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Batheo In-depth guideline for top players and newbies by taotie

I am taotie from S3 chaos. I am currently among one of these top players on that server.
I would like to write something useful for top players and newbies.
I will not give many things with “reason” in this guidline because it is too labor-intensive. You can discuss this guideline with me or ask me the reason for anything inside this article in the following thread.

1. Selection of Starting Hero
I would suggest you choose Kratos or Robin Hood.
Why Kratos? It is an MT. You do not have to recuit Achilles if you have Kratos, and that will save you 3000 drachmas.
Why Robin Hood? He as a good “critical strick” rate. Equip him well and you will find he is as good as odysseus.

Anyway, you will dismiss your starting hero sooner in this game. (to be continued…)

2. Fast going through the first map (LV1~LV10)
Just follow the guidline in the game if you are a newbie. You know what you should do if you are a top player.


DO NOT FORGET TO GET THE STARTING GIFT PACK (50 gold and 1000 drachmas)

For the 1st map trail for perseus. Just enhance two pigskin amror(do not buy them just attack the npc who drops it) and two bronze sword to level 9. (If you are short of drachmas try to enhance only one sword and two amrors)

Recuit Bellerophon(Beller) and start training him. Beller will be the most important hero before you reach 50k prestige in Zeusian, 38K prestige in Athenian, and for a very very long time in Poseidonian ( Probably Poseidoners should not change him for anyone else before they reach 190K or 260K prestige, sometimes you may even keep him when you are at 500k prestige.)

Buildings: Assemby, shop, and training ground to lv 9. Silver vault to lv 4 or lv5. One of these cottage to lv3.
Look into your main quests and get the rewards whenever you are short of drachmas.

Try to levy after you pass the trail for perseus and move to Troy city.

Stop for a while in LV 10 assemby. You still get 100% enhancement rate when you are at LV 10. Enhance the swords and amrors to G1(10). (to be continued…)

3. VIP choice
You can either choose to be a VIP or NOT.
VIPs have more builders, more space to train heros.
And many other ways to spend gold in this game.
I would suggest Vips just keep 5~6 builders in total (no more than 6, they are useless after you reach lv 100, when you lv up to 110 or 120, there is only a few buildings to be built. )
And no more than 6 train spaces in total (Five spaces is good enough. Get an extra if your money is burning a whole on your plam LOL)

FYI, my personal opinion.
The most difference between an VIP and non-VIP is the difference of attribute-wash method.
VIP can go very far on the map because they have Platinum attribute wash and a even better wash (which costs 20 gold per time and 200 gold per time) Although it is expensive but they are really useful in this game. (So this game is very USD-consuming, think of 3.33 bucks per best wash, and you need to do that many times to wash all three attributes in full. Only late-stage, certain high-prestige heros need to be washed through 100gold/per or 20 gold/per. Do not spend too much gold on these begining heros, the beginning stage heros, and low-prestige heros.)

FIY again, vip3 have platinum attribute wash, vip6 have the best wash (I do not know the name, maybe diamond attribute wash ??)

For non-vips. You may need tons of laurels to wash heros. That’s it. (to be continued…)

4. Use Odysseus to be the MAIN DPS from level 11~29
The aim of this article is try to help you go through all of these maps as fast as you can within the limited drachmas you can get from the game. The earlier you reach higher level, the more drachmas you get, and the more experience your hero can get from daily training.

I would like to mark maps @ a diffculty level. Beacuse I do not know the name of the map futher than D9 currently. But I know the diffculty and the requirement of these maps very well actually.
Trail of peseus —Diffculty level 1 (D1)
Trojan war —Diffculty level 2 (D2)
Defense of Athens—D3 (Beasts in the wilderness D3′)
Jack and Beanstalk–D4 (Layrinbith D4′)
Dispute of Golden apple–D5 (Health and aflame D5′)
Roaring Sea–D6
Falling Earth–D7
Burning Sky–D8
Endless U???-D9
????-D12(Hosilty part, if you are a Zeasian you will face Athenian and Poseidon Prestige Heros)

I believe the current version ends @ D14. There is a D15,D15′ map in the newest version.

