero out of the city.
In order to dispatch hero out of the city, you need to bring at least one soilder (Any type, can be a scout) along with the hero. You cant send hero out of city without a soilder. Not only that, make sure that there is currently no troop expedition carry on the city. Level 1 rally spot only allows one team from the city to be dispatch out. If there is currently a troop that is on the way back to the main city or out for conquering etc, you cant send hero out of the city with just level 1 rally spot. Upgrade the rally spot. These applies to teams of troops dispatching out of the city also, not just hero.

23) What does the scout information mean?

Scout imformation / count desc:

1~9    = Few
10-24 = Several 
25 -49= Pack
50 -99= Lots
100 -249= Horde
250 -499= Throng
500 -999= Swarm
1000 -2499= Zounds
2500 -4999= Legion
5000 -9999= Bulk
>=10000 = Giga

Troops Type:

Rogue = Yellow Turban Soldiers= Rookies 
Bandit = Yellow Turban Veterans= Pikemen
Brigand = Yellow Turban Elites = Swordsmen
Mountedbandits = Yellow Turban Captains = Cavalries
Caterans = Yellow Turban Archers = Archers

Skills required to know exact amount of troops:

Wildness: Reconnaissance Level 3 (Try to get it to lvl 3 ASAP to save you the trouble of guessing the estimated amt)
City: Reconnaissance Level 7 

Reconnaissance Skill are learnt from College
Wilderness FAQ

1) I have a hero in the city, how come I dont see him in my hero selection when I wanna maraud/conquer?
Your hero could be holding a position in the city (Castellan / Captain General / Military Advisor) which means You have to dismiss him from duty first before you can send your hero out with troops. Note: Only heros with Idle status can be send out of city.

2) How come I keep getting “You can’t conquer/maraud a place without a hero” message whenI have troops?
You must bring a hero along when ever you want to maraud or conquer a place and gathering at wildness. Only dispatch / transport / scout does not requires you to bring any hero.

3) I want to get pearl / corals, how do I get?
Items under the jewel section are obtainable through wildness via gathering in it. Note: you need a hero with troops to gather. 

4) I can only recall my troops via abandoning the wildness, is there another way to keep wildness while I can have my troops back?
You need not abandon the wildness in order to get your troops back to city. You can Recall them back via “Wildness in Control”(Short-cut from the button beside your idle population) or “Wildness” via clicking the government. Click on the wildness that your troops station at, and click on recall. 

5) How come I can’t send my troops back even if I recall them?Your troops could be in gathering status.
Any troops that are in gathering status can’t be recalled back. You need to reap first before you recall.

6) I have a few multiple troops in different wildness and the status are in “Garrison” status, how come I click total gathering and yet I see some troops are still in “Garrison” and not “Gathering” status?
You could have dispatch troops without any hero, Troops without any hero in the wildness cant start gathering. 

7) If I had dispatch two troops to a same wildness, what will happen? 
The two troops will be combined as one. Example: You dispatch 50 labourers for first team(with hero), and 100 pikemen for second team(Without hero). These 2 teams will then be combined as one troop in the wildness.

8) If I had dispatch two troops with heros to a same wildness, what will happen?
Only one team will be gathering and another team wont be gathering even if it stated that troops are gathering. Only one team can gather in one wildness. 

9) If I had 2 teams in the same wildness, If I recall, what will happen?
You must select which team (which hero you want to recall it back) you want to recall back. Note: If one of the team has already begin to gather, you are unable to recall that team.

10) If I accidently send a second troop to a wildness that already has a troop gathering at there. What will happen if i hit the “Total Gathering” option under the “troop – Gather”?
When this happens, the first team that was gathering (Example: 1st team had gathered for 3 hours) will restart gathering. Which means if the team had already gather for 3 hours, the timer for the gathering will be reset.

11) How come I see my troop status are not constant? (Gathering, gathering, Garrison, Gathering)
If you had sort your troop by “Expedition Set Off”, that means it will be sorted as which team leaves the city first. You may have your 3rd team reaches wildness and start gathering first. But when your first team reaches the wildness, you will see your first team troop appear at the first line instead of the last line.

12) Under what case that I can send my troops out without heros?
Scouting, Dispatching, Transporting of armies, resources does not requires you to bring a hero along. Only Maraud, Conquer and gathering(You cant gather without a hero) requires a hero in order to perform the task.

13) How come I still can’t send my troop out for wildness attack even if I had Idle hero and troops?
This could be different reasons behind this, one of it could be that you are sending Scouts only for Maraud and conquer attacks. Scouts cannot be used for maraud and conquer when there is no other types of troops (e.g. Archer) bringing along. Another reason is that whenever you send troops out, the troop need certain amount of food load in order to carry out the mission. If the required food load to carry out the mission is more than what the troop can carry, it will not carry out its mission. Next will be that if your rally point has reach the max. amount of troops that are sent out of city, you cannot send another team out. (e.g. Level 3 rally point can have 3 teams outside of the city. Want send the 4th team will require you to upgrade the rally point)

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