Facebook Kingory Item Usage and Effects

Facebook Kingory Item Usage and Effects by Snow

Below are some of the list of items you will get to see in the Kingory Item Mall. 

Some players had some questions on what does this item does or how does it works, thus, here is the list of the items and what is its uses. If there are some items that you wish to know and its not listed below, please ask over at this thread. Any errors in the information please also state it out.

Time Saving:

Lu Ban Series: Speeds up 1 construction process (Able to use multiple Lu Ban on one building)

Leaflet: 15 mins
Note: 1 hour
Sketch: 2.5 hours
Book: 8 hours
Tome: 10-30 hours (The time it speeds up is random from 10 to 30 hours)
Encyclopedia: 30% of the remaining construction time

Mohism Series: Speeds up research process

Sequel: 15mins
Leaflet: 1 hour
Blueprint: 3 hours
Creed: 10 Hours
Manual: 12-36 hours (The time it speeds up is random from 12 to 36 hours)
Tome: 35% of the remaining research process

Hansen Palimpsest: Speeds up troop training process by 30% and can only be used once on one training team.

Mohism Defense Folio: Speeds up fortification procession by 30% and can only be used once on one fortification process.

Mental Potions: Restores Hero’s mental by the amount of % depending on the item. 

Physical Potions: Restores Hero’s physical by the amount of % depending on the item. 

Veteran Memoir / Military Science / Tao of War: Gives 3000/30,000/300,000 exp to a hero. 

Auto Caravan: Speeds up 90% of the transportation time between 2 cities. Apply only for themarket transactions.

Propellant Barrel: Instantly boom down one of your building down to clear slot. Note: Noresources will be gained back by using this item.
Resource saving:

Basic Craftman Tablet: Consume less 30% resources when building level 1 to 5 construction. Effects last for 24 hours.
Advance Craftman Tablet: Consume less 30% resources when building level 1 to 8 construction. Effects last for 24 hours.
Elite Craftman Tablet: Consume less 30% resources when building level 1 to 20 construction. Effect last for 24 hours.

Tips: Example if the Tablet time left is 5 mins and you want to build a college level 5, the resource saving is still applies. It does not see the time required for the building to build complete. 

Temporary Noble Ranks: *Edit – This does not show the effect in your noble ranking list. So players planning to use this for top 100 player ranking, this will not be any help.

Heirdom Order: Can be applied for any noble ranks, temporary gives you 2 noble ranks. Last for 3 days, can be prolong if apply one more.

Advance Heirdom Order: Can only be applied to noble rank of High Knight and above. Temporary gives you 5 noble ranks, last for 10 days; can be prolong if apply one more.

Things to take note of when relocating of city: All wildness attached to the city will be abandon. Troops outside of the city(gathering, dispatching, transporting, attacking) must be all done and back to city before you are allow to relocate your city.

Relocation Order: Relocate your city to any of the 13 prefecture of your choice. Note: you only can select the prefecture you wants to fly to, but the x,y for the prefecture will be random.

Advance Relocation Order: Relocate your city to any of your choice (must be a plain without any owner) in the whole map. Including areas like Viet, Wuhuan etc which is not accessible by using a normal relocation order. Note: There is a 24 hour cool down after you had relocate. You can’t dispatch, scouts and attack any wildness or cities. You are only allowed to transport resources to and back your own city.
Permanently Increase Weapon slots:

Basic Weapon Shelf: Add 5 weapon slots, can be used repeatedly until weapon slots reaches 500.

Advance Weapon Shelf: Add 50 more weapon slots, can be used repeatedly until weapon slots reaches 500.

Arena Items: 

Mercenary Order: Dispatching mercenaries to the arena for your usage. Can dispatch any types of mercenaries (Ballistae, Trebuchets etc). Different amount of mercenaries will require different amount of mercenary order.

Call for Battle Order: Refresh the Arena count. Each day players can go 5 arena; using this will allow players to have 5 more times of arena for the day(use it when your arena count has reach 5/5) – refreshes your arena count. 

Military Order Bond: Enable you to gain additional 3 time more Arena Glory when fighting enemies in the Arena. Last for 24 hours. 

Document of Mercy: Resets your negative arena glory to 0.

Homing Pigeon: Your “scouts” for scouting enemy’s troop type and amount. Normal scouts cant be used in a arena.

Expeditionary Order: Joining level 10 and above arena will require one Expeditionary Order

Expedite Order: Speeds up your marching troops to another destination to 10 seconds trip.