You can upgrade your assemby to 110 when you finish D13 and upgrade your assemby to 120 when you finish D13′

Believe me, the game becomes very hard and much more interesting when you start going through D12 Map. (Maybe newbies will feel it become very hard from D11 )And you may get some fantastic gears from D8 and later maps if you are lucky enough.


Let’s try to finish the introductive parts ASAP. It may not be everything-in-detail. However,I want to share the most informative information in these late stage maps with you guys.

When you defeat Odysseus, recuit him. He can be your main DPS before you upgrade your assemby to lv30
When you are @lv 11 you get academy, upgrade academy to lv11 and keep academy, training ground and shop at the same level to your assemby.
(Recuit Achiles if you use robinhood and beller)
Just enhance the bronze sword of Odysseus and the Pigskin amror of Kratos. And Upgrade Lochioi formation and use Kratos and Odysseus.
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
In lv 1 Lochion you have position 5 and 7 opend
Put Kratos/Achiles on 5 and Odysseus on 7
(Robin Hood is also very good, but I will not introduce him into my guidline because I do not have too much experience of using him)

When you have Lv10 academy you can upgrade your Formations to LV2. Keep upgrading Blacksmithing
And you can put 3 heros into your fomation.

At this time, you should be able to finish all the NPC in trojan war. And also the Pairs Legion. There is No other hero need to be recuit in this map.
The prize for finishing this map is “Endless regret” A Blue weapon Only needs a hero to be Lv12 to equip it. You can fast track Odysseus to lv 12. And replace his bronze sword with the Endless regret.

Enhance the “endless regret” to G2(7) or even G3(2).
You can pass the D3 and D3′ map (Athens, Beasts) by these three heros with nice Formation Change. (But you may not be able to defeat Artimes and Asclepius in D3′)
If you feel it is really hard. Just wash the attribute of Kratos and Odysseus with Gold.(But try to save gold as u can) You need only to worry about the Valor of them. When the Valor of Odysseus is above +20, you will find it is much more easier.

When you defeat Heracles you can move to a new area and upgrade your Assemby to LV30.

Try to finsh at least part of the map D4′.(Layrinbith) Do not touch anything in D4. It is too hard for you .
Upgrade the tech Boar’s Head (Formation) Amrorforging and Magic resistence
When you are able to recuit 4 heros. (Join in a fraction and 100+ prestige)
Recuit Artemis and start training her.
There is a very useful formation in defeating the last several NPCs in the D4′ map.

Odysseus Artimes Kratos

in a line, who occupies 4 5 6 position in the formation Boar’s head. It will greatly reduce the requirement of your gears (enhancment) to defeat these NPCs.

The reward from D3 and D3′ map is a blue horse and a blue Clock.(all require hero lv 21) Personally I would just sell them to the shop. Somebody may keep the clock. And if you want to recuit Heracles to replace Beller, you may also keep the blue horse. I will not consider these factors into my guideline.

You can join the monster’s Legion or Heracles Legion for accumulating your Laurels.

5. Stop@lv 35 for a while
I usually do not suggest people to stop upgrading there Assembly. But there are several exceptance.
First one is Lv35
Second one is LV65
Third one is LV87
Forth one is LV101

Because you lose 1 Divinity if you lost in the war VS NPC troops when you above LV36.(You will lost 1 Divinity in Legion anyway whatever your lv is)

Upgrade your Assemby to lv30(or LV31 to get the main quest price) Directly (with your shop, assemby and training ground stay@ lv 25)

At this time you can do one thing: Commission.

Do the commission of “Regular Horse Dealer”, until you get the horse “Euros” or “Boreas”. (lv 21 and lv 29 green horse) And sell all other horses. Do not do the commission from a mid-level Horse dealer because it is too expensive for you right now.

I suggest do that until you get an Euros because you can just fast tracking Beller to Lv21. (make sure you upgrade the training ground to your assemby level before you do any fast tracking!!!!) If you have Boreas only you have to fast track Beller to lv29, which is both time and laurels-consumming.

Enhance the Euros with all your drachmas. Wash the attributs of Beller with all your remaining gold after beller has leveled up. You ONLY need to worry about the Sprit of Beller.

