Translation: No Regret Life – Migite no Arika

No Regret Life – 右手の在処
No Regret Life – Migite no Arika (Where my right hand is)

暮れ行く街 かじかんだ手 真っ白な吐息
頼りない顔 窓に映る いつも通りの道
The darkening city, my hands that have gone numb with cold, a pure white sigh
A forlorn face is reflected in the window on the street that I usually go down

すれ違う人達が 肩寄せたまま 笑う
この右手は からっぽのポケットの中
The people who pass by are standing together and smiling
My right hand is in my empty pocket

I’m not satisfied with ordinary answers
There’s no answer that’s right before my eyes
What I want is the warmth that would exist
If you were here

雨上がりのアスファルトから 滲み出した記憶
小さな缶の温もりさえ すぐに飲み干したんだ
Memories have oozed up from the asphalt after the rain
I’ve even drank down the warmth that was within this small can

行く宛なき声が 街並に溶け込んだ
狭い夜空の隙間に 遠ざかる思い
A destinationless voice has melted into the streets
My memories are far off, in the small gap in the night sky

I’m not satisfied with ordinary answers
And you’re not here
Carrying along my body, that has gone completely cold
Today too, I head down the road home

A shadow on the road that I’m walking down…

If only you were here
Walking next to me

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