MH4U Status Application Information

MH4U Status Application Information by AquaBadger

I just did a bunch of tests with felyne heaven doll against Lv140 apex rajang and figured some stuff out about status application and high level guild quests. This hopefully will help people out, specifically those trying to learn to hame run.

If you go to kiranico/pings dex you will see each monster has a listed initial tolerance value for each status, a value their tolerance increase and a max value. What this doesn’t tell you is that the tolerance increase gets multiplied by some value depending on the quest.

Values for p3rd can be found here:, and show that the status tolerance increase multiplier could be as much as 2x in a game with no g-rank.

As far as I know, there is no table of values for mh4u, but i did a bunch of tests using Lv1 and lv2 status shots with different combinations of armor skills and am very confident that for Lv140 guild quests this multiplier is 2.5x (its over 2.37x, under 2.54x).

This means if a monster is shown with an initial sleep tolerance of 150 and an increase of 100 you have to apply 150 status for the first sleep and 400 status for the 2nd sleep.

Most hame runs use a lbg to keep the monster locked down. status application for the shots are listed in the table below.

no skillstatus+2status+2& ele.wystonestatus+2,specialist & ele.wystone

Using these values and the quest multiplier you can calculate how many shots it will take for each status application. This is cruicial for executing hame runs. I have included tables for sleep and para against a Lv140 rajang.


base inc100no skillstatus+2status+2& ele.wystonestatus+2,specialist & ele.wystone


base inc100no skillstatus+2status+2& ele.wystonestatus+2,specialist & ele.wystone

From this you can see getting 2 sleeps in not very hard, but getting a 2nd paralyze is difficult. Getting a 3rd status of either type is not very practical. Specialist is also not very useful, it mayreduce the number of shots it takes for application, but has no tangible effect on subsequent applications. You should instead eat for pyro to make sleep bombing more powerful.

If anyone has any questions, corrections, or other suggestions let me know.

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