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 A Guide for Free Players by shadowseeker

Well, here’s the things that happen during the day of a free player (not using gold). Hope it helps you guys. Times mentioned are on servertime.

Might not be the best in every aspect, but it suits me well, gives me plenty of coins, exp and gears etc.

1. Wake up, make sure you have at least one slave. 2 is even better. Surely being a slave doesn’t give that less exp, but longtermwise slaving can bring several hundreds k worth of exp, so it definitely should be done. One slave for the maximum time should already give 50k exp, not to mention 2k each day from comforting- dress.

2. Daily Tasks: Since there is the Welfare Age Pack, you will want to do tasks. DO NOT do them by yourself if it costs energy. If you do not wish to spend points to refresh tasks (and you have time) I suggest you entrust the tasks, unless it is a dialogue which you can do (note: do not have to fight npcs to get to the npc though, in that case use send, otherwise walk, it saves coins). Seeing as it refreshes every 2h, and you probably don’t want to do arena tasks at times, doing it this way may need 12h of constant logging in log out. It’s more effective for non cashers, but uses time. Otherwise burn some energy or refresh via points if you want the Welfare age, and know you won’t make it.

Now, each entrust can take up to 30mins, for dialogue 5mins. It refreshes every 2h, what to do? Easy, on the left side there is a task button. You can use this everywhere, and use this to receive the award of the entrustment, and also can entrust a task you already accepted by going on details. Do so every 30mins. When you have received ALL rewards, go to task again: He refreshed then and you have 4 new tasks. Repeat.

As for arena, check

3. Arena
Every fight in arena gives honor, whether you win or lose. So use up the 15 free fights. Note: Do not fight to win in arena from the start, because then you easily get slaved. When you reach a ranking where you see lvl 15-17 lurking, stop by unequipping your weapon, fighting, and then reequipping. You may do the same thing later.

Why you ask? Because the higher you go, the stronger the people. Once you are over 20 make sure you don’t get too much reputation at once, else you will become prey and be slaved. The honor you get, burn on exp. Don’t stay until you reach the level cap you see in the arena though, because then you get no more honor.

As for reputation:

4. Martial Hall and Mianchi
The martial hall you enroll (I assume you have no VIP acc to autoenroll here)- Do it if you want coins and reputation. Not too shabby, but only do it if you want to rank up or have enough spare reputation before you rank up again. Take the reward after the times you fought at.

Mianchi is trickier. As long as you are within the top 128 of the arena (which is always on hgiehr rankings) you automatically do it and get reputation from wins. So, take your weapon off around 15:47-15:49 and reequip it after 15:50. That way you lose and get no reputation. Try to receive the coin award from before 0:00, then it expires. You can only get it after 16:50.

Important is this, because this way you are strong around your other guys, and won’t get picked on/slaved easily.

5. Leveling

Whatever you do, you should make sure the energy you have is below or equal to 110 before 8 AM: Else it hits 200, and excess energy is lost. I usually do it yesterday already. Remember to constantly check on the tasks you entrust using the task button to the left. I prefer autopractice, on the highest level I can do, check via the lvling tables:

http://hero.webmmo.com/article_i … 3677&category;_id=36
http://hero.webmmo.com/article_i … 3678&category;_id=36
http://hero.webmmo.com/article_i … 3679&category;_id=36

You will most likely only need these for now. Your level+3 is is the minimum you look for. So if you are 15, look for 18-XX levels, and go autopractice on them. It burns time, but you use little pots, get 30% exp more on those than manual, and your coin consumption is low. If you do not have time, you can even hit on higher level mobs, like +4 or +5levels.

If you want to use a brain, I would suggest making sure you have LOTS of energy, at least >170, and use the energy to fight high lvls at once. Bring enough health items with you to heal up.

The tasks you can do..do them in my opinion (check under tasks, then going to tasks available). Coins, and EXP are greater than if you train directly usually. And there’s some nice gears at times. The boss quests might be trouble, if you can’t finish them in the first 3 tries, try after 2 more levels or so. I would even recommend not using more than 1 try, if you don’t see it is very close and you are a dodge type or so. It wastes energy.

