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Dynasty Saga Legions Guide by SORA

Legion System

In Dynasty Saga, Legions are a way of allowing players to cooperate with each other in the game.

A player’s Post within a Legion is determined by how much he/she donates to the Legion. Silver payments, tax contributions, upgrading the Legion’s Emblem and participating in Legion Battles all count as donations.

Legion Research
Legion members can contribute to Legion Research by donating Silver. The benefits of the Research can be enjoyed by all Legion Members. As a Legion’s level increases so too will the number of available Research.

Legion Post:
A member’s Post within a Legion is determined by how much he/she donates. Members may recruit new applicants once they have reached a certain Post. However, only Legion Commanders have the power to dismiss members or appoint a new Commander.

Legion Emblem

A Legion’s position on the Legions list is determined by the level of its Emblem. Higher level Emblems look grander and will allow the Legion to be seen by potential members without having to click through dozens of pages of other Legions. Emblems can only be upgraded using Gold.

Legion Battles

Legion Battles occur between the Legions of opposing Kingdoms and vie for control of special Legion Farms. Legion Battles can only be initiated by Legion Commanders and occur every evening, allowing for 30 minutes of team planning beforehand. Each Legion is limited to 50 participants with the battle beginning once the countdown is initiated.

Legion Farms
Winners of Legion Battles may collect Grain from the Legion Farms as shown on the World Map. Grain may be collected 6 times a day with a chance of collecting double the standard amount each time. Legion Farms are automatically abandoned in winter and will need to be retaken through Legion Battles.

Battle Boosts
During the team planning period before the beginning of a Legion Battle, players may use either Battle Points or Gold to activate Battle Boosts. If successfully activated, Battle Boosts can raise your attack and defense ratings. Once you have successfully boosted your stats 5 times you have a chance of obtaining a unique skill. The chances of a Battle Boost being successful decreases as your stats are boosted higher.

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