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Facebook Kingory College Guide by StormWhisper10

College is one of the most important things in being successful at Kingory. It improves your troops, speeds up building times, enhances your fortifications, and does lots more. There’s so many options, it’s hard to know what to learn, and how much.

Well that’s what this guide is for.

The first thing to know about college is that levels are shared across cities so long as your college is of the level to use the technology. So if you learn Cultivation 7, when you build a new college, it will immediately be available, and working.

The second thing to know is that while you can only have one college per city, each college can research independently. The more cities you have, the more things you can research.

The third thing to know, some skills require buildings besides the college. You can’t raise a skill level in a city that doesn’t have the required level of building, Arming for example. Arming is dependent on the Armory. To research Arming 7, you must have a level 7 Armory. However the building itself is not required to use the skill.

The final thing to know is, much like in real life, college is expensive. Most of your gold will go to into college. So knowing what to learn and when to learn it is vital.

Note on Skills that require a level 10 Building: To get level 10 only 1 of the appropriate type needs to be level 10. So only 1 farm, in any city unlocks level 10 Cultivation. You can only learn it in that city, but once it’s learned it affects all the cities.

Cultivation – Each level of Cultivation brings up the amount of food your farms produce by 10%. In the late game this skill becomes vital to maintaining huge armies of high level troops. In the early to mid game, level it up as you can, but don’t prioritize it unless you’re hurting for food. Wait til you have multiple colleges before you start investing heavily into Cultivation. There’s more important skills, as Lakes can easily supplement your food production. If you’re in a lake light area, or there’s a lot of competition for lakes, you may want to upgrade this sooner, as food is vital in both recruiting and maintaining troops.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: Farm, College Level 1

Lumbering is far more vital in the early game than Cultivation. We had a running joke in my guild in the early days. “I produce X Lumber per hour, and it’s not enough! It’s never enough!” It does eventually become enough and at some point too much. Once you’re hitting around 135k or so an hour you should find you’re not running out of lumber easily, and might even be looking for things to do with it.Fortunately, just about everything needs lumber. Sawmills will end up being the material producer you want the second highest amount of behind farms, and you’re going to want a horde of farms. Lumber is always useful. When you have nothing better to research, throw in a level of Lumbering.

Level it should be upgraded to: 8-9 (10 if you’re really that hard pressed for Lumber)
Dependent on: Sawmill, College Level 1

In the early game, you’re going to be scrambling for stone. Walls and Beacon Towers require horrendous amounts of stone. Probably to make up for the fact that Stone is rarely used in making troops. In the late game your wall fortifications will need lots of stone, so it’s not worthless, but it does become the least important of the resources.

Level it should be upgraded to: 6-7
Dependant on: Quarry, College level 2

Iron is used a lot in making troops, and like Lumber it’s a resource you’re going to need a lot in the late game. In the early game, few buildings require huge amounts of iron, so it’s not as vital as lumber. Troops will require it as well, so iron won’t become worthless. The later game is a good time to focus on raising Mining to high levels.

Level it should be upgraded to: 8-9 (10 really isn’t necessary, unless you’re running out for some reason).
Dependant on: Iron Mine, College level 2

Arming is an amazingly vital skill. It’s also amazingly expensive. Leveling up Arming is a no brainer. You need it to recruit higher level troops and while in the early game, you won’t care about it’s effect so it seems less important, in the late game, you’ll need that extra speed boost to recruit siege engines faster. Arming 10 is also necessary to recruit Trebuchets.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependant on: Armory, College Level 3

Leadership doesn’t become available until much later. However getting your Heroes MVN as high as possible is very useful. By the time you have leadership you’ll likely have an extra city or two. Level it up when you can. Raising MVN increases troop performance and resource developing. At first, the bonuses will be too small to notice so it doesn’t seem worthwhile. Especially if you have a lot of low level heroes. However when you see 50-100% MVN increases, you’ll really begin to appreciate it.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: Hero Lounge, College Level 7

Oh Indoctrination in the early game how we curse your name. You are expensive, but it seems like everything you want requires higher and higher levels of you. However anything that increases troop production is an excellent skill to have. Level it up as you need to and you’ll find yourself at level 7 in no time. Later on you’ll realize that Indoctrine isn’t as expensive as some other skills (I’m looking at you Projectile) but it’s still very nice to have.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: Foundry, College level 1

This is one of the most important college abilities to research. Early on you’ll only need to get it to the point where you can get troop numbers. This will tell you what you’re up against when you conquer a tile. Let’s face it. A Zounds of anything is just not specific enough and you won’t have to keep a cheat sheet to know how many troops your enemy has. Later in the game, you’re going to need it to know what those other players are up to, and what you’re going to be up against when youattack NPC and PC cities. It’s not even that expensive, comparatively.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 3

