Facebook CityVille Community Buildings and Landmarks List

Facebook CityVille Community Buildings and Landmarks List Guide

BuildingCostPopulation AddedHow to completeSizeUnlocked How?Energy to Build
City Hall1,000503 friends4×4Quest- Plant The City Flag5
Post Office1,000505 friends4×4level 45
Police2,0001007 friends4×4level 75
Emergency Clinic4,00020010 friends4×4level 105
Bank6,00025010 friends4×4level 136
Museum8,0003001 of each4×4Quest – Harvest Bird Feed6
! Library16,00040010 friends4×4level 206
Zynga Gazette18,00045010 friends4×4level 237
Grade School20,0005003 of each4×4Quest- Increase Pop.7
Carousel25,0007004 of each3×3Quest-Animal Farm8
Middle School27,50080012 friends4×4level 328
Flrehouse30,0009005 of each3×6level 359
Mintreward1,00010 friends4×6Quest-CollectAMillion10
High School35,0001,1006 of each6×6level 4010
Hospital40,0001,3007 of each4×8level 4511
Baseball Field50,0001,5008 of each6×6Quest-Feed the Fans12
Court House100.0001.7009 of each4×4level 5513
Modern Art Gallery200,0001,90012 friends4×4level 6014
Observatory200,0001,90012 friends4×46500 pop?
Captiol Buildingreward2,00010 friends5×5Quest- Build a Hospital5 or 10
Pear I Tower2,000,0002,00012 friends4×4n/a10
Big Ben2,000,0002,00012 friends3×3n/a10
Chicago Tower2,000,0002,00012 friends4×4n/a10
Empire State Building2,000,0002,00012 friends4×4n/a10

How to complete: # of each = there are 5 building matierals: Ribbon, Gold Plating, Marble, Building Grant, 8c
City Seal – Need that number of each of those items to complete these


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