Samsung Soul U900

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The Complete Guide to your U900

Q:How do I turn off the keytones?
A:At the Home screen, press your volume buttons

Q:What are the admin codes?
A:Here are some Codes and Keys for you to access the inner workings of your phone
Admin Menu Code *#6984125*#
Master Key *#9072641*#
Operator Code *#73561*#

Q:How do I remove the operator presets?
A:Warning this will clear various settings like profiles and wireless access ips, access your phone to copy down this information before changing the presets.
1)At the home screen, key in *#6984125*#
2)then choose the presets option
3)key in the operator code *#73561*#
4)change settings to default

Q:How do I install my java applications?
A:Haven’t tested these myself but

Java installation instructions for the U900

Instructions (Steps 1-5 only need to be done once, not per JAVA install):

1) Type *#0002*28346#
It will bring up a menu:
[1] Load Params [0]
[2] Dump Params [0]
>>> Data Load Complete

3) Press “Back” 3 times
Menu should now be the following:
[1] Debug Screen
[2] Version Information
[3] RF test
[4] UMTS rf nv
[5] Read gsm rf nv
[6] Write gsm rf nv
[7] Base Band
[8] Audio
[9] Common

4) Press 9
Menu now shows:
[1] Batt. Temp
[2] FTM NV read
[3] FTN NV set
[4] FTN NV unset
[5] Version Info
[6] USB Configuration
[7] DIAG Configuration
[8] Power on info
[9] Camera Tuning (OFF)

4) Press 6
Menu now shows:
[1]Samsung USB[*]
[2]Qualcomm USB []
[3]PictBridge USB []

5) Press 2
Display should now say:
Qualcomm USB Configured.
Plz Reconnect the Cable.0

6) Unpack the Qualcomm USB drivers to a folder (exp. Desktop) but don’t install it.

7) Install BitPim.

8) Connect the SUPPLIED USB cable to the phone (PC Suite mode) and the PC.
Windows should now start its “Found New Hardware” wizard.
When asked about driver disks, direct the wizard to the folder in which you put the Qualcomm USB Drivers in.

9) Once the driver install has finished go to Device Manger and select “Modems” and choose Qualcomm Proprietary USB Modem. Depending on your version of windows depends on how you do the next bit. If using Vista click the Modem tab and write down the port listed in the top left. I dont have XP so can not tell you how to find port on it.

10) Open BitPim and configure the software for your U900 with the following settings:
Phone type: Other CDMA phone
Com port: *look at step 9* (you can browse the list, but chose the right one)
Press “OK”

10a) Restart computer. Once done, reconnect phone (PC Suite mode).

11) Start BitPim, go to the “View” menu and activate “View Filesystem”.

12) Click on “Filesystem” (Left hand frame in BitPim).
Now can you see a blue folder in the middle frame.

13) Click the “+” that is next to the blue folder.
Under the blue folder now says:

14) Eventually you will see a filesystem tree, depending on what stored on your phone will depend on how long this takes to appear. Click the “+” icon next to the following 2 folders:

15) Open JADMaker, Drag & Drop your *.jar file into it and it will produce a corresponding *.jad file. YOU NEED BOTH FILES!!

16) In your middle BitPim frame, right click on “Games” and choose “Create Subdirectory”. Name the directory to the name of the game / app you want to install, I suggest you put “PIM” at the end for reasons I will explain further down.

17) In the newly created directory Drag & Drop BOTH the *.jar and *.jad files.

18) repeat steps 17 & 18 for each piece of JAVA you want to install, but try to refrain from doing more than 4 – 5 new installs at a time as some may get missed during the next step.

19) Disconnect the USB cable.

20) Enter *#6984125*# into your phone:
It will bring up a menu titled “Admin Setting”:
[1] Software version
[2] Pre-Configuration
[3] Network & call setting
[4] Internals
[5] Feature settings

21) Press 4
Master Key:

22) Enter the follwing *#9072641*#
Menu “Internals” now listed:
[1] Build information
[2] Debug settings
[3] Test mode
[4] Conditional featue
[5] Video call settings
[6] Protocol settings
[7] Storage setting
[8] Java settings
[9] Sound samples
[10] Test cases
[11] Timer

21) Press 7
Menu “Storage settings”:
[1] Update media database
[2] Update Java DB
[3] Create records
[4] Create emails
[5] Create Nv
[6] Create call logs
[7] Update app database
[8] Create Ax DAT File

22) Press the following, wait until it says “Updated” or “Created” after each press until moving on:
1 “Update media database”
2 “Update Java DB”
8 “Create Ax DAT File”

23) Press “End Call” then restart phone. Test new games and apps which will be found under the entertainment menu.