Increase the Siege of my troops. Yes please. Investment is easy to overlook by newer players, partially because it’s name sounds like something that should be getting you gold. Secondly because Siege is a strange way of saying “Attack Power” and it’s easily confused with Siege Engines. Investment is again something that pays off more in the later game when you start getting troops that can really benefit from it. A High Bravery Hero with Investment 10 is a devastating force to behold, even with low end troops. High Investment and High Bravery make Cavalry worth using. 50% extra Siege is nothing to scoff at.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 2

Security is the Yin to Investment’s Yang. It raises Guard. How much Guard you need does depend on how hard you can hit in the first place. But it’s not a bad thing to have. You’ll need it for Battering Rams and Cuirassiers and Battering Rams anyway, but once you get it to the levels you need it can be put on a back burner, since level 8 which is needed for Rams is a nice sized Guard improvement. It’s particularly nice with a high Int Hero.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 3


Gastronomy is a lot like Security, in that it only becomes useful IF you get hit back. However, when you do you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re not losing as many troops. Once Investment is up there, research it. It’s not a bad thing to have by any means. Get a couple levels when it becomes available.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 6

Navigation is Equitation’s little brother. It’s not a bad skill by any means, and it should be leveled up. But it’s less vital than some other skills. Throw it in there when you’ve got some extra time as increased tempo is increased tempo. It helps your troops counteract the effects of Projectiles. Sadly it doesn’t work on Siege Engines, which is why Equitation is better. But unlike Equitation, you don’t need any buildings to learn it.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 4

Oh how we love you. Let us sing your many praises. Equitation makes all your troops faster and is necessary in recruiting Cavalries and Cuirassiers. It also allows you to level up your outpost, which makes your troops move, even faster. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like much. However there’s two important things you must understand. 1) Kingory is a time dependent game. Time is THE most important resource, and let’s face it, it’s not on your side. The faster you do things the better off you are. Equitation is also vital in fighting the effects of Projectiles. Cavalry are useless if they get destroyed by ranged units before they can even clear the board. That sole ability is the only thing that makes Cavalry worthwhile. It’s why Equitation and Navigation become so important. Take that speed away, and Cavs may as well paint a bulls eye on their foreheads, and you send in Cuirassiers instead. Equitation is also the only college skill that speeds up the horrendously slow Siege Engines, which you will need sped up as much as possible.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: Stable, College Level 5.

Projectile is an amazingly important skill. Level 1 gives you access to Archers. When you’re starting… Archers turn your entire world around. Level 6 gives you Ballista, and Level 10 the dreaded Trebuchets. Ranged units are key in this game. When defending or attacking, they can destroy enemy troops before they even get close. Projectile however is an exceedingly expensive skill, and time consuming. Not just because it increases range of your ranged units, but because of the secondary effect of ‘extending’ the battle field by doing this. The higher your Projectile the longer your ranged units get to pick off enemy units. Expect later levels to take a very long time and be very costly.

Dependent on: College Level 4

Every game has a ‘red herring skill’. This one is Kingory’s It’s not that Stacking isn’t useful. It becomes useful in the late game. However it should be on the bottom of your leveling list. There’s SO many other more important things to research. Stacking increases the amount of resources your city can hold. This helps prevent natural disasters caused by going over your city storage limits. However there’s plenty of other ways to avoid this, making stacking a low priority

Level it should be upgraded to: Really… only as much as you need. Your city capacity for anything can easily hit 8-9 million with little problem without stacking.
Dependent on: Warehouse, College Level 6

This is a skill that like Stacking, looks fairly useless. Don’t be fooled. Every level of Alleviation allows your troops to carry more resources. Which means they can travel further into the field. This can become useful when you’re hunting high heroes or need to transport resources to allies. It’s not a high priority skill by any means, but certainly not one to be overlooked.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College level 4

Architecture is a hard skill to rate. It speeds building of buildings up, yes. And it stacks with Politics to accomplish this. But much like many other skills, you need it at level 5 before you see any real improvements, and it needs to be a higher level building. The improvement that Architecture offers is hard to track because there’s more than one factor at work in the construction of buildings. Level it to 5 early on, then upgrade it when you get a chance. But don’t prioritize it.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 5

Afforcement is a city protection skill. How much you need it, depends on how much you are in danger of having your city conquered as that’s the only time that it comes into play. Battering Rams rip through walls anyway, so Afforcement doesn’t help a whole lot there. What it does help with, is keeping your archer towers alive. Barricades too, but that’s not really nearly as important. It’s a skill that should be learned, and before things like, Stacking. Your priority really depends on how much danger your city is in of being conquered, and even then there’s a much better skill to help with that. Upgrade it when you have nothing better to do.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 8

Unlike Afforcement, this skill is very useful in protecting your wall. One of the things about  wall fortifications is that they have very low
Recovery rates. That’s where Reparation comes in. It increases the % by a multiplier. Level 8 Reparation for example raises it by 9 times. So you’re looking at 45% Trap recovery, and 27% Archery Tower recovery. Far better than 3%. How much you need it depends on how likely you are to be attacked with attempts to conquer. If it’s a low likelihood, then wait on it and level it slowly. If you have people eyeballing your city, you’ll want to get this leveled up quickly.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10
Dependent on: College Level 9