After you have spent energy for the day, go do training in the lobby. Boring, but exp.

After you level, make sure the stats are properly distributed: Usually 2 in str or agi (depending on what class you are) and 1 const isn’t bad. Add some of the corresponding str/agi if your weapon requires it as well.

For leveling, you also want Instances.

6. Instances

The tricky part is, they are hard. So if they say lvl. 11-20, don’t bother doing it with 2 of your lvl at 15: You should be at least 18 or even better 19 with proper gears. Or you have a high level dragging you, but that doesn’t happen too often. Do them when you can, as often as you can. EXP and better gear drops are good. Don’t overdo it though, once you are like 5 lvls over the maximum level it says, exp lessens. So make sure you don’t run into them too often. If you are even 6+ levels over max, stop doing it unless you have never done the task finishing it or you need a gear out of it REEEEAL bad. Imo, that never happens.

Get a good guild, that can help lots, also increases exp from training according to which lvl the guildsign is.

7. Gears&Upgrades;

Gears, try to use gears with stats you need.
Essentially everyone wants const, hp and dmg.

Other than that, the spears and the str type swords (heavy armor) use str.
The daggers and agi swords use agi. Also nice is dodge here.

Hermits don’t entirely count, they focus on const for MP mainly.

Stats like dmg feedback, hit, crit, aren’t bad, but if I had a choice I would more more +hp, const, dmg, and stats. Until you reach late lvls that is.

Hit is nice if you go against dodge types though, and also have little attacks which deal high dmg, but even if you have many attacks (daggers) you might want some.

If you check shops (where you pain with coins) regularly, you will notice blue gears popping up here and then..so go check often unless you have full purple or so. The stats as above, try to get those. Otherwise use greens for now, but try to get blues, or use those you find. Appraise all gears you find, there might be purple/blue ones in there.

Don’t bother upgrading them for now. Upgrade the lvl25 red weapon, to 7 if you want to save points, to 9 (use emeralds each time once it is 7 to prevent degradation) if you want the maximum. Unless you get purples or blues with really good stats, do not refine. Even then best usually is to 7 max. If you have reinforce slots, add weapon damage into weapon (from material shop) and use the free gems you get from the newbie card or master reward. +2 will be discarded soon anyways.

If you want to be stronger, especially against the gold players, get your hands on purple gears with stats you need, and refine them from..30-35 onwards. Burns lots of points though, so if you want to be spending less later don’t do it. Do it from like 40 onwards, aside from weapons ofc. Those you should get to 7 from 25 onwards, and switch every 5-12 levels, depending on what your loots include (or quests give) and how long you want your points to last.

Sometimes you find stones in instances, use the stats you need (e.g. spear str), but const is always good. Don’t buy seven colored stone though, get them or dont use them.

Level up, for them players by deathvonduel

The following are a number of rules if you want to level up fast. Many of the points you see here will be same as for free players, as the ways to squezze the most exp out of everything are similiar.  With a few exceptions, this is nothing of a walkthrough, but a number of rules that u should limit yourself with. If you do so, you will lvl up really fast(not nessarily fastest… cause that is, likely, me) amoung free players.

First of all, There is a choice on joining time.
Path A: join between 6:00 am and 7:50 am. This allows u to join early enough so u get the first day’s energy refresh while late enough so u can get a mentor(starting at 8:00am) within first 3 hour of joining for the 100 points. Note that u want to use 2 or more energy(the newbie task will do) before 8:00 am and buy a VIP. so ur regen becomes 102 and ur energy is less than 198/300.  This gives u 100 free points and rewards for being an apprentice.
Path B: Join at the time the server opens(0:00am)  The cons compared to Path A is of course lack of reward(which, u can compensate via buying more gold) and the pro is extra 6-7 hour of playing and therefore training time. This, early on, will grant you half a level worth of advantage easily.