Parley: Gives a 12 hour city attack restrictions (Players can’t attack/scout your city nor you can attack/scout a city) – newbie protection. Parley will not have any effect if the attacker had already send the troops out to your city before you on your parley. Note: there is a 6 hours cool down before you can use the Parley again.

Tiger Armlet: Temporary boost hero’s MNV by 50%. One amulet can only be used on one hero. Effect lasts for 24 hours.

Stratagemical Amulet: Temporary boost hero’s INT by 25%. One amulet can only be used on one hero. Effect lasts for 24 hours. INT are good for defense point and doing researching.

Military Amulet: Temporary boost hero’s BRV by 25%. One amulet can only be used on one hero. Effect lasts for 24 hours. BRV are good for offense point and doing military troops recruitment.

Political Amulet: Temporary boost hero’s PLT by 25%. One amulet can only be used on one hero. Effect lasts for 24 hours. PLT are good for high fortification regeneration, fast construction building process. 

Kerosene Pot: An item that can be equipped to hero, randomly booms down one building level of the defender’s building (Level 10 college being boom down to level 9 college) permanently duringconquer. This does not apply to government and wall and does not applies to Scouting or Marauding Attacks. 

Vexillum: Increase the troops capacity by 25% for one time sending out of city. Example: rallyspot has a troop capacity of 90,000 (max), applying Vexillum will allows you to bring up to 112,500 troops. One flag for each expedition.

Elixir: Needed for reassigning Hero’s ATB. Every 10 levels require one Elixir. (Example: Level 59 hero will require 6 Elixir whereas level 8 require one Elixir.)

Treasure Map: Paying 10 vouchers/diamonds to the NPC (Level 5 Tavern – “Appraise Treasure”) to get the exact location. Conquer the location and start gather for 1 hour to obtain a treasure chest. Possible items inside treasure chest: Construction Blueprint, Corvee Order etc.

League Permit: Once used, league member limit will be change from *base on the host’s Embassy level* to 100.

Name Card: Changing your lord name. 

National Heraldry: Each time changing your flag name requires one National Heraldry.

Trade Caravan Bargain: Allows a NPC to transfer resources to another city on behalf of your troops at a selected time. Resources amount will need to see the city’s market level. If the market level is level 5, the maximum amount of resource that can be sent out are 500,000. Effects last for 3 days.

Search Warrant: Allows a player to send 5 heros at a time in a city. Effects last for 3 days. By default: 2 heroes are allowed to practice simultaneously but Search Warrant allows 5 heroes to practice simultaneously

Construction Blueprint: A must have item if you want to build a building to level 10 and above. Each level above level 9 will consume one blueprint. (Example: Building level 10 farm use one blueprint, then level 11 farm use another one more blueprint. So on and so fore.)

Green Wrap Book: Increase your troop casualties rate by 30% more. Which means you can more troops recovery when your troop dies in a battle.
Commission Letter: You need one in order to set a Delegate Quest up for other players to take the quest and complete the job behalf of you.

Stratagemical Scroll: When ever you want to cast a stratagem skill (Example: Barn Burning) you will require Stratagemical Scrolls. Each of the skills requires different amount of Stratagemical scrolls.

Beacon Armlet: 
Each time you type one line on the World chat, it will consume one beacon armlet. So make sure you dont chat on World chat unknowingly and used up the Beacon Armlets.

Recruitment Bulletin: Use for refreshing the hero list in your Tavern. Each refresh consume one bulletin and only apply to the selected Tavern, does not applies to all taverns.
Corvee Order: Enable you to build 5 buildings at one time for one city. Last for 3 days, can be prolong if apply one more. (Tips: If your corvee order is ending soon, and you have buildings that still going on; it will let your buildings finishes.)

Any information that you think is incorrect, please do point out. Thank you.

New Items that will appear in Item Mall after Server upgardes (Not sure when).Please note that the names for the items are not accurate (Not too sure about what is the item name going to be like over here)as Im just mainly give you an idea on what is the new items that is use for.

Key Chains: 10 Keys of random treasure chest keys. Mostly are bronze keys, but if you are lucky, you are able to get silver and gold keys from it.

Sudden War Scroll : Once apply, player do not need to wait for 8 hours war declare and can instant start to go war with other lords. Effects last only 8 hours.

Equipment Protection: It protects your equipment from breaking/damaged if enchance is failed.

Healing Needle: It protects your mover from  damage if horse training is failed.

Equipment Amulet: Enchance the % rate of success upgarding the equipment.

Ultimate Hammer: Adding of equipment slots into the equipment.

Enhancement stone: Item that you need for enhancing your equipment.

Fossil Powder: Use to recover those damage slots of your equipment.

Handy-Craft Scroll: Enchance the % of item combining.

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