CityVille Guide to Neighbor Visitation Bonuses

First Time Visiting a New Neighbor by Sugar Monkey

When visiting a brand new neighbor for the first time, you will receive a bonus of 100 coins, 3 energy, and 1 experience (XP).

You will also get 5 help actions (lightening bolts along left side of the screen).

Visiting Existing Neighbors

The visiting bonuses run on a 23 hour clock. That means, 23 hours after you have visited a neighbor, you will get a new bonus set and 5 help actions. This bonus is 50 coins, 1 energy, and 1 experience (XP).

Note: You can visit a neighbor twice during the 23 hour period, but you will only get the bonus once for that time period. You can revisit a neighbor after 12 hours and do 5 more helps.
Note 2: The number of bonuses you can get from neighbor visits also depends on your total reputation, so if your reputation is lower than the number of neighbors you have you will run out of bonuses before you will run out of neighbors to visit.

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