RotMG Pots Guide

RotMG Pots Guide by xXMADXx

IMPORTANT: The prices for the pots here are outdated, please refer to this Price Guide for the latest prices!

To help everyone all understand pot prices, I have made an unoffcial stat pots guide.

First the order of the pots goes like this:

most valuable—-Least valuable.

Why is the order like this you ask?

Well many people tend to believe that wis and dex have the same value or spd and att have the same value.

So this is the order of all the 7 stat pots:


important info

So as you are using more of the less valuable pots to buy the more valuable, you will need more of the less valuble pots to buy the more valuable pot.

So we will start with the most valuable pot and go down to the least valuable pot.

Life Pot: Since dropped by only 3 monsters and is very hard to get…
To buy Life pot: 6 def pots
3-4 Vit
12 wis
18 att
21-24 dex
34-36 spd
Life pot is sold at the same price as it’s bought at the same price.

Vit Pot: Dropped by one of the most hardest dungeon monsters…but not hard to get.
To buy Vit Pot: 1.5-2 def pots
4 wis
6 att
8 dex
12 spd
Vit is sold at the same price as it’s bought at the same price.

Def Pot: Dropped by a number of gods in godlands like beholders, slime gods, ent gods, and Leviathans. One of the easiest pots to drop.
To buy Def pot: 2 wis
3 att
4-5(?) dex
6 spd
Def pot is sold at the same price as it’s bought at the same price.

Wis pots: Dropped by Septavius only. Not hard to get.
To buy Wis pots: 2 att
3 dex
4 spd
Wis is sold at the same price as it’s bought at the same price.

Att pots:Dropped by many gods in the godlands such as Flying brain, white demon, and sprite god. One of the easiest pots to get.
To buy att pots: 2 dex
2-3 spd
Att is sold the same price as it’s bought at the same price.

Dex pots: Dropped by Limon the sprite god only. One of the easiest pots to get.
To buy Dex pots: 2-3 spd

Spd pots: Dropped by gods in the godlands such as Medusa, ghost gods, and also red demon. Spd is also dropped by the dungeon boss: Stheno the Snake queen. This is the easiest pot to get.
To buy Spd pots: –

Note: Nothing is worthless than spd pots.

Since this is an inaccurate, unofficial guide. Please correct me if I am wrong about any of the Pot prices. Thanks

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16 Responses to “RotMG Pots Guide”

  1. As of 12/21/2016,
    Spd, Wis, Vit=0.5 def

  2. This does not make sense what so ever
    This is how it works
    ATT = 1 DEF
    SPD, VIT, WIS = 0.5 DEF
    DEX = 0.5 – 0.3 DEF
    MANA = 4-5 DEF
    LIFE = 7-8 DEF or 2 MANA

  3. Stop arguing, just go on

  4. This last one is mostly correct but prices have changed more with attack often selling 1:1 with def spd selling 2:1 def and with the newer wis buff i think all other pots will still possibly but 2:1 or 3:1 def life can allso be bought sometimes for 5 or 6 atk

  5. This is an accurate guide for when I played 2 years ago before mana pots. A bit outdated now.

  6. Change it!

  7. So totally off. Where the heck is mana? And vit being expensive? Who is this for, a noob who wants to get scammed?

  8. Definitely outdated. :/ Why no Mana? Anyways, someone better tell noobs this is wrong because a vit worth more than a def/atk is stupid. Plus, the pots are dropped from a bunch of monsters.

  9. Everything is right, except that wis is still 0.33 def I think unless the addition of mad lab dropped the prices. This guide is very, very outdated. I guess this one came up when there were only 7 stats (OTs haven’t come out yet)

  10. mine goes like this
    life: 5-7 def
    Mana: 3-5 def
    Attack: 1.5 def
    Dex: 1 spd
    Spd: 1 dex
    Wis: 0.5 spd
    Vit: 0.33 def

  11. Yeah, this guide is pretty much horrible. It doesn’t even mention mana pots, and pretty much all of the ratios are off.
    Speed isn’t useless; in fact, it’s in high demand. The ratios are as follows:
    Life: 6 def
    Mana: 4-5 def
    Attack: 1 def
    Vitality: 0.5 def
    Wisdom: 1 spd
    Dexterity: 1 spd
    Spd: 1/3 def
    Def: 3 spd

    This guide should be updated or deleted.

  12. And you can get dex from a huge amount of different enemies, not just limon

  13. This is incredibly outdated, either fix it or take it down because it is giving new players the wrong information on trading the prices are:

    1 def – 1 att – 2-3 wis – 2 vit – 3 dex – 3 spd

    And life – 5-7 def and mana – 4-5 def


    life = 6-8 def

  15. So, you’re wrong on basically everything.
    I’m pretty sure that these are the numbers:

    6 def = life
    4-5 def = mana
    def = att
    def = 2 vit
    def = 3 spd
    def = 3 dex
    def = 3 wis

    Those are the prices I see on USWest, at least.

  16. I thikn the current market has att going 1:1 with defense and 4-5 def to a life, I’m pretty sure the other ratios are messed up but I’m still sketchy on the specifics.

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