Then, while you are in newbie island. DO NOT turn in the wolf skin task(the task right before u have to pick a country) until you have finished and turned in the 2 optional task on penglai town. because the EXP will be locked as soon as u reach lvl 8, if u complete the wolf skin task first, u won’t be able to get the exp from those 2 optional task, but if u do the 2 optional first, u will get all the exp. Now, make sure you pick up the 2 optional task as soon as u r allowed to leave the city and enter the wild, but DO NOT do them until u have finished(but do not turn in) the wolf skin task. This is beacuse the fighting target of wolf skin over lapse with one of those 2 tasks, and this way, u can complete both at same time(and not waste energy on such low lvl mobs). You can find where to pick up the optional task under the aviliable task tab(after u r allowed to leave town)

on BOSS tasks: from lvl 30 to 40, make sure you eat food before u do it. It just happens to be the weakest point of your char and the hardest point of BOSS. Note that you can, instead, upgrade ur gears earlier than below described, but seeing you can lvl up daily before lvl 40… that is pretty wasty.

on equip: 1. Weapon upgrade should be done to 6 starting on the lvl 25 red weapon, and done to 9 starting on lvl 38(sword is 40 I think). The weapon should be renewed at LEAST every other tier(4 lvl for spear/dagger at low lvl, 3 lvl after 40. sword seems to be 5 per tier) after lvl 55, maintain a most up to date weapon at lvl 9 is essential.
2. lvl 5 or 6 amor set before lvl 37 should be gotten, and full lvl 9 set on lvl 47 would be ideal. Why 37 and 47? Because this is where you outa go to the next hangu pass instant, and u will need the extra strength. Note that you should be able to afford a change in gears every tier or every other tier(each tier being 8 lvl, and because u have 7 pieces of armor, u will change a piece just about every level)
The reason for equip update: early hangu pass instant run(with other payer, u guys have better lvls) and catch slaves. A high lvl slave can contribute as much as 20k+ exp on a daily basis!!

Now, on energy.
After lvl 21(u can’t help it before this) NEVER do main/accessory tasks while you have energy UNLESS the target u r supposed to kill is a unique mob. the target mobs u r supposed to kill are almost always too low lvl for u to gain good exp, so manually click fight them after u have spent ur energy.
ALWAYS do tasks that require u to fight unique monsters while having energy, because those mobs give amazing exp each. If possible, do this while under effect of monkey brain.
NEVER waste the effect of monkey brain. that is, never activate it unless u have 90+ energy(usually, 83 is enough, but in case u have tasks to fight unique monsters, that might take less time and allow u to fit more in) The general idea is, do practice so that there will be, in the end, less than 3 min time left. end practice at that time and then order a practice of 24 mobs. Normally, this means 20+20+19+24 practices total. this will allow max monkey brain boostage usage.  Of course, it would be suggested to save up loads of energy and spam “done” for you payers.  Detail see below.
ALWAYS maintain VIP(well, unless u want to go pure equip build and don’t wanna even bother spending any point on energy etc to lvl up) buy the longest term possible whenever possible will be the most profitable(the seasonal 900 for 3 month is godly…. total 1080 energy for 900 point… quite the discount)
ALWAYS trade honor for exp…. everything else u can just shop for it.

