Marvel Heroes Endgame FAQ

Marvel Heroes Endgame FAQ by spyderone

How do the terminals work?
There are 3 sets of 3 terminals. One set in avengers tower, one in Xavier’s mansion and one in the SHIELD Helicarrier, increasing in difficulty in that order. At the end of each Terminal’s mission there is a Super villain boss.  You can do the Terminals as many times as you want but you’ll only get a cosmic shard and increased chance at better loot once per day per boss.

What’s the difference between Terminals?
The Terminals come in 3 colors, green, red, purple. The green terminal is your ‘solo’ easy terminal. Though I say solo, they can be done in a group of up to 5 people and enemies and loot scales accordingly, but a group is not required. Red is your ‘solo’ hard terminal, though the same grouping policy from the green applies. Red terminal enemies do a lot more damage and are generally a little higher in level from their green counterparts, but also give more xp and better loot. The other catch to Red Terminals is that you need a cosmic key in order to be able to do them. Cosmic Keys can be bought from the Cash store, or you have a chance of getting them from Endgame Bosses.

Okay well whats with the purple terminal?
The purple terminal is your group content. Initially you’ll only have access to Madipoor 1, which is a 5 man group ‘dungeon’ where you go around closing energy rifts and than fight a boss. You only have a limited number of lives shared among the group so be careful. Once you clear this you can access Limbo, which is a 15 player dungeon that has you fighting off waves of enemies while making your way around collecting Flares. This operates on a timer and you can que for it every 15 minutes or so. Once you complete that you can do Madipoor 2 and than Madipoor 3. These are just harder versions of Madipoor 1, but require a Cosmic key. They reward you with better Loot and XP.

I’ve unlocked dailies and I can do them in avenger’s tower but not Xaviers mansion
You must first complete the green terminals at Avengers tower before you can move onto the Xavier’s mansion terminals, and you must finish Xavier to move onto the Helicarrier. Once you finish one locations green terminals, you unlock all the terminals at the next location so you can jump right into the first purple (group mission) if you wish to start progressing through them (group mission 1 -> 15 player group mission -> group mission 2 -> group mission 3) . You do not have to complete the purple terminals to progress  to the next location.

When does the boss loot reset?
There are mixed reports right now but it looks like it resets 20-24 hours from when you killed the boss.

What do I do with Cosmic Shards?
Once you reach endgame you’ll get a quest to collect 3 Cosmic shards. Once you complete that you’ll get a quest to collect 5, and once you complete that you’ll get a quest to collect 10. From here on out it will stay are 10. Each completion rewards you with a Fortune Card, which can contain: costumes, buffs, pets and more. You can also sell the shards for 500 credits each or donate them to your crafter for 500 xp each.

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