Destiny Time Efficient Way to Play Guide

Destiny Time Efficient Way to Play Guide by phoenix2448

Hey guys. I sorta love efficiency. I just like…well being efficient. I don’t treat it like a job, but I like finding ways to maximize my gains in small amounts of time. I made this originally for myself, but maybe the community has some tweaks/strategies of their own :) Enjoy!

  1. Grab Vanguard Bounties – Don’t complete them, just have them in case some are completable in #2-5
  2. Weekly Nightfall Strike – In addition to nice rewards every week, this gives an experience bonus that lasts until the weekly refresh. It is imperative that this is completed first.
  3. Daily Heroic Mission – Ascendant materials and can be done every day
  4. Public Event – Each day, getting Gold Tier on a Public Event awards you with a package at the Postmaster that contains some sort of goody (Mote of Light/Strange Coin/Ascendant Materials, etc.)

Doing additional Events doesn’t give more packages, but they do have a chance of awarding Ascendant Materials. Plus, they are pretty fun to farm with a large group (everyone showing off their supers and whatnot), however, don’t get crazy. One night I only has time for one event and I played it really ballsy because my super was up (Fireborn Sunsinger). I went down, self revived and finished it. I got Silver Tier for dying :(

I use It’s fairly accurate, and make sure you read how it works! :) Also, Earth consistently has the most events

  1. Level 28 Weekly Strike – 9 Strange Coins and can be done every week. Lower levels can be done for less coinage
  2. Finish the Vanguard Bounties for the day – Good Vanguard rep and experience; can be done every day

Most of these are short and sweet but some can take awhile. I put on as many of the longer ones as I can first, so ones like “9000 xp without dying, kill 3 enemies with your super 20 times, etc.” and then have at least one ‘active’ bounty (like a target/mission). Yes it results in more visits to the tower between missions, but it also feels much less like a grind.

  1. Grab and complete all Crucible Bounties you can – Good Crucible rep and experience; can be done every day

I say “you can” for the crucible bounties because honestly, some are not worth attempting. If you love Crucible or are really good or just wanna max out on marks, go ahead and try for 10 Buckshot Bruiser medals. If you’re a pretty average Crucible player like myself, I wouldn’t worry with them.

Also, play the “daily gametype” one time for the XP bonus. Its only a bonus for one game of that type, but if you don’t care what type you play, might as well get that extra experience.

Also also, make sure you have a standard bond/cape/mark on when doing crucible unless you really need faction rep. I find faction rep much easier to get, so I use my regular bond when in the Crucible to get Crucible rep.

  1. Once all of these are completed, there are a few things you can choose to do to continue getting better and better.
  2. Play on a alt character! Repeat all of the above with a 2nd (and even a 3rd!) character. Especially helpful for doing the big weekly stuff multiple times
  3. Harvest those upgrade materials! Scout out your inventory and gear for any shortages on Helium Filaments, Spinmetal, etc. Then go find a farming run. There are plenty of great ones with video guides and all, I use this guide. They work well, are easy to memorize, and are all in one place (thanks again, BrandonBHL!) Ascendant Materials can also be somewhat farmed from Public Events and Vault of Glass. Speaking of…
  4. Do the raid!! Get gear, Ascendant, Materials, shaders, sparrows, oh my!
  5. Farm for Glimmer. I know Glimmer has few uses, but it can be nice for leveling the Cryptarch. My suggestion is to find a place/route with lots of enemies (as many majors/yellow health dudes as possible!) and slap on the appropriate consumable. Watch the glimmer roll in…maybe get some engrams too! I found a nice little route on Mars that has lots of chests and random enemies are frequently majors. Sadly I can’t make a video guide, but its in the Hollows on Mars. Its a small place, I’m sure you guys will get it once you’re there :)

Some notes This guide assumes you have ample time to play each day and week. Obviously if you only have half an hour one night, the Nightfall strike probably isn’t going to get done. However, doing a quick Public Event for the daily package is totally doable

This guide was also made for Level 28+ players like myself. If you’re a lower level, of course this can be changed to fit your capability. Or you can be a total boss and do it anyway

Finally, you do you! Make sure you’re having fun while blasting through the Darkness!

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