extra note(day one processes): on day 1, u should buy 72 energy, but not right away. u should follow above rules after lvl 21. so stop doing main/accessory tasks after lvl 21 unless it tells u to fight a unique mob. after using up all the normal energy, go manually do all the non-unique mob tasks.(the message type u can do whenever u want) after u finish all the non-unique mob tasks, u should get some unique ones, buy 4 energy to do them(and if not enough, 8 more) and repeat if u get new non-unique mob tasks. In any case, do this until u run out of tasks, then buy more energy(but one purchase at a time) for practice. as soon as u lvl up and used all ur energy, repeat this. Essentially, u want to fit the non-uniques into ur lvl up process as early as possible, so doing them between energy purchases will allow that and make sure u r not wasting energy. at the same time, the unique-mob tasks should always be done with energy, so do those right after each energy purchase. Also, it is suggested that u use the “done” to fast finish the practices(before lvl 21, use practice on all task mobs, so using “done” include those) whenever the remain time is a whole multiply of 10min, because it cost 1 point per 10min(for example, if u need to kill 7 mobs, that is 21 min, wait 1 min before using done) and this minimize time used and point cost. this will allow u to finsih tasks and practice fast and not use too much point. this will allow u to do pretty much everything of the first day within the 3 hour of the monkey brain u used for the newbie task. If u done everything just right, u can get to lvl 24 by the end of day(after using all energy and recieve a 12 hour lobby training) This is not detailed walkthrough, because there will be variables. just use ur head.
And here is the central part: where to spend ur gold for lvling up?
Now, on level up spendings. This is roughly in order of efficiency(in exp/gold).
–Best spending is, of course, VIP.
–After that, you want to buy energy.
–The next one is to refresh the daily task to get fighting tasks(each gives 4k-10k exp later, which is well worth 2 point/gold). note on daily task in bottom
–The next one is, surprisingly, using “done” on practice. This is, of course, amazing while under monkey brain, but it is also good in general. For one, it saves you time. What can u do with the time u saved? training in lobby of course. At the same time, you can go attack/defend guild(and guild will eventually have higher lvl sign and give more exp) This also saves u effort and will make sure ur practice is one after another. REMEMBER, in multiple of 10s(which is 30min or 60 min) to use it best. Of course, using this with monkey brain is simply amazing. Note: u should spam this so much that you actully use “done” on all as opposed to utilize full time period of the monkey brain…. because the extra spending will grant u extra time to train in lobby, and overall, it is worth it. ESPECIALLY if u r using monkey brain. If you are using monkey brain, this will actully be ranked ABOVE buying energy
–After all that, is doing double exp for training in Lobby. Quite frankly, it will give u same amount of exp/point return as buying energy at guild sign 4(or around that) and well….. not too bad before that.
–Then, naturally, comes monkey brain. It’s not as good as the above in econ(exp/point) as each monkey brain will normally only yield 25 energy worth of exp(normal 83 practice set) however, this is the BEST aid u will find to support the energy usage. However, because of its low econ value, u should use this as few and use it to the fullest extend possible. with that said, if you are rich, you should use it every other day(102+72 saved, on day 2, gain 102 more, do the fast practice-done on 200 or so, then buy 72 more and finish them all with done-practice) or if you are a moderate payer, do it every 3 days: 102+72+102-10(enter instant in hangu, do not fight, just enter)+32(2nd day only buy 32)=298. then at 7:30am or so on day 3, use a monkey brain and spam practice-done all the way down to 8 energy. then u buy 72 energy, wait for daily refresh of 102, then use them all up(or leave 10) Then you can go do the instant run(best if pre-planned with some friend) as the instant fights will then also get benefited from the monkey brain. If u saved 10 energy from previous part, that is for a 2nd instant run. As long as u r in the right instant, fighting it will give u more exp/energy than normal practice. When you are done, it should be no later than 9:00am(even if u did 2 instant) and well…. go back to training in lobby.
–Gear upgrade stat refresh. Basically, getting a purple gear and using purple jade on it to find good stat. Along with gear upgrade etc, basically powering up ur stuff. I will explain why this is listed as a spending for lvling up below(in eating food section)
–Arena spammage: this means pay for the extra 15 fights. This is usually not so good because the honor gain(which is then converted to exp) is not all that high. However, this is worth the trouble if you happen to have arena tasks(including the top NNN Kill one, starting at 50 count then 100 etc…) This is one of the lowest return method, but… it can help sometimes.
–donate gold to guild. this might be surprising to u(and indeed have a fairly low return) but it works. Reason being now all ur guild prestiege can go to guild lvl up and the title can be maintained at current max(same as guild lvl) at all times. Gives more exp with higher title.
–eating food, as in +ATK, +dodge, +agi etc…. well, this doesn’t directly effect ur exp at all….. however, along with gear fixes, this is indirectly related to lvl up. The first point in hangu pass instant. the stronger one u can chanllenge, the more exp u can get for that 10 energy u spend at entrance cost. the 2nd is arena battle, if u can be the strongest(or one of the strongest) then u will simply win more, which gives more honor and honor=exp. At last, it’s slaves. Like said above somewhere, power=slave=exp.
–buying HP/MP package: simple, lets u do ur main/accesorry(maybe daily) task faster(non-unique, manual after outa energy, unique, have to manual…. so manual fight regardless…) and time saved=time trained=exp…. on day 1(the day of lota task), this could give u an entire hour extra. and this saves coins…. and the use of coins… see below
–entering hangu pass for a 2nd time: well, like I said, hangu pass gives more exp for the 10 energy u paid(especially if u ate food and have awesome gear) so…. it can give u more exp… but like the 3 right above this, this is extreme luxury….. low return, but some return(essential if u want to be #1 thou)

