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Dynasty Saga Key Points for Beginners by SORA

As a new player in Dynasty Saga, you might have assumed that expanding and developing your City as quickly as possible is the best strategy. However, rapid expansion in Dynasty Saga can actually be very counterproductive. It is much better to develop thoroughly and methodically than to rush into a higher level Region only to be bullied by much stronger, well-balanced players !

City Hall Before Level 10 :

At Level 10, your Gear Enhancement Success Rate will begin to fluctuate so seize the opportunity and upgrade all your Weapons, Armor, and Horses to Fighter 1 or above while the Success Rate is still set at 100%. You should use the Gold from your Platinum Dynasty Card to add a Building Team and two Training Slots. This may not be the most exciting use for your Gold, but it is an important long-term investment.

City Hall Before Level 15 :

Upgrade your Form Research to Level 2 after you are allowed to recruit a third General. Use Serpent Form with Diao Chan and Xu Rong, and you should make it through the next Stage easily. At Level 12 you unlock the Marketplace where Grain can be bought and sold. Do NOT blindly upgrade your Marketplace because upgrading has the dual function of resetting your Daily Exchange Limit. If you are ever short on Silver, you can buy a ton of Grain on the Black Market when the price is low (~0.5) and resell it in batches when the price is high (~1.9), upgrading your Marketplace each time you reach the Daily Exchange Limit.

As for your new Academy, first focus on upgrading Plate Armor and Martial Prowess. When your Research is all maxed out at Level 15 you can continue upgrading your City Hall again.

Academy at Level 25 :

Upgrade your Serpent Form to Level 5 and fill it with Gongsun Zan, Cai Yan, Hua Xiong, and Xu Rong. Make sure Gongsun Zan gets a good Horse that is thoroughly upgraded. When Yuan Shu becomes a recruitable General, replace Hua Xiong with him. With only one Gambit General in your line-up, Cai Yan can focus her morale boosts on Gongsun Zan exclusively. Just give Yuan Shu a thick set of Armor and sturdy Cloak, and he’ll be nearly invincible.

After Joining Your Kingdom :

Don’t waste your precious Battle Points trading them in for Prestige, instead use them to level up your Generals with Instant Progress. Even if you have a whole stockpile of unused Battle Points, it’s better to just hold on to them than donate them for Prestige. After passing Gongsun Zan Stage and Renegade Stage, you can begin attacking players in enemy Kingdoms to get Prestige. The color of enemy players’ names reflect their Notoriety in your Kingdom. Fighting Yellow players will give you a lot of Prestige, but they will not be easy to defeat. If they prove to hard, you can go after Green players, but don’t waste your time with Blue players, they just don’t give out enough Prestige. When battling other players, don’t be intimidated if their level is higher than yours ; most players purposefully inflate their level to appear more fearsome. At Level 25, you can easily beat players Level 30 and above, especially if your Horse gives a big boost to Gongsun. The more Prestige you have, the higher your Title and the bigger your Daily Salary.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Residences in line with your City Hall, otherwise, your tax revenue will stagnate ! Also, don’t forget that if you go up against a stronger enemy and lose, do NOT just keep attacking again and again. At least, mix up your Formation before heading into battle again.

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