MapleStory Reboot Equip Progression Guide

MapleStory Reboot Equip Progression Guide by ImNotLikeYou

Endgame Item Regular Potential Bonus Potential Where can I get this?
Primary Weapon Sweetwater % M/Attack % M/Attack Commerci
Secondary Weapon * Evo Lab / Regular Level 100 Secondary % M/Attack % M/Attack Evolution Lab /Neville in Henesys
Katara Sweetwater % Attack % Attack Commerci
Hat Sweetwater Hat %Main % Main Commerci
Overall Sweetwater Overall % Main % Main Commerci
Shoes Sweetwater Shoes % Main % Main Commerci
Cape Tyrant %Main % Main Hard Magnus
Belt Reinforced Gollux Belt % Main % Main Hard Gollux
Gloves Sweetwater Gloves % Main % Main Commerci
Face Acc. Sweetwater Tattoo % Main % Main Commerci
Eye Acc. Sweetwater Glasses % Main % Main Commerci
Shoulder Acc. ** Krexel Pauldron / Royal Black Medal Shoulder % Main % Main Krexel / Magnus
Earring Reinforced Gollux Earrings % Main % Main Gollux Coin Shop
Pendant 1 Reinforced Gollux Pendant % Main % Main Hard Gollux
Pendant 2 Reinforced Gollux Pendant % Main % Main Hard Gollux
Ring 1 Superior Gollux Ring % Main % Main Gollux Coin Shop
Ring 2 Reinforced Gollux Ring % Main % Main Gollux Coin Shop
Ring 3 Any 71+ Potential Ring % Main % Main
Ring 4 Silver Blossom Ring / Any 71+ Potential Ring % Main % Main Horntail
Emblem Gold Leaf Maple Emblem / Dragon Emblem / Angel Emblem / Boss Arena Emblem 35% PDR – 30% PDR – Anything Adventurer Book / Pantheon / Boss Arena
Badge Ghost Ship Badge % Main Ghost Ship Exorcist (Quest Line)
Pocket Pink Holy Cup N/A N/A Pink Bean
Title Superior Hunter N/A NA Silent Crusade (Quest Line)
Medal Gold Dragon Student N/A N/A Beasts of Fury (Quest Line)

* Evolution lab secondary has 2 more att/matt than the regular ones
** Royal Black Metal Shoulder has better stats with the Boss Accessory Set Effect, but the Krexel Pauldron can get 1% more on its potential.

Set Effects:
Sweetwater (5)
Reinforced Gollux (4)
Boss Accessory (3)

Gollux is assumed to be fixed and dropping equips, and that Hell Gollux will be extremely hard to beat.
Chaos Root Abyss is assumed to be unbeatable by the majority.
Tyrant shoes ignored for now because it’ll take at least 3 months to get them.

Alternatives Set Items Number of Items Where can I get this?
Empress Hat, Cape, Gloves, Armor, Boots, Shoulder, Weapon 7 Cygnus
Solid/Cracked Gollux Earrings, Pendant, Belt, Ring 4 Gollux Coin Shop and Drop
Boss Accessory Face Acc, Eye Acc, Earring, Ring, Pendant, Belt, Shoulder, Pocket 8 Various Bosses
Pensalir Hat, Overall, Shoes, Glove, Cape, Weapon 6 Monster Drop (140+)
Sengoku Treasure Shoulder, Ring, Belt 3 Regards, Takeda Shingen (Quest Line)
Singles Item Regular Potential Bonus Potential Where can I get this?
Shoes Nova % Main % Main Magnus
Cape Nova % Main % Main Magnus
Non-Potential Rings Angelic Blessing (White, Dark, Normal) / Dark Critical Adventure Ring % Main % Main Craft / Reboot Coin Shop
Non-Potential Badge Crystal Ventus Badge (Part of Boss Accessory) N/A N/A Magnus
Pocket Stone of Eternal Life N/A N/A Hilla
Medal Apprentice Santa, Journeyman Santa N/A N/A Santa Event

Item Progession:
Bold means endgame item

Class respective emblem if pottable / Boss arena emblem
Class respective secondary weapon
Level 90-160: Silent Crusade
~Level 100: Condensed Power Crystal & Aquatic Eye Letter Accessory (Normal Zakum)
~Level 100: Dea Sidus Earrings & Silver Blossom Ring (Easy Horntail)
~Level 110: Stone of Eternal Life (Normal Hilla)
~Level 110: Royal Black Metal Shoulder (Easy Magnus)
Level 135: Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge [Level 150 To Equip] (Boat Quay Town)
Level 140: Pensalir Set
Level 140: Cracked Gollux Set & All Gollux Rings & All Gollux Earrings (Gollux)
Level 140: Sweetwater Set [Level 160 to Equip] (Commerci)
Level 140: Gold Dragon Student (Beasts of Fury)
Level 140: Sengoku Treasure Set (Regards, Takeda Shingen)
Level 160: Pink Holy Cup (Pink Bean)
~100k range: Solid Gollux Set
~400k range: Reinforced Gollux Set
~500k range: Tyrant Cape (Hard Magnus with good control) (This is assuming Hard Magnus doesn’t have 10x hp)

Commerci (After Gollux prequests)
Ghost Ship Exorcist

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  1. Reinforced gollux belt is NOT end game. it’s recommended to have the superior gollux belt or tyrant’s belt. Sweetwater overall is a lot worse than CRA top and bottom combo, so why would you suggest the sw overall as end game gear?? For the sweetwater set effect, you only need 4 pieces which are technically better then the CRA 3 set effect. The four pieces that are recommended for sweetwater set effect are: hat, gloves, shoes, and cape. It is best to have two superior gollux pendants, a superior gollux earring instead of reinforced like you suggested. Krexel Pauldron / Royal Black Medal Shoulder are NOT end game shoulders. Absolab shoulder is the best shoulder to exist in maplestory. Antellion guardian is actually one of the end game medals, NOT the beasts of fury medals. I really can’t believe that you suggest stupid shit as endgame gears in Reboot.

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