Translation: Eason Chan – Xiong Mei

陈奕迅 – 兄妹
Eason Chan – Xiong Mei

作曲:徐伟贤 填词:林夕

对我好 对我好 好到无路可退
可是我也很想 有个人陪
才不愿把你得罪 于是那么迂回
you’re so nice to me that i just can’t turn away
indeed i do want someone to be with too
that’s why i don’t want to offend you, choosing a roundabout way

一时进 一时退 保持安全范围
享受被爱滋味 却不让你想入非非
advancing and withdrawing, keeping a safe distance
this plot makes me so ashamed
enjoying being loved but not letting you fantasise

有感情 别浪费
let us keep on lying
don’t let the emotions go to waste
a pair who cannot love each other
having a love like siblings

我得到 于事无补的安慰
你也得到 模仿爱上一个人的机会
这样的关系你说 多完美
love lets us keep on lying
i receive some unhelpful comfort
while you get a chance to imitate loving someone
being cruel isn’t mercy this time
this kind of relationship, is so perfect don’t you think

眼看你 看著我 看得那么暧昧
为甚么竟然防备 别人给我献媚
watching you looking at me in such a way
to love and be loved are both so pitiful
why do i guard against the niceties i’m getting

不能推 不能要 要了怕你误会
我所要的她不给 好像小偷一样卑微
can’t reject can’t accept, accepting might cause a misunderstanding
reminds me of when i loved someone
what i wanted she wouldn’t give, i was so pathetic like a thief

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