Translation: Lin Jun Jie feat. Liao Jun – Biao Da Ai

林俊杰 feat. 廖君 – 表达爱
Lin Jun Jie feat. Liao Jun – Biao Da Ai

情绪在怂恿 撑开了懵懂
we brushed past each other
the breeze awoken something that was asleep
my feelings are guiding, opening my veil of ignorance
i become a little impulsive

i’ve decided to not be silent
after all i don’t get the feeling with many people
i don’t want to let this pass

眼睁睁看爱 就这样过吗
至少我和妳 可以说说话
how can i watch love just pass like this
at least the two of us can still talk
it’s proof that something happened just now

用表白 换一份期待
能不能就少一点忐忑 无奈
心还 绕著你徘徊
难道 真是爱
being honest in exchange for a hope
can we have a little less troubles and difficulties
my heart is still rotating around you
might this really be love

泪水流过 才明白
爱不爱 原来心里早已 存在
幸福 不在千里外
让我勇敢 表达爱
the tears have to flow in order to understand
to love or not the answer already exists in the heart
happiness is not a thousand miles away
let me be brave and express my love

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  1. thank you! i like the song too =]

  2. Rudy says:

    great job… i love this song…

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