How to install games on Samsung SGH-F700V

This is how it can be done:
First of all you need a little program called TkFile Explorer. I use v2.2 The zip I’ve downloaded contained also the drivers for Samsung Phones, so I didn’t had to install the annoying PC Suite or whatever is call (I never used it).
Second of all you need to know the secret codes for this phone… And these codes are:

Service-Menu: “Dial” -> *#6984125*# (for Vodafone-branded phones: *#3695147*#)
Master-Key for ‘Internals’ menu: *#9072641*# (for Vodafone-branded phones: *#3971258*#)
Code for ‘Pre-config’ menu (operator code): *#73561*# (for Vodafone: *#83301*#)
Show IMEI: *#06#
Show software version: *#1234#
Test-Menu: *#0*#
Show realtime battery-infos: *#0228#
Master-Reset: *2767*3855#
Show bluetooth ID: *#232337#

If you have the V after F700 or your phone is branded Vodafone than you must use the codes for Vodafone -branded phones.

Third: just in case you might need it you must have a Jad Maker program. Google around and you will find one.
Four: naturally you must have the original data cable and…the phone .

Checked the list? Ok let’s go further.

1. Install drivers for the phone.
2. Connect the phone. If detected all drivers are well installed. If not disconnect the phone and reinstall drivers.
3. Open TkFileExplorer. Go in Setting, click COM. These settings will be default one (for me COM 15). Click OK.
4. Click File, than click Connect. Your phone must be connected after no more than 2 seconds.
5. You’ll see your phone as a disk, usually named Phone and with letter P. That’s your phone connected. On the right panel you’ll see the content of your phone/disk. The only thing that must interest you is the Exe directory (this one contains two subdirectories: Java and Mocha). Unless your are an expert or a Samsung tech guy, I recommand you to stick to the Exe directory and the Java subdirectory. Otherwise you’ll have a phone as a presspapier.
6. To install a game on your phone you need the *.Jar and *.Jad file of that game.Create a folder with a name (name of that game or a random name – not recommanded because the game will appear with the name of the folder that you put) into Exe->Java->Games(or Appls). In this folder you must copy the JAR and JAD files of the game. You can copy the files with drag&drop.; In fact this is the only way to put the files:drag&drop; from the TkFileExplorer window.
7. Disconnect once you transfered the files.
8. Here comes the tricky part. Slide out the keyboard of the phone. You must do an update of the Java database. For this you must type in the standby screen the code for Service Menu *#3695147*#, go to Internals, type the Master Code *#3971258*# than go to Storage Settings and select Update Java DB. After you got the OK of the update you should find your game in the Game folder of the phone.
The procedure is 100% verified and working. I’ll try to attach the needed files…
to the guys from the, to the creators of the programs zipped and to the creator of the main guide.
This procedure should work with all the other phones with Croix interface, presuming that you know the codes to get into the phone and update the Java database.
Games for this phone can be ordinary Java games and applications (but not those ones for Symbian or other specific OS -WinMobile or others) due to the fact that you can use the numeric keybord, as long as you keep pressing the Symbol key. Tried with games of SGH-F480…

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have completet all the step but when i try to drag and drop the jar file into the dictory i can do it please help me i really want to play some games in sgh-f700v

  2. the problem with the freezing when you slide the phone is probably because of a damaged flex cable in the sliding mechanism. as for the speaker i'm not so sure, sounds like the speaker is just spoilt. all these damaged parts need to be replaced, they can do it for you at a phone repair shop, it shouldn't cost too much.

  3. Neville says:

    I have a samsung sgh f700v slider which i have used just for about two months. When they call me it does not ring and when i pick it up i do not hear the person but he hears me. when i plug an ear phone, i will hear the person but he will not hear me.When i slid the phone out it freezes for a while an later comes back. even when i ply music it doesnot play with the speakers unless i use an ear phone. Pls help me out.

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