War of Legends Famous Cities Guide

War of Legends Famous Cities Guide by Zhuge Lii

I am very excited to present what you need to know about famous cities. Here we go!

All about Famous Cities

There are 3 alliances: Shang, Zhou and Man [Chu] (barbarians)

Each alliance’s famous cities have their differences.

1)Infrastructure and Technology level
a.Resource buildings and technology level will affect your resource output and the number and power of troops you can produce.
Shang’s famous cities have the best technological resource output and technology as it is currently the overlord. Their cities can research and build up to level 30. On the other hand, Zhou and Man can only research and build up to level 25.

a.Each famous cities cannot produce normal troops; different cities can produce different types of troops.
By will of the heavens, Zhou’s troops are blessed by the gods. They have arguely the best troops of the 3 alliances.
[Zhou dynasty overtook Shang dynasty in history.]
The Mans grew up under harsh environment and have an extraordinary will and power. Thus, Man’s famous cities can produce troops which can be recruited very quickly and have above average stats than normal troops in attack and defence.

Refer to posts below for more evaluation.
b.Each famous cities have their strengths and weakness. None is necessarily stronger than the other.

3) Legends
Each famous city can recruit 1 famous legend with 30+ (most are 43) ability points. These legends are positioned according to the sides they are in.

SO if you are capable, I wish you good luck in recruiting ALL of them.

Differences between normal and famous cities

1) Design (obviously)
a.Each famous city has a nicer design than normal cities so as to showcase their strengths .

2) Infrastructure
a.Currently, normal cities can only level buildings to level 20. Famous cities can achieve up to level 30.

Note: It is normal to have level 20 buildings. You are already at your maximum capacity. All that is left now is to collect legends, train them, get powerful equipments for them and participate in alliance war. However, if you wish to purchase “Adv.” items from the Jshop, you can upgrade your resource buildings to 25. This is useful for the next solo task after Special Paradise 4: Special paradise 5.

Check out my guide on this:

All about Special paradise

3) Difficulties
a.If you think special paradises are already hard enough, think again. Famous Cities are alot harder. Talk about mortals fighting gods. :P

4) Stronger troops
a.Famous cities allow you to recruit much more stronger troops. If you occupy different famous cities, you will be able to have different mixtures and combinations of troops!

5) Legends
a.Famous Legends are THE reasons why you want to occupy famous cities. These legends have much stronger abilities than your normal legends. Each famous city resides one famous legend. Collect them all today!

Note: The famous legends which occupy each famous city will only have a chance to appear on the legend’s sanctuary. You will have to wait for it to appear before being able to recruit it.

The Legend flag would be very useful here so you might want to save them and use them when you manage to occupy a famous city.

In order to take down a famous city, you need to have capable legends and a strong alliance. You must also be able to handle the occupation and development of the famous city effectively such as being able to fend off enemy attacks.

If you have what it takes, continue reading. If not, it is not too late to turn back. :)

1) First, a proper introduction.

Owner: Dixin
Max building level:30
Max technology level:30
Troops: Demon/Skilled troops

Owner: Jifa
Max building level:25
Max technology level:25
Troops:God/Master troops

Owner: Kuafu
Max building level:25
Max technology level:25
Troops:Barbarian/Expert troops
Strengths: Above average stats than normal troops. Fast production/recruitment rate.

2) Famous Cities’ limitations and ownership changes

Occupying famous cities will have some special rules attached to it.

Famous cities cannot build ally base, cannot station troops at allies’ cities, cannot be abandoned, cannot change name, cannot be moved and cannot be enslaved.
However, troops can be sent to occupy, invade, spy, explore and transport resources.

The first occupant of the famous cities shall have all types of buildings except for ally base,relay base,etc.
Palace and Rampacts will be at level 25 (30 for Shang).
All other buildings will be at level 10.

If the famous city gets occupied by another player, the buildings levels and research which the first player conducts will remain.

After a famous city gets occupied, it cannot be attacked for 2hrs.

A famous city takes a sub city spot. If you don’t have extra spot, you cannot occupy a famous city.

*Once a player attack a famous city, regardless of win or lose, the troops level will be restored to its original level.*

The initial loyalty of the people in famous cities is 80.
Each successful attack will reduce loyalty by 2 and increase dissent by 10.
Once loyalty is 0, player occupies the famous city.
The loyalty of the people is restored to 80 daily if no player manages to occupy the city.

You can recruit famous legends from the legend’s sanctuary who have 30+ ability points.

These rules will apply to all other players who wish to occupy famous city.

If you have a place for a sub city and you attack a famous city, before you begin an attack on the famous city, you will be asked whether you will use city seal, which seals your city from attacks for 7 days. If you succeed in occupying a famous city, then the seal will activate. If you do not, your city seal will not activate.

>>>Strategies to defeat famous cities<<<

It is impossible to solo a famous city.

Alliance is the key to defeating famous cities.
The protection period is only for 2 hours making it very easy for enemies to steal the famous city.
Hence, this is what alliance are for!

In order to capture a famous city, you will need to attack successfully 9 times. For the first 8 times, the purpose is to make dissent in the famous city go to 80.

Loyalty+Dissent+Tax rate=100%


After the 8 attacks,
Loyalty= Decreases slowly to 0

Loyalty decreases by 1 point for every 6 minutes or 10 points for every hour. (rough estimate)

Your first 8 attacks will cause loyalty to drop to 80-2X8=64. This means that it will take about 6hrs 12 minutes for loyalty to drop to 2. When this happens, your final attack will allow you to take the famous city. Make sure you spy to ensure loyalty falls to 2 before launching your final attack.

However, it will take a long time in order to capture a famous city this way. If you want to cut short the time, the only way is to make more successful attacks.

Also, the long wait makes it very easy for people to steal your famous city. So be aware of the risks involved.

Keep in mind that you only have a day before loyalty & dissent resets so plan ahead.

It is also important to deploy the right type of troops.

If there are weaker players, these players can play the job of defending the cities of people who are attacking a famous city and sending resources, especially food.

Summary/key points/tips:

1)The right to occupy famous cities is open to anyone. This means that even if you manage to capture a famous city, others can snatch it away from you. Of course you can be a scrooge and try to retain control of your famous cities forever. However, you will only waste time and resources in trying to defend your city from attacks. Talk about the entire world pouncing on you.

2)When trying to defend a famous city, your alliance cannot help you. This means that you will have to depend on yourself to defend against the entire world.

3)When you occupy a famous city, it is considered a sub city. This means that you will have to abandon one of your sub cities to acquire the famous city if you have the maximum number of sub cities.

4)You cannot activate VIP items such as Gold,jade tokens and charms in the famous city. This is to prevent abuses from Wall street.

5)Once you occupy a famous city, you will obviously be the target of everyone. So be prepared!

6)If you upgrade buildings and research skills while in the famous city, and you lose control of the famous city (ie others have taken over your famous city), what you have researched and built WILL BE RETAINED. This means that you could potentially be helping them and making it harder for you to get back your famous city. Be careful.

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