24) Important: DON’T delete the JAVA from the mobile phone, you must delete the folder you placed it in from games within “BitPim”. IT WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS!!!! This is why we entered “PIM” at the end of each folder from step 16 so we can identify which ones CANNOT be removed from the phone.

Java instructions i found for the U700, seems applicable to the U900
Hey,listen,i”ve found something interesting but havent tried it yet!
Found this on another forum.

First you need the “Qualcomm USB” drivers and “BitPim”. Prepare the USB cable, but dont put it in!


a. Unpack the drivers to a folder (exp. Desktop), but don’t install it!
b. Install BitPim.

1. You must entering follow code: *#0523#
2. [9] common >> [6] USB Configuration >> [2] Qualcomm USB[*]
–> Qualcomm USB Configured.
Plz Reconnect the Cable.0

3. Now put the USB cable in the phone and Pc.
–> Windows found a new hardware.
Install the hardware manual and chose the Qualcommdriver folder.
Now go to the Hardware manger ->Modems->Qualcomm, you must know the port number.

4. Open “BitPim” and configure the software for your u700.

Phone type: Other CDMA phone
Com port: *look at step 5*(you can Browse, but chose the right one!)

And press “OK”

5. Start “BitPim”, go to the menu “View” and active “View Filesystem”.

6. Klick on “Filesystem” (left in BitPim).
Now can you see a blue folder, open the folder (press on “+”).
–> … retrieving

7. Now put the games (jar and jad files) in the follow folder “Games” (Media->Games).

8. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone.

9. Leave the Qualcomm menu and entering this code in your u700: *#6984125*#
Now are you in “Admin setting” menu.

a. Select the menu [4] Internals (Master Key: *#9072641*#)
b. Chose the menu [7] Storage settings
c. Update media database, Update Java DB and Create AX Dat File.

That it’s!! (You can leave “Admin setting”.)

Important: DON’T delete the games with the mobile phone, you must delete the games with “BitPim”.

Original desciption in german by “DerRichter”,, translation by tariq_ch

Tell me does it work?

This German forum has something on updating the firmware

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34 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    no matter what i do my u900 does not ring a sound and not vibrating when somebody try to call me i tried different profiles and personalize them but nothing happen but my message alert tone is working fine, i tried also to reset my phone profiles but the 00000000 pasword is not working.
    please somebody help me, tnx..

  2. Anonymous says:

    PLease beaware. Your samsung u800 will not connect with pc studio software in pc studio mode when you will change usb settings to qualcom usb

  3. Anonymous says:

    Touch screen, and all buttons on slide except on/off key won't work. Desperately need to get contact list out. Can anyone help please?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jaz –
    hey I have a u900, and after a year I want to put some new games on it, and I follow the steps, gut get kind of stuck by nr. 6, I know how to unpack and everything, but i verry don't have any clue from where the folder should come from. ???

    // 5) Press 2
    Display should now say:
    Qualcomm USB Configured.
    Plz Reconnect the Cable.0 // – works fine

    but // 6) Unpack the Qualcomm USB drivers to a folder (exp. Desktop) but don’t install it.

    // never shows

    hope sombody can help

  5. Please help me to fix my freeze samsung sgh-j200. Thanks. here is my IMEI 35704501119640/3. Please email me at Thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a u900 and im from mexico and none of the codes presented here works, i only get a "not allowed" message on the screen.

    I read above that there are different codes for different countries. Do u guys have any idea of what could the code for this country be?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I've followed rhe installing instruction, but my dictionary n bible application don't showed up althugh phone memory is already used. needs some help and advice…

  8. Anonymous says:

    does enyone know how can I connect to mig 33 or e buddy with my samsung u900, Ihave installed it but it can't connect….do I have make sam adjustments for java to connect?

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do you get rid of the operator logo at start up screen?. I'm on vodafone now but fone used to be on orange before i unlocked it. Help.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My name is Hammad, i hav done everythng said here… it workd fine fr me… i hav u900 vodafone version and the only problem that i m having is when i enter operator code in operator presets… it says password invalid.. i was hoping if some one here knws wat operator code shud be enter coz this *#73561*# isnt working for me… i'll w8 fr the answers or if n e one can contact me via email thay can, my email add is

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hello, i have recently downloaded many different java software i.e. games + the x-ray stuff and that, i transferred the software to my fone but the games file doesnt show up and they have to go in that file otherwise it say unsupported settings or something any ideas about this?