Pillery sounds great on paper. It counters Warehouses. The thing is, smart players aren’t going to rely on warehouses anyway. So really it only works on NPCs. This is a meh skill. Only get it if you have a Construction Blueprint to burn to get a level 10 College. But since you need level 10 Colleges for it to work in other cities, IMHO, the cost isn’t worth the gain. For the ‘ultimate skill’ Pillery just falls flat. There’s better ways to get resources especially for the very low 30% at level 10 improvement to resource gain and at the cost of 1 Construction Blueprint per city. I’d much rather have more level 10 Barracks.

Level it should be upgraded to: 10 If you’re going to take it, max it to get the most benefit out of it.
Dependent on: College Level 10

What to Learn when?

Starting out:
Get your Cultivation, Lumbering, Mining, and Hammering to 4 or 5. You’ll need the resource production. Since you’re only fighting low level Wilderness tiles at this phase, Things that enhance your troops are less important. Get Architecture to 4 or 5 and let it sit there a while.

Indoctination and Arming will come next. Partially because, half your troops are going to make you take it. You will curse the names of both of these skills early on since they’re so expensive, but they’ll be worth it later.

Establishing troops:
Get Equitation 1 and Projectiles 1 as soon as your resources are stabilizing. Should be around day 3. In this time you want to be building up Recon to 5. You’ll want toscout Wilderness tiles before you attack them, to be sure you can take them. At least until you have about 3k Archers. Then you’ll be able to take anything level 8 and under with ease and 9s depending on troops.

Once you have a good number of Archers, start getting Projectiles to around 5, followed by Equitation 5. Then focus on Investment and Security. Security because you need it for Cuirassiers. get each to 5.

After you’ve gotten your Cuirs it’s time to focus on Ballista. Your Projectiles should already be high so take it to 6. Try not to wince at the cost or time. Ballista are worth it and will serve you for a while.

As you build troops and establish cities, pick up more Resource production skills as needed. Get Recon, Investment, Indoctrine, and Arming, Equitation, and Projectiles up to around 8. Then go for Leadership, Security, and Gastonomy. Bring these up as needed.

Battering Rams will take Arming 7 and Security 8. Trebuchets will take the dreaded Arms 10 and even more dreaded Projectile 10.
You can hold off on Battering Rams in favor of Trebuchets unless you’re planning on attacking cities soon.

Bring up Leadership and Navigation to around 8, then Alleviation. Alleviation can sit at 5-6 for a while. You likely won’t need to go higher than that for a long time.  During all this be sure you’re upping Cultivation in particular. As you’re coming into the hungry hungry Cuirs and Ballista you’re going to need the extra food production and Lakes won’t cut it anymore.

Fixing up the Wall:
Around now you should have around 4-5 cities anyway so pick up some Reparation as you have time. With most of your troop enhancers at fairly high levels, you might even raise Architecture to 7 or 8 and pick up some Afforcement.

Finishing up:
Top off the most important skills you’ve not used to get troops (Arming, Projectiles) first:
Investment, Indoctrine, and Equitation
Follow up with:
Leadership, Security, Navigation, and Gastronomy

Your troops will be top shape by this point, which is where you need them. Attacking Counties is no easy feat. Recon 9 is nice. Pick it up as you can. 10 is best for other players. NPCs don’t do anything you really care about.

Further things to know:
Complete the Heritage quests as they become available. Especially for learning things that have no prerequisites. You’ll often get more gold back that you invested in the first place, which in turn becomes new research levels.

College Research levels 1-5 won’t take much time or gold, so 5 is a good stopping point for most skills in the early phases. Focus on your resources first, then your troops. Have strong troops won’t mean anything if you have no resources to support them or recruit them.

Get a high Int Hero into your Military Adviser position. The higher the Int the more you’ll shave off learning times. Since Int is the sole thing that controls how fast you research something, it can make a huge difference.

Like with every other build timer the game only checks Int at the time you start the project. So you can move your best Int Hero around to give your cities the shortest research time, then send the Hero back home and appoint another Hero into the Military Adviser position with no concern that the time will change.

In the early stages it’s more important to build research levels than College levels. A Level 2 College with Cultivation 5 works just as well as a level 4 College with Cultivation 5. The highest you need is Level 3 for Security and Investment to be able to recruit Pikes and Swords, until you’re ready to begin Archers. Other than to take wildernesses troops are less important in your first 7 days. That doesn’t mean you don’t need them. By day 3 you should be building Archers. But since you’re protected from all attacks you mostly want to build troops defensively. Keep this in mind when researching. Also keep in mind that Wilderness tiles all have College research levels of 0.

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