Marvel Heroes Ms Marvel Skills Analysis

Marvel Heroes Ms Marvel Skills Analysis by Harmonrova

Hero Stats
Durability: 6/7*
Strength: 5/7*
Fighting: 5/7*
Speed: 6/7*
Energy: 5/7*
Intelligence: 3/7*

* Maximum stats from leveling only

Ms Marvel is in trope terms a “lightning bruiser”. A heavy hitting, durable powerhouse who excels in speed, strength, durability and energy absorbtion/projection in the comics and only moderately shown this way within the game due to less than stellar scaling, melee frailty and unfriendly melee zones at later levels and terminals.

This post will serve as a centerpoint to Ms. Marvel changes, gathered opinions and proposed revisions. As a big Carol Danvers fan, I would like to take some time to run through her power trees and discuss some changes and quality of life upgrades for Ms Marvel players in general.

Ms Marvel is one in a handful that suffers from nearly half of her skills being settled as “One Point Wonders” and others which you would think would scale together, but don’t. I won’t bore you with anymore distractions, so let’s get right to the point.

Secondary Resource: Photonic Energy

Carols secondary resource activates upon receiving energy damage. This actually comes from a multitude of sources and some a little harder to believe. A.I.M. energy tech guns would be at the forefront of your mind but believe it or not, Carol gets energy by standing in fire! Yes, fire! There are a few other resources that add to this ever scaling bar but onward to the issues.

Benefit: Minor benefit to synergy with a few of Ms Marvels later skills. Even with a full Photonic Energy resource bar, the drain of it to increase the damage of her abilities is HARDLY noticeable.

Proposed Change: Keep it the same at lower levels, divide the bar into multiple tiers and add multiple effects and increase the damage/benefit bonus per tier. Also, seeing as Carols theme is speed, how about a decent foot/air speed buff?

Power Tree’s, pros and cons and proposed changes.


Brawling is Carols melee tree and what a tree it is. Of her three trees, this one is by far the best off in terms of viability and doing what it projects.

Tier 1

Mighty Punch: Standard punching combo with decent synergy with 2 other skills in the Brawling tree(Photon Punch, Cosmic Haymaker).

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Uppercut Blast

Tier 2

Roundhouse Kick: This single move works with the theme of Carol quite well with the knockback but does not really warrent more than a 1 point investment with it’s low damage and lack of melee synergy(You want to be in enemies faces with Carol, this hampers your goal).

Proposed Change: Damage % synergy with other Brawling powers and Collision Damage from walls, crates, other enemies, etcetera. 2.5% damage/point in Flying Lunge.

Tier 5

Photon Punch: Probably the standard choice of Basic Power for higher level players with it’s small area cleave and bonus damage from her passive secondary resource. Does favorable damage.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Uppercut Blast, minor piercing damage

Tier 6

Kree Toughness: One point wonder at it’s core due to terrible scaling and how bad defense is right now. Begins at +44 defense and rises only 5 defense per point. Should be moved down in level requirement.

Proposed Change: +10-20 defense per point, give or take. Please fix defense, Gazillion!

Tier 7

Uppercut Blast: Thematically this ability is pretty cool, but again like Roundhouse Kick it knocks an enemy away from you.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Mighty Punch, Photon Punch and Cosmic Haymaker(Physical damage only). 2.5% damage/point in Photonic Blast, Stellar Beam, Photonic Devastation(Energy damage only).

Proposed Remake: Keep the uppercut and airborne portion, change the beam from a knock back to a 180 degree cone sweep, left to right infront of her along the ground. Carol is primarilly single target, this could help with AoE clearing at later levels.

Tier 8

Defiant Escape: One point wonder. It’s good for one click.

Proposed Change: Tough to say, due to PvP imbalance currently. Will update in the future!

Tier 10

Cosmic Haymaker: Boss nuke ability and one of her classic themed abilities, good scaling per rank.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Uppercut Blast, extend the range slightly due to melee hit box being off with quite a few enemies. Maybe add a small melee range cosmic burst for a little bit of AoE energy damage.