–in case you run out of coins for learning skills etc(and learning skills, training etc are important) here is some ridiculus spending: buy random stuff on the market, then use a blue or purple jade(depend on color of stuff u bought) on the thing you bought. the jade will reset the stat, including the coin price. so… here is coins…. as a part of this thing, the reason u will run out of coin is that when ur gear can tier up(i.e. there is a new one for ur lvl) and u can’t find it in market…. well, mianchi mystrey store+capital gold store it is…. the latter costs gold(i think coin price is set to 1 on stuff u bought here too… get a reset then sell) but if u can’t find any in there…. mianchi mystrey it is… and heck, that cost a ton of gold. This can get extremely expensive especially when u r digging for necklace and pendent…. trust me, i have been broke before.

Note on doing daily task: There are two ways to go about this, one is to auto complete them and refresh when all is, well, autoed. The other is to go accept, manaully fight it(while having no energy of course) and the complete them all, return them all and then refresh. Now, the first one is best for exp, but because the # of tasks and duration of auto, it requires long on-line hours(10+) it is better because it allows u to stay in capital and train, which gives a lot of exp(better than fighting them wild mobs). However, if u can’t stay, then the latter method of manual+refresh will allow u to complete them really really fast(and refresh get rid of all wait time)

A few more ways to spend gold: free urself from master…. well, if u done everything right, u won’t need this…. but…. it give u chance at them slaves so…. can be well worth it(if u can find ppl u can beat in ur slave sections)

now, here are a few more things to note:
make sure u activate martial battle in capital, and collect rewards all the time. the rep will give u a good chance for top 10 ranking(along with some arena tasks) in rep and get point rewards. If you are VIP and fairly confident, then u should keep getting as much rep as possible until u reach at least supervisor position. at that time, u can then try to become king(vote for self) and that have lots of benefit.
After u reach supervisor positon, you can start position suppression, that is, do not raise ur position unless ur lvl demands to(the arena will no longer give u honor, the proper lvl of each position can be viewed in the arena as This arena is fit for player under lvl: XX) for this, NEVER join capitol martial battle again UNLESS u need to raise position. Of course, due to mianchi martial etc, u might still slowly rise in position, that is fine. This should be done if you are not confident in your strength and have many losses in arena.  so, u want to stay in a realtively low arena which will allow u to win more arena battle(more honor=more exp) and have chance at getting slaves(having ppl who u can beat)
However, as a payer, you have the chance to be the best of the best. If you are one of the strongest player, then don’t do position suppression as higher arena lvls will grant more honor rewards etc.
Note: if you are not confident in your strength and do not believe you can be king, then u can start position suppresion early.
Also, check before all arena battles who u will be chanllenging. the first thing to check is weapon. if u see any lvl 8 or 9 before u turn 40, it is probably a fellow casher, and u might have some difficulty with him…. so choose wisely who you wanna fight for the max honor. 

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