Translation: High and Mighty Color – Dreams

High and Mighty Color – Dreams

巡り会う手 but I know the end has come soon
met your hand by chance but I know the end has come soon

二人の手 吸い付くように
離れない いつも一緒さ
our hands seem stuck to each other
never separated and always together

気付いたら そばにいたよね
打ち上げた こともないまま
if you noticed, its just beside you
reaching up, without ever changing

終わらない夏 どこまでも行こうよ
the never-ending summer, lets just go somewhere
because i love you

昨日までも 明日からも おなじはずだった
yesterday it was so, tomorrow it will be too, remaining the same

夢がそっと 告げていたよ
楽しいほど 終わりそうで
my dreams softly told me
it was great fun but it seems to be over now

不思議だよね 離れた手がおちて
まるで迷子みたい いつの間にかいない
isn’t it strange, our separated hands just fell
just like a lost child, you suddenly disappeared

傾けた砂時計には こぼれてく二人の記憶
from the tipped hourglass, spilled our memories together
repeatedly it slipped through
and fell without making a sound

届かない夏 指きりは寂しく手をふるけど
昨日までも 明日からも 君を探してる
that unreachable summer, the pinky promise shook my lonely hand but
yesterday i was, tomorrow i will too, still be looking for you

夢がそっと 告げていたよ
無邪気なほど 壊れそうで
my dreams softly told me
it was so innocent but seems to be broken now

不思議だよね ありがとうの言葉が
まるで最後みたい いつの間にかいない
isn’t it strange, the words ‘thank you’
were just like a last word, you suddenly disappeared

巡る季節を さかさまに巡ってた
So, I know you go another way.
正しい信じてた 孤独から逃げるように
You don’t take me away, but I understand.
the repeating seasons are going backwards
so i can meet you again someday
So, I know you go another way.
i really believed in it, like i was running away from the loneliness
but its already the end
You don’t take me away, but I understand.

恋と違う 解釈でも
愛と違う 関係いいでも
二人はもう あたらしい二人に
慣れる僕はゆくよ スピードにのって
the explanation isn’t passion, but
its alright our relation isn’t love, but
both of us have already started afresh
i’m used to it and am moving on now with speed

だからきっと 哀しくない
だからきっと 君は泣かない
だからきっと あの時の二人に
さよならもう告げても 泣いたりしないよ
thats why it won’t be sad
thats why you won’t crying
thats why surely the two of us
even after saying goodbye, won’t be crying

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love this song… thanks for the translation ^^

  2. this is one of my favourite songs too, i’m glad i can share the enjoyment of its lyrics =]

  3. EmiLy says:

    Absolutely love this song.. The feeling is beautifully expressed.. (:

  4. i’m really glad you like the translation, thanks for the comment!

  5. I have been looking for a very good translation of this song. I appreciate this post. Thank you. The song holds a great significance to me.

  6. you’re very welcome =D

  7. Anonymous says:

    Than you so much for lyrics and translation)))

  8. i am very sorry to hear about that and i hope you are able to cope with the loss. best wishes to you and your friend’s family, i am really honoured i could somehow help with the grief, even if it is just a little.

  9. Hitokiri says:

    Really appreciate the lyrics and specially the translation. I had a close friend that recently passed away, and I couldn’t help but to think this song could relate somehow, and I’m surprised it did. I know the song in essence means to tell a story about a breaking-up relationship, but for me it means good bye to that dear friend of mine.

    Thanks so much for this.

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