Photonics is as you’ve guessed it, Carols ranged tree with all the ‘pew pew’ cosmic laser shots. It could stand to use a few tweeks here and there and some beam synergy.

Tier 1

Photonic Blast: Standard ranged attack, causes a small explosion on impact. Potentially her best kiting move in terms of sheer spirit cost.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Stellar Beam, Photonic Devastation.

Energy Absorbtion: Pretty much useless and not worth more than the single point that comes invested in it.

Proposed Change: +6 energy restored per rank, permanent 5 spirit bonus per point. Increased % of energy added to the secondary resource “Photonic Energy” when taking energy damage, allowing you to gain it faster.

Tier 3

Photonic Wave: Carols AoE at lower levels. If you mash fast enough, skill can be used in rapid succession to do multiple blasts before animation finishes or lands. Does cost spirit each time though.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Stellar Beam, Photonic Devastation. Add a short blind/disorient effect or even a knock down to it.

Tier 4

Photonic Defense: One point wonder. Hardly used.

Proposed Change: Increased absorbtion from current level of Photonic Energy resource. Absorbing energy attacks grants a further boost to energy defense. Added increased % absorbtion from Kree Toughness.

Tier 5

Stellar Beam: Travels through enemies, narrow hitbox. Has NO synergies.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Photonic Blast, Photonic Devastation. Increased beam width per point in Photonic Wave.

Tier 7

Photonic Regeneration: One point wonder. Useful in many situations, scales off as you level and your health skyrockets.

Proposed Change: 2.5% health restored per point in Energy Absorbtion. Increased healing % done when using Photonic Energy resource. Increased Health restored per rank from 12 to 100.

Tier 9

Photonic Devastation: One of Carols signature moves, a classic. Again, like Stellar Beam, no bloody synergies!

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Stellar Beam. Points in Photonic Blast may cause the end of the beam to emit splash damage, increasing with each point. Points in Photonic Wave will gradually increase the beam width.

Tier 11

Stellar Flare: Decent roomsweeper, also good for getting those pesky stragglers off your squishy allies!

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Energy Absorbtion. Add additional defense from Kree Toughness passive.


Carol Danvers has a need for speed. The former jet jocky shows this from her ability to soar and move at great speeds around the battlefield, often circling and flanking her opponents. Also, Ms Marvels weakest tree at the moment.

Tier 2

Flying Lunge: One point wonder. Great spirit cost. Great effect. Terrible damage.

Proposed Change: Potentially small movement speed buff. Overbuffing this ability would potentially break it due to it’s ability to be spammed in rapid succession for such low spirit.

Tier 4

Cruising Altitude: Broken at the moment, as are most travel powers.

Proposed Change: Toggle ability. Allow Crashdown Strike to be used while this ability is active and cancel its effect.

Tier 5

Evasive Blast: One point wonder. Terribly slow animation. Short distance traveled.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Photonic Blast, Stellar Beam, Photonic Devastation. Increased animation speed and widen the gap flown backwards. Carol is at home in the air and she’s difficult to keep locked down.

Tier 8

Warbird Charge: Debateable. Does okay damage but the knockback effect spreads groups out and is mildly annoying.

Proposed Change and Rework: Knock up instead of knock back. The first enemy on contact should receive increased damage and be carried forward with the flying tackle. Collision damage added for tackling through crates, barrels or into walls.

Tier 10

Crashdown Strike: Cannot be more of a signature skill for Carol! Decent damage. Good effect. Spirit cost is too high.

Proposed Change: 2.5% damage/point in Energy Absorbtion and Cruising Altitude. Increased bonus from Photonic Energy resource. Usable while in Cruising Altitude.

Ultimate Power

Binary form in my honest opinion is a pretty good ultimate compared to some of the others thrown into the game. If there were to be any changes added to it, it might need some slight percentage upgrades.

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