Facebook Batheo Campaign Recruitable Heroes List

Facebook Batheo Campaign Recruitable Heroes List

InstanceHeroTroop TypeTroop DescriptionValorSpiritElementBattle MagicBattle Magic Description
Defense of Athens & Beasts in the WildernessAdrastusRush Cavalry716531All-round Ambuscade
HeraclesPezhetairoi777848Strike In Column
AsclepiusHealing Priest6830103
Labyrinth of Crete & Jack and the BeanstalkAntaeusSea Giant458736Mutiny Outbreak
Argus PanoptesMammoth Rider317930Nocturnal Blitzkrieg
PolyphemusCyclops’ Armored Chariot421790
Heath Aflame & Dispute of Golden AppleHesperidesGolden Archer725843Angel’s Wings
ThetisWhite Dragon Rider738230Armored Charge Attack
PhologiosForest Pyromaniac529330Strike in Line
PrometheusFire Sower728843Morale Absorption
Roaring SeaSirenShadow Cavalry528219Strike in Line
ThaumasBlueflame Carroballistae705861
ThalassaCyclops’ Hammer Chariot717349
PontusSea Scorpion652957Strike in Column
Falling EarthAtlasFireball Ballista486934None
CupidSoul Hunter756257Phantom Attack
AresCrossbow Cavalry848538Sally Outburst
Burning SkyHermesPhantom Phalanx7010136Rally
PandoraDryad688043All-out Onslaught
ApolloPhoenix877737Morale Suppression
Endless Underworld RiversRhadamanthys559524Crash and BurnSingle target high Spirit damage, but damages caster
Hypnos519729Sacred StardustSingle target Spirit damage. Damage is increased with low HP
Thanatos797051Soul-Taking ArrowsSingle target Spirit damage
CharonFurious PyromancerAdvanced Pyromancer321285
House of HadesHades8412033Smooth AttackSingle target Spirit damage. Attacks twice in one turn
AeacusArmored Trojan HorseAdvanced Trojan Horse829051
PersephoneNymph DancerChance to bring ally with lowest morale to 100543387
TartarusRhea8011050Troop-Recovering AttackSingle target Valor damage. Gain 50% damage as health. Sets Morale to 100 after use
CronusBuglerIncreases all ally morale by 33 and recudes enemy morale by 58070110
RagnarokHeimdall1157080CounterattackSingle target Valor damage. Greatly increases chance to block. Sets Morale to 100 after use
Sult8511545Dragon’s HowlAttacks vertical line with Valor and Spirit damage. Sets Morale to 100 after use
Hel1008090InfernosSingle target Valor and Spirit damage. Can deal additional Valor damage. Sets Morale to 100 after use
Beyond the DesertEdjo8011540Storming AttackSingle target Valor and Spirit damage and chance to stun. Sets Morale to 100 after use.
Valkyries’ RageThrudThunderbolt BallistaAttack vertical line with Valor damage. Deals double damage on crit1108070
MistMurk MageAttack vertical line with Elemental damage. Mid accuracy8550115
Skuld10080100Shadow RadSingle target Valor and Spirit damage. Has a chance to deal double damage. Sets morale to 100 after use
Lost TempleAnubis11811074Stardust’s WrathSingle target Spirit damage. Damage is increased with low HP. Sets Morale to 100 after use

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