CityVille Current Game Limits

Current CityVille game limits by storpappa

Gameplay – have fun!

Maximum Level: 60

Maximum Reputation Level: 50

Businesses – Earn money!

Maximum number of franchise HQ: 6 – you can build them after you have a franchise at a neighbors and are level 1,10,20,30,40,50 respectively

What about level 60?: When you reach Level 50, AND have 6 HQ’s, you will see a right arrow at the top showing a box that says “Next Franchise Level 60”. The current level cap can make this anything from a bug to a teaser.

Maximum number of empty lots: 26 – Allows a friend to build a business here. Your icon will grey out and say Reached: Max franchis(without the e)

Maximum number of businesses: unknown, but goods and energy demands make this currently moot

Housing – increase population!

Population limit: unknown

Housing limit: unknown

Decorations – increase payouts!

Decoration limit: unknown, possible none

Maximum payout bonus coin items: Rocky Hill 24,000 coins +20 payout

Maximum payout bonus cash items: Tennis Court 25 cash +64% payout

Farming – supply businesses!

Maximum number of farm plots: unknown, possible none. Limited by number of plots

Maximum size of goods storage: unknown, possible none. Limited by number of buildings on plots

Shipping – supply businesses!

Maximum number of piers: unlimited, but only needed for quests, so save your coins and build 1

Maximum number of boats: 6 pier per parallel to the pier. Thanks to IrieVibes for the tip to rotate the boats and place them bow to the pier for 8 total. This may be lower depending on the piers placement to the shoreline.

Community Buildings – raise population cap!

Maximum number of community buildings: unknown, possible none.

Expansions – increase your city size!

Maximum number of expansions: unknown. While we can do the math and “see” how many the current game lets us plant, there are current issues with being able to build on, such as the beach.

Maximum cost of each expansion: 20,000 coins and an increasing number of permits for each additional expansion. My next expansion requires 12 permits, or 10 cash to unlock

Expansion Number – permits required
1 – 1
2 – 2
3 – 3
4 – 4
5 – 5
6 – 6
7 – 7
8 – 8
9 – 9
10 – 10
11 – 12
12 – 14
13 – 16
14 – 18
15 – 20
16 – 20
17 – 20
18 – 20
19 – 20
20 – 20

Wonders – Amaze the world!

Coming soon!

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am currently at level 65 and my neighbor is 71 and still growing… expansion cost half a million now with 20 permits or $10 city cash.

  2. i see, thank you for your information!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im level 60 , and I cant exp anymore . To thats max level. Btw I got 67 milions , 200 cash , no donating =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am on level 57 and expansions now cost 60000 coins and 20 permits. I have e-mailed zynga about this because their own help says that it costs 20000. it seems like they are trying to slow down progression for some reason…….I think it would be easier to only allow one expansion a day or something…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    BTW, after 20 expansions the cost starts going up again. I currently have to pay 32,000 for an expansion.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Max level is definitely above 55. I'm currently level 56 and there are items that unlock at level 60 now so I'm guessing the cap is probably 60. Also I've either encountered a bug or a cap on community buildings. Cityville will no longer let me invite friends to be part of my community building crew. They only way for me to finishing a building now is with city cash which is BS in my opinion.

  7. thank you for the information, do let me know if you manage to find out the exact level limit =]

  8. Anonymous says:

    Max level is at least 55

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