  12. share with us how it’s done maybe? haha =]

  13. Anonymous says:

    already found out via some other website

  14. Anonymous says:

    me and my u900 can’t get through step 6, can someone plz help me? if i am where it says:

    Qualcomm USB Configured.
    Plz Reconnect the Cable.0

    how do i unpack it? hope anybody can help me, already have the .jar and .jad files

  15. i’m glad it worked =D

  16. Anonymous says:

    FOR Java installation instructions for the U900:)

    THANK YOU big time!!!!! The best instruction that I have found in Internet and everything works perfectly Thank You again!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi :)

    My name is Thanh, from Thailand. Just got U900 today, now i wonder how can i install java games?? I have uploaded some to my web account (jar files) but downloading them via the phone’s browser i get “invalid content” and when i send them by bluetooth i get “unsupported file format”.

    I think this is weird because the phone is supposed to support java games, no? Above mentioned options via “Test Menu” doesn’t give any “USB” menu.

    Kind regards….


  18. i’m not really sure what the problem is but the U900 should be able to support H.263, 3GPP and MPEG4 video formats

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey all

    My last 3 phones have been Samsung…..I got the u900 6mths ago and am fairly happy eith it. I Bluetoothed some video and audio files that I had on my last Samsung SGH-D600 (some were even Samsung video clips) to the U900 but as Maundrey said they mostly came up as “unsopported file type”

    Any ideas?

    I also find the response time on menu options is very slow.

  20. hi linda, i’m not sure what you mean. the contact seems to display both the first and last name in the phonebook entry =]

  21. Linda says:

    How do I change the contact settings from surname to first name?

  22. hi maundrey =]
    what filetype did you try to install?

  23. MAUNDREY says:

    hi there im from south africa and i never knew mobile phones can be so interesting. I was trying to install applications on my phone u900
    but it didn’t work(unsupported file type)
    Can you guys help me please. By the way im still new to this.

  24. i personally don’t know how to fix that sorry, think we’ll have to wait for someone else to help

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tried to install java applications, i got up to point 9 but my pc can’t see my phone so i can’t go further, can anyone help me?


  26. hi maybe this is what you’re looking for?

    Press: *#0002*28346#

    Press “back” twice to get to the main menu

    Press: 1 (RCV-Config)

    Press: 2 (Call Config)

    Press 3: RCV Codec Gain

    Press 4: cod_rx

    Type value 12 and press OK. Maximum volume is now set to 12 dB for during phonecalls.

    Press the hang-up key. High volume is now set. You’ll need to decrease the volume during your next phonecall !! You can also find the volume settings for other things like for the MP3 player etc in the menu. Use at your own risk! If you switch off the phone and turn it on again, settings may be replaced again by the defaults.

  27. ME2047 says:


    first thank u for your effort.

    second can u help me to increase the volume the mobile .

    plz support me


  28. i’m glad it helped! =D

  29. hi! the instructions were a great help! the admin codes work for australia too somehow! still thanx!

  30. Hi rich b! thank you so much for the new information! i’m really glad i could help out as well =D

    I didn’t realise there would be different codes for different countries haha, i’m a user in singapore if anyone needs to know.

  31. Rich B says:

    I forgot to add…

    I had to put my jar and jad files in a different place to where your guide said.

    Instead of MediaGames*YOURGAME*

    try ExeJavaGames*YOURGAME*

    this is where the factory-installed demo games were on my phone.

  32. Rich B says:

    Blackrabbit, thanks very much for your guide, it was really helpful, but I found that the admin code you have didn't work on my phone (UK Vodafone U900).

    After a lot of web trawling, I found some vodafone-specific codes on a german website, that work on my U900.

    Code for Test Menu (same):

    Code for Admin Menu:

    Master Key Code:

    Hope this helps someone! I spent ages trying to work this out and did a factory reset on my phone by accident in the process, losing all my contacts…

    My source:;=X&oi;=translate&resnum;=3&ct;=result&prev;=/search%3Fq%3Du900%2Badministration%2Bmenu%2Bcode%26start%3D20%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN

  33. ah i haven’t heard of such a problem before, maybe it would be best to go to a samsung service center if it is a hardware failure

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I Have a CamError, when i start the camera,… Firmware is updated. Nothing happend. can anyone help me?

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