Start Upgrading Magic Penetration; Boar’s Head(Formation), and Creascent(Formation)
Stop Upgrading Blacksmith.
If you have upgraded these three technology to the academy level. Just continue upgrade AmrorForging and Magic Ressistence and Elemental Ressistence. DO NOT UPGRADE Blacksmithing, Hornblowing, Elemantal penatration.

You may fininsh the D4′ Map and Defeat Aclepius when your Euros is enhanced enough.
The combo of Artemis Beller is really powerful.
Equip Artemis with the Highest Valor Defence Amror and try to Make her bost ahead of Beller.
The formation of Board’s head for your heros should be something like
Odysseus Beller Artemis (Position 4,5,6 )

Odsseus Beller Aclepius
(Position 3, 4, 5, 6)
If you have more than two high amror you can change the positon of beller and aclepius and equip beller with the 2nd high amror.

The green amror got from the rewards of finishing D4′ map.
Enhance it! It is very important in the folloing game.

When your euros have more than 950 sprit attack you may be able to finish the Jack and Beanstalk map.

You may also need to use Lochois (lv 5) or Crescent(lv5) in going through that map.

Do not try to upgrade everyting into the same level. Euros>Amror(green>blue>white)>>>>Clock (stop upgrading Endless Regret and Blacksmisting tech).

You can replace Ascelpius with polyphemus or just keep Ascelpius. (UP to U, I tried all of them before, both are good)

6. Fast upgrade your assemby to lv51 or lv60

When you defeat polyphemus, you can move to a new area, which gives you a maxium assemby lv of 60.
What you need to do is firstly upgrade your assemby without all other buildings to lv51. Take part in Minotaur Legion during this process to get as much laurels as you can. Save these laurels for tech upgrading later.

*You will have daily quests@lv40 , do them and it will be an important source of your lacurels.
Do not use laurels to fast track from this point until you reach lv 100 or lv 110.

*You can do a free comission everyday when you are above lv51. That means you will get at least extra 5250 drachmas (usually 10000 drachmas) everyday if you just do the free regular clock dealer.

You can choose to continue upgrade your assemby to lv 60 and start to invest to the city for prestige (for vip players, they can buy high-level blue horns by gold and sell them for drachmas. Or you can stop a little while @ lv 51, upgrade your training ground, academy and cottage/tax office.

Do not stop enhancing your euros and green amor/blue amror, Unitil you can go through the Dispute of Golden apple and Health Aflame maps.

I would suggest people go through the Golden apple map first (at least part of it) to recuit your first bugler hero:Hecate. She can boost extra 34 moral to Beller after boosted by Artemis, which will increase the damage of Beller. Poseidoners can invest and attack other players in different fraction, their 6000 prestige hero is also a bugler, you can recuit her first and then defeat Hecate. Recuit hecate will give you two Buglers in your team which will make a total 164 moral on Beller, gives Beller more power to do the overwhelming damage.

Before you defeat Hecate, Hesperides is very difficult to beat if your horse and magic resistance tech is not high enough. Keep enhancing equipment and upgrade the technology!
Wash Beller’s attribute with gold if possible, increase his sprit to 50(+40) or even 50(+50).

At the end of golden apple, you can hire your second buglar hero-Eris.(3rd for posidoners)

You will find it is very easy to pass the health aflame if you have this combo: Artemis Hecate Eris Beller (if you have already got 15k prestige and lv 10 Board’s Head/Crescent formation you can also put Ascelpius or polyphemus in your team ( 3rd bugler for Poseidoners. That’s an adantage of them. They are able to boost the moral of Beler to 204 in one round, and Poseidoners should just replace artemis with the 20k prestige hero–also a dancer. Do not use two dancers in one formation, that’s a big waste. Dancers can only boost morals to 100 and cannot be higher than that.)
N/A N/A Artemis
Beller Hecate Polyphemus
N/A N/A Eris

N/A N/A Artemis
Beller Ascelpius Eris
N/A N/A Hecate

Here are two examples for the Boar’s head formation (lv10+)
in the 1# formation
You need give Artemis the best Amror and Eris the second Best.
Third and forth should go to Polyphemus or Beller.
You can just give a G1(0) pigskin amror or even nothing to Hecate. (but if you have extra drachmas you can also equip Hecate with the worst amror)

in the 2# formation
Artemis still get the best Amror, Eris the second Beller the third and Hecate the forth.
And with a naked Ascelpius. LOL

7. Get your early stage prestige heros for going through the maps! Enhance your yellow horse! Information on Hero Renascence

When you are lv 51 or lv60. You may have already finished the Golden apple and Heath aflame map. The prize for going through the Golden apple is a yellow weapon (Bloody Treachery) and the prize for Heath aflame map is
a yellow horse (Cychreides).

Cychreides is the most important gear you need to enhance before you get a red horse(usually a chimera,lv 55 red horse) through comission. (There is also lv63, lv 72, lv80 red horse)
What I do is fast track beller to lv38. Then enhance the yellow horse. When Cychreides have around 1200 sprit hit. You can start to downgrade the green horse (Euros or Boreas). Use the money you gain from that to further enhance Cychreides. You may be able to enhance cychreides to 1500 or even 1700+ sprit hit after that.

Bloody Treachery is not that important. I personally sold it to the shop for drachmas. But you can keep it if you want to add a valor attack hero in your team. (not recommended)

Start to attack other players in other fraction for your prestige.
Start to invest to your city to get your prestige.
Do not forget to join the area battle to get free prestige.
Never contribute laurels to get prestige unless your prestige is no more than 100.

For poseidoners you need 20k prestige to get all your early stage 5 heros (6k, 20k [replace artemis,never use two dancers in one formation], Beller, Eris, and Hecate)
For zeusianers you need 50k prestige to get all your early stage 5 heros ( Maia@50k, Eris, Hecate, Artemis, healer or MT)
For Athenianers you need 38k prestige. (The 38k one and all other heros are the same as zeusianers)

Zeusianer and Athenianers need to fast track 50k and 38k hero to lv 38 and replace Beller. Do not forget to wash the spirt attribute of these two new heros.

The remaining thing is really easy.
Enhance your yellow horse, enhance your amror (you can try to get some high hopes from golden map or heath aflame map, it is also green amror.) Upgrade your Magic penatration and AmrorForging.
Use Boar’s head formation or Crescent formation to go through the remaining maps.

Have a look at other’s battle report before you do the attack to these NPC.

If you are stucked on some of the NPCs on the map. That means your enhancement or attribute washing is not enough, or your hero needs to be trained more/washed more, and you need to upgrade your tech also. (I have already pointed out the order you should follow to upgrade)

You can stop training your hero when the are lv51. Beacuse you may want to do the renascence. Renascence will increase the troop’s level of a hero and the hero go back to level 1.
Always do Renascence when there is a 9 or more level gap between your assemby and the level of your hero.
For example, if your hero is lv51 to do the renascence. The lowest lv of your assemby is 60 (but your assemby can still be higher than 60)

Renascence will greatly improve a hero’s performance when you train him/her back to the original level. I would like to suggest people do not stop renascence All their heros if they have enough training space.

Let’s review my defination of these maps
Trail of peseus —Diffculty level 1 (D1)
Trojan war —Diffculty level 2 (D2)
Defense of Athens—D3 (Beasts in the wilderness D3′)
Jack and Beanstalk–D4 (Layrinbith D4′)
Dispute of Golden apple–D5 (Health and aflame D5′)
Roaring Sea–D6
Falling Earth–D7
Burning Sky–D8
Endless U???-D9
????-D12(Hosilty part, if you are a Zeasian you will face Athenian and Poseidon Prestige Heros)

Just repeat what I told you in this part. You will go through the D9 or even D10 map very easily.
There is a tech you can start to upgrade when you have a lv65+ academy. The tech will reduce all damage to you. It is very important.(I do not know the name of it now. I will check it after i get a lv65 academy)
Magic Penatration> This tech>Amror Forging>Magic Resistance>Elemental Resistance

Declarition of War is a special technology. It will enhance your ability of gaining laurels. I suggest you upgrade it when you stop @ 60 or 65 level. You can start to upgrade this technology after you finish upgrading Amror Forging.

The map prize for the roaring sea is a yellow amror (lv42) Enhance it and equip it to your dancer when it have the highest valor defence

8 Choice when you finish D9 Map
FIY. When you finish D9 map. your assemby level is usually lv 80 or lv 85.
Your hero has been renasenced several times. (maybe next renascence lv is around 72)
Your best three amror is usually 700 600 500.
You have lv80 magic penation, lv 40 ???(reduce damage tech) lv 70 Amror forging.
Your yellow horse should have around 2900 or even higher sprit attack (3200+)

You Need to make a choice at this point.
You can try to start do the comission and get a red horse.
Or continue enhancing your yellow horse to 3550 sprit hit.
Whatever, you will pass the D10 map later. D10 map requires 800 700 600 amror and 3500 sprit attack.

You MUST have a red horse afte you finish D10 map
Because a lv 100 red horse (sprit hit 5985 for the lv 55 red horse) is a must to pass D11 map. You can not pass D11 map at all if you are using a yellow horse!

Poseidoners and Atheners may recuit a 100k prestige hero a bit early than this point.

9 Final part of this article and best wishes to my readers.

I planed to write this blue print to D13 map but it is too hard for me because I do not even know the name after D9 map.

I will finish this article in this part. I can proudly say that this article might be the best guide for a noob player in this game, for both Chinese version and English version. Although there were some guidline in Chinese for the original Chinese version of this game, these guideline in Chinese were written too early, just after this game was in trail-play. These writers were not that experieced to write really useful guidlines. And later guidelines for chinese version are not systemlize like what I write here.

Let me finish the last part of this guidline.

In Lv 82 you can do the refine magical stones. You need to upgrade the specific building to lv 82 and start refining.
You will not get any equipment from magic stone refine. You will just get drachmas from that.
Your refining workers will upgrade themselvs if they refine enough times.
(I usually start to do the comission for a red horse after I start to do the refining)

In lv 85 you can build the 2nd Training ground. You will get your heros trained very fast by two training ground.
Keep your transcends. Do not use them until you have two training ground fully built.
You will get more than 23000 experience for one click of fast tracking if you have two 85lv training ground.

Stop at level 87 for a while. The Hades Legion (D10) will give you 3423 laurels per Divinity if your Declaration of War is at level 43.

Do not go to level 100 before you have 250k laurels (I usually accumulate 350k or even more laurels when I am at level 87 @ chinese servers) This accumulation of laurels will be done within 5 days if there is enough 8 people to join the Hades Legion. Do not use Laurels to do fast tracking unless all your main-techs are full 100 level.

Correct my error:
Let’s review my defination of these maps
Trail of peseus —Diffculty level 1 (D1)
Trojan war —Diffculty level 2 (D2)
Defense of Athens—D3 (Beasts in the wilderness D3′)
Jack and Beanstalk–D4 (Layrinbith D4′)
Dispute of Golden apple–D5 (Health and aflame D5′)
Roaring Sea–D6
Falling Earth–D7
Burning Sky–D8
Endless U???-D9
????-D10 (Hades Legion is there)
????-D11(Hosilty part, if you are a Zeasian you will face Athenian and Poseidon Prestige Heros)

ONLY the newest Chinese version has D14 map!

To pass D11 you need 100lv red horse, 1300 1300 1100 1100 550+amror. Your hero needs to be renascenced in full (usually next renascence level should be 95+, BM next-renascence level should be 100 or 101)

To pass D12′ Map (when you pass D12′ you can level up to 110, and 120 when you pass D12)
You need lv 100 red horse 1400 1300 1100 1100 1000 + amror. 550k+ prestige or 580k+ prestige.( prestige more than 500K will give you extra shield and attack in the battle. That’s why the requirement of equipment in D11 and D12′ are almost the same but D12′ needs you have prestige-enhanced battle performance)

You may also change your heros when you have 500k prestige. I cannot explain it in detail because i do not know there names currently.

All non-vip or vip lower than vip4 will be stuck for a very long time @D12, mainforce 4 (not D12′). Because they do not have Platinum Attribute Wash. They have to wash their heros with tons of laurels to get very high valor and elmental attribute.

That’s all my friends. Best wishes.


There must be many errors, typos in my article. Please discuss in this thread. If you have any questions about this article, just aske me by replying